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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. Sir. Jester

    1:55 ctrl 6

  2. Itachinto

    At this point, Riot might as well ask Soyeon to voice Akali. I can't even think of the regular voice actor thanks to her xD

  3. ray june

    And people ask me why im pansexual

  4. Rafael Vargas Campos

    FJU na área.

  5. THE CHAMPION piñango


  6. Kenjelo Balubal

    Music + Headphones = Own music video While i am fighting to someone.

  7. 42spence

    this champ feels not punishable at all, if you play it ok you win, if you play it terrible you still might win.

  8. CraZGuy Kwan

    My wallet cant take much more Riot

  9. tectonikraven

    I'm so used to the log in screens that I swear to god I see the image moving lmao

  10. Unknown Unknown

    OwO there's korean words

  11. CraZGuy Kwan

    The music sounds like the Blood Moon assassin event.

  12. 123LadyLollypop

    Anyone knows the name of the singer?

  13. Ida Galiano

    there are couple of animation clips that gives me chill everytime i watch this. 0:54 the entrence of Camille and 2:29 where Akali comes from behind. ITS SO WELL MADE!!!! T__T

  14. 비트타는악마

    0:03 k/da Akali korean 원하는게 얼굴에 보여 say

  15. TeegerLB

    The origin story does not match the voice lines now, does it? Rito, I know you are not gonna fix the game, I learned to live with that, but you can still make the lore not broken.

  16. Hamza H

    0:35 so keep your ryze on me now...

  17. Star Lester

    This event is trash, there's literally nothing different about it than every other event

  18. antonella rodriguez

    2:59 *a giant woman*

  19. SGSAMI

    just me or this sound like the VA of Jaina proudmore from the WOW song?

  20. Reverse Flash

    Imagine making such a great login screen after removing login screens from the client. Well done Riot

  21. Rage0497

    I mean these new champs are cool and all, but you should really start working on the Aatrox revert

  22. Johan Honhorst

    When the mobile version coming out also can you please add me to the beta

  23. Reverse Flash

    Riot. Bring back my login screen. Thanks.

  24. nanolathe11

    if you can only have 2/5 weapons at once, it seems its more of luck than skill as to what weapons you take into a fight. all the attacks are basically the same anyways, theyre ranged attacks that deal way too much dmg from way too far away. oh and he has a group stun cuz riot auto puts an aoe stun into every new champs kit

  25. peacock slasher

    who's a good boy ?

  26. BronzeMuseum

    always come back to Jhin's theme, its the best

  27. K. Koala

    this sounds like it belongs in a bo2 zombies map

  28. Klaas Pieter Been

    why is that login screen no longer coming back😔

  29. BaD aPPle Samuels

    the jojo version is..........Good👍

  30. Vítězslav Fencl

    This has to be Transistor reference. The music vibe, story. So cool

  31. Ana Luiza

    *Legends never die*

  32. lavupcreeper

    The drop is amazing

  33. Rydzu_


  34. Ryan M.

    But you always knew you’ll be the one to work while they all play God that hit close

  35. TosTas

    rly cool

  36. Obarek

    Ahri: K/D/A is the best! Ekko: Nah True damage is Mordekaiser: 1:41

  37. Darth Invade-her

    I am pretty sure Riot's inspiration for this champion was drawn from Sylar the main villain from that old tv show Heroes. It is not a coincident that his name is just one letter off and his power is to snatch abilities from others.

  38. Florian Calame

    99% comments about yasuo 1% me

  39. Ivailo Ivanov

    Hyping tbh

  40. Liam DeBusca

    thank you youtube recommended

  41. Calhaora Lightsbane

    Loginscreens! Bring them back!!!

  42. Gavin McElheran

    This is how many people like you

    1. Gavin McElheran


  43. Gavin McElheran


  44. Gavin McElheran

    I’m scared of you sometimes

  45. Ember Jewels

    This song was made for Saber Beat.

  46. MeLira

    Уже в рекламе попадается, а кда что то не было в рекламе. Ай яй яй.


    so funny

  48. Anthony Garcia

    You came from gingerpale

  49. phokas

    Too complex.

  50. TosTas

    here before 1M

  51. Bhuwandeep Lamba

    Yasuo: a place holder for a t

  52. tobinek.

    Ok youtube

  53. TosTas

    Better than phoenix fly song

  54. Mix Box

    Best login screen yet... I am still waiting when Rito makes better login than this.

  55. Nina

    The way they dance is so awkward >.<

  56. Qutaiba I

    عملوها للعربي وخلصونا

  57. Faisal Al Zarouni

    does anyone know how long is the lock in phase, was it 30mins or 2hours?

  58. EnCrusher

    report irelia muerte intencional

  59. Tsunami

    Ребятки с РУ сервера поймут: Ясуо: *весь клип молчит и просто играет) Тоже Ясуо: *сидит в муте за спас 7 рангом и фид...

  60. Matthew Cotton

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: No a single f***ing soul: The potential skill ceiling: for this champ: *Exists* Aphelios:... Alune: Yeet.

  61. Constantly Changeable


  62. Chris Sim

    6:20 Does anyone know the name of this music?

  63. Mehbro

    R.I.P Juice Wrld and my bro Myftar Xhebro

  64. Kaleb Lowder


  65. Mey

    I need the sheet music for this omfg

  66. Ricardo Perpetuo

    the night goddess in LoL ? did blizzard agree to this ?

  67. Goblin Slayer

    o Sing delas ´´e mt viciante mano kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dps tem o ekko e a medodia que sai e entra o siing. o cara pode ouvi que n enjoa amei msm

  68. aTocan Boi

    the proof that this music is genius is that they made dissonance sound so good

  69. shadin dutrab

    Cadê os BR viciado nessa música ?

  70. Luhriana Atlantis

    great ocean

  71. Ariespisiti42

    5:38 broad of you to assume that my team is going to do anything to help me lol

  72. Adil Gamimg

    gooooooooood very gooooooooooooood

  73. XFeaKont fafaw

    Nadie Absolutamente nadie RO-sels: Vamos a recomendar un vídeo de hace 8 años a los jugadores de LOL

  74. l Cj Moon l

    Bro, esto es muy bueno AAAAAAAAAA

  75. Chyann Malai

    they need to make a first person and open world version of L.O.L

  76. Zeraora

    Perfect for the new GHOSTBUSTERS 2020 afterlife,when he uncovers Ehtco 1 (the GHOSTBUSTERS car)

  77. Vinson Chen

    2017 Legends Never Die: I'm the hit song for lol 2019 Legends Never Die: I've been put in with sad and epic moments from Endgame way too many times

  78. Blood Lust

    Evelynn : Hold my lamborghini

  79. Bibi Chan


  80. Diavoline

    Who is it in 1:10 evelynn? with hearts and strawberry

  81. Ege Kuzu

    Can we see Master Yi in animaitons Please.

  82. Imperior48

    This music giving me a Billie Eilish mood in this song

  83. Auxiliadora Melo

    Oi e aí sim as coisas, e não tem problema. Se eu tivesse visto. Eu não vou poder fazer a diferença entre uma vez que eu vou fazer uma boa noite, e não tem problema nenhum

  84. Good Ol' Tea Bag


  85. Kotomi Aihara

    Riot: happy 10 year anniversary! Dev team: here's a champion that is all the champs at the same time!

  86. aze eza

    waw nayc legue of legends

  87. Angel Kattnight


  88. くん軍事政権

    This song has some great meaning ;)!!

  89. Kasumii :3

    Wait, does she sing "alone" or "alune"?

    1. Kasumii :3

      @Proximity94 Ah ty

    2. Proximity94

      Kasumii :3 alone, but its a nice unintentonal pun

  90. marvelous maki

    this is way too perfect

  91. Andrew Kim

    I thought Qiyana was a headache

  92. Carnage

    Riot Games cuantos cantantes quieren para su próximo vídeo musical. Rito: Yes

  93. Frank Juarez

    Well The Ruined King has a game in development now, good one Rito

  94. Roch Suchocki

    Zajebiste love love

  95. Гарик

    кто знает,как называется такой стиль музыки?

  96. Òscar Ufoporno

    There are so many champs but i think Morgana and Kayle are the most iconic on the whole League

  97. Meegz0

    The artistic detail in this is amazing...they even went and coloured the underside of their hands correctly.

  98. Talha Düzenli

    Thıs ıs Amazıng I lıke that

  99. LemoaN

    Chinese plsyers be like: *oh really?*

  100. AsianARSNL

    Wtf did I just watch ..