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  1. Siyah Ay

    Hadi herkes farklı tatlar önersin Mesela karpuz ve tuz (fazla olmadığı sürece) biraz güzel olabiliyor Turkish blink~

  2. Galuh Hermawan


  3. Paulfrank' Jane

    40M Please

  4. Paulfrank' Jane

    Streemmmminggg blinkkkk

  5. KingFahtah

    Mk ultra intensifies

  6. Galuh Hermawan

    Congrats Gaga and blackpink

  7. DeSantta

    the best of her.

  8. Eduardo Prazeres

    Who should we put on just dance 2021 , rain on me *enters the chat*

  9. Paulfrank' Jane


  10. Joaquín Andrés Jjj

    Tendencia #8 chile

  11. manolo1918


  12. Anonymous Æ


  13. Galuh Hermawan

    Soooo good

  14. Paulfrank' Jane


  15. Mariana Marban

    Wow is impresionant

  16. Oliver Mnsr

    The beat reminds me of katy perry’s swish siwsh !!!!

  17. manolo1918 omg !

  18. LazaroAlex

    I will be the nostalgic guy who imagine how this could be with the queens 2NE1.

  19. J H

    We need a music video with all 5 gals in it!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  20. LA SA

    Pengen tau blink indonesia yg seting nnton siapa aj nih yg mmpir tiap hari like ya

  21. manolo1918 omg !

  22. Shofiacho Kyu

    I’m hard from the outside but if you see inside... I’m just a duren

  23. Paulfrank' Jane


  24. Paulfrank' Jane


  25. Paulfrank' Jane


  26. mai palazzo

    Wow. Just... wow! <3

  27. manolo1918


  28. Galuh Hermawan


  29. lisaaya

    Still trending

  30. Paulfrank' Jane


  31. عاشقه اكسو


  32. manolo1918 omg !

  33. Galuh Hermawan


  34. Deia yonara


  35. Lisa Marue

    Blackpink❤️❤️ and lady gaga😊😍

  36. Galuh Hermawan

    Yeah yeah yeah

  37. Enirdra Lim

    Rain rain go away come again another day gaga and ari wants to play rain rain go away

  38. Dangerously Cute

    queen x queens what can I ask more of?

  39. Marine Hendrick

    Why am I seeing so much turkish blink comments

  40. Galuh Hermawan

    Sour candy

  41. manolo1918

    Omg look at this

  42. Shofiacho Kyu

    Kayanya harus spam resep makanan juga nih

  43. Paulfrank' Jane

    Blink fighting 40M!!

  44. RosiePockpack

    블랙핑크 리사 -> 처럼 김제니 -> 처럼 로제 -> 처럼 김지수 -> 처럼

    1. RosiePockpack

      Koreli oldum laa Farklı dillerde like istiyecem puhahahhaha

  45. Tais Das Neves

    Rainhas e rainhas... As duas juntas,perfeitas !!!

  46. Khang Diệp

    Stream blinks

  47. trey lorence

    I want her movie to have a part 2 💖💖💖

  48. Dalnim

    I don't usually listen to bp but I can't get enough of this song - I loved it

  49. Boyd Hamilton

    ugh this look for her though is soooooo smooooth

  50. Anel Valdiviezo


  51. Paulfrank' Jane


  52. manolo1918

    Omg look at this !

  53. Shofiacho Kyu

    Hello Indonesia... seriusan mau tetep biarin princess pentol aka kekey menduduki peringkat 1 terus?

  54. Paulfrank' Jane


  55. Louie Carrington

    This song brings back memories from my childhood ❤️❤️

  56. Pilar Batista

    Bem ruinzinha

  57. Post Melo

    Those butterflie wings on Ariana look to childish

  58. عاشقه اكسو

    We love blackpink

  59. manolo1918

    Omg look at this !

  60. Rhea mae Anthony

    Ariana and queen lady gaga look a like

  61. Isar Palozza

    I imagine GaGa making a vidéo clip in the Wonderland as Gwen Stefani made for ''What you waiting for'' 🤩😍

  62. Ceresih

    50 M Lets Go 👌😔

  63. luk

    we need a music video so badly

  64. Shofiacho Kyu

    Someone said Rose just ASME.. goshhh ....

  65. crzyrdr

    Why is Lady Gaga looking very Kardashian-esq all of a sudden??

  66. Luccas Emanuel

    man, this is so sad and beautiful at the same way, omg

  67. winter rein

    After Sour Candy #1 in 60 countries now it’s Rain on me #1

  68. Genna'sbookclub

    Everyone looks high on ecstasy in this vid including mark Ronson!!! 🤣

  69. Goldblum Lover


  70. luk

    imagem se sair clipe

  71. manolo1918

    Omg look at this!!!

  72. luk

    9 (+1) no brasil aaaaa

  73. Khang Diệp

    Make this audio trend no1 ww again blinks

  74. manolo1918

    Omg look at this !

  75. Nou Sochen

    I am from Cambodia. This song starts trending again. The power they hold

  76. Ok Boomer

    What is Daryl Dixon doing here?

  77. Dangerously Cute

    Why are they so beautiful even in rain omg what is life

  78. Adrián Salvia

    This song isn't a copy of Vogue. It was made on purpose and there are actual references to Madonna's Vogue performance on MTV back in 1997: "We only have the weekend You can serve it to me, ancient-city style We can party like it's B.C. With a pretty sixteenth-century smile"...

  79. Julissa Mora Salazar

    Escuchen 911 y Fantasia de Monsta X es una mezcla perfecta deben hacer un remix

  80. manolo1918

    Omg look at this

  81. Jair Sandoval

    Vogue eres tú?

  82. Shofiacho Kyu

    Duh pas buka tranding malah sakit mata liat yg No. 1nya soundtrack odong odongs

  83. Marina Pontes

    Os gritinhos me lembrou Sheibe Amei essa música


    Divas ❤️❤️

  85. Shofiacho Kyu

    Sour candy...

  86. Princess Jaudian

    Love lisa's voice

  87. ItsJairo

    My fav

  88. Sünnetçi Snape

    @/blinkscaps orda mısınnn

  89. Nà An


  90. Gento Kene

    Bagusan kekeyi

  91. シKᴉᴍ_Lɪsa

    I love you BlackPink♡♡♡♡♡

  92. S1NISTER Music

    ayy can u guys chek out my music

  93. Huma Hanif

    I want the music video

  94. Csar Flores


  95. Onlyjaon.

    jisoo’s VOICE 😳😳😳😳😳!!!!

  96. Olof Olofersond

    She seems bored. This is just meh. Cookie cutter gaga song to fill an album

  97. جيني ا

    اغاني مره مره مره مره مره مره مره حلوه ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. ꧁NOOR _ QUEEN꧂

      اكثر من حلوه ಥ⌣ಥ

  98. Nazhif Nazmul W.

    Luv luv