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  1. SgtMeatloaf 223

    As soon as people mention evolution I just totally loose attention. Evolution makes no sense whatsoever and I hate when people use it to prove something because it allows you to describe anything without an proof it’s so annoying.

  2. YoungbloodMusic

    Me high af: Matpat: 'plays South Park clip' annnd it's gone. Me:😂🤣☠️

  3. Alma Gordon

    Here is something that might just blow the whole thing out of the water. He could be 50 years old, but spent 50 years in hypersleep. Which means this whole video might just be a load of bunk.

  4. HONOUR :/

    4:55 Noah🤷Moses?

  5. By7ec

    You deserve the force choke for that intro

  6. Akido

    I’m watching this at 1 am and that intro made me wheeze

  7. CaptinCrissPants Says hi

    Matpat 2016: Im not the type to cure cancer. Matpat 2019: *raises 1.2 million dollars to help children with cancer*

  8. matchingbird


  9. Cool Guy

    0:05 I’m unsubscribing

  10. Erik

    You done quite a hack job on explaining the science. But well enough to give it a pass. The guidelines of being a evolutionary success, is living long enough to reproduce, and successfully pass down your genes to the next generation. If you live long enough to reproduce your genes win, if you don't, your genes lose. Pretty simple.

  11. Kristin Glenn

    Are you sure you didn’t make this theory just to show off your adorable baby. I mean I’m not complaining

  12. Bransbow

    9:56 Weird coincidence: I'm using that exact same picture of a baby for a graphic arts project in school!

  13. Tommy Schnettler

    That intro joke activated my ptsd

  14. Shawn Bomb

    I can't wait for your theory on why the cat talks

  15. Bubble Pop


  16. Taco Girl

    Frozen ||: This theory doesn’t exist now cuz we just proved that it didn’t

  17. Nick Garcia

    All Might probably had a pump up quirk as we see in an episode where someone pumps their muscles to a bigger size

  18. Cyril_Mangaka

    Nobody knows where Yoda's origin is though.

  19. killzer990

    that into made the whole video unwatchable

  20. Iancarl Torrico

    Matpat:ruining your childhoo Me:..... Im so happy matpat you ruin my childhood Matpat:y e a h ??:...... Jgtuhcswiolpkncxszqo

  21. Wild Vince

    Mickey sounded like the joker lolz

  22. RetroSpaced

    Wait u have a soooooooonnnnn

  23. Karl martin Dahle

    if i remember right, in The Clone Wars animated series Yoda says he is 800 years based on the calender his plantet use. So if i am rigth, it would be wrong to say that Yoda dies at the mark of 900 standard years. I took notice of this when Plo Koon asked of much 800 years was in the standard year. i could be wrong but i think you should look in to it.

  24. neolithiumproduction

    Maybe when the Tridactyl's had a society, before whatever left them down to just the three, they had a society that could handle 50-100 year old babies. But thanks to the Empire, its become a detriment to the species.

  25. Franicc

    Baby Yoda is fab service lol

  26. Brandon Hatfield

    He just made this to show off his adorable baby

  27. Rav Frage

    Worst intro ever

  28. Curious2Dream

    Wrong! If you lived that long you'd have time to pop out as many children as you wanted to. Yoda spent a lot of his life with the younglings, so he would've been a fine parent. Obviously his kind are created by the force and limited in number because of that.

  29. Alexander McDaniel

    Everybody: Ah baby yoda is so cute Me: He’s 50.

  30. Brennan

    Only problem is that their homeworld is unknown. So unless i missed something in canon, there isnt anything to indicate the yoda species is going extinct. It can only be assumed they are really rare at this point

  31. Madyson Brown

    Can you do the new episode of Rick and Morty

  32. max games

    We are not the smartest Mice are Then dolphins Then humans

  33. Grace Kirkwood

    Film Theory: "Since it would be too confusing to call the species Yoda..." My last brain cell: "I see where this is going. We're gonna call it Dayo and be clever" Film Theory " ... we'll call it Tridactyls..." me: "...that made a lot more sense"

  34. Orc Savage

    That's not even the baby shark melody

  35. zephiro l

    if u actually did any research u would know that there are other yoda creatures and a whole home planet. However they're all extremely peaceful so yoda and others like yodal have decided to keep their home world a secret as to not bring war to their peaceful world of isolation since they would not be prepared for it.

  36. RyanSnipez

    Evolution is the stupidest thing ever. I’m still confused if mat believes it is real or not, because there is like no evidence to support it. And mat is a man of science.

  37. TheLostCityOf Gaming

    Why just why did you make this intro a thing 😤

  38. David The Zetta Nerd

    "One of the first to walk on two legs" (distant and angry kangaroo noises appear outside the writer's house at 3 am)

  39. Frankenbabananna

    so thats a nice video and the logic l like so you get a like i personally am a Christian but i like the video none the less

  40. Sebastian Amos

    Cut the first minute next time

  41. Max And Brian

    It’s time to du du du du du du dual

  42. Rasitha Senevirathne

    the bit at the start made me wanna kind of choke myself to death

  43. Yan Gerald

    If yoda was 900 years old when he died that would be age of 90 if you think of it. Now convert Baby Yoda's 50 year old age into a real age maybe 5 days or week old i guess? Just correct me I'm not that great with converting.

  44. גלעד ע

    Neoteny is also about being more young *like* as an adult, not just child for longer. Much like dogs are wolves that stay puppy like as adults.

  45. Spink

    Is anyone gonna talk about the fact he kept calling Wall Rose "Rosa"?

  46. ILF Gacha

    How you so smart?

  47. xxJustaGhost

    Idk why this scared me haha

  48. polygone two

    It seems owning toddlers is hip these days. Time to sell before the market crashes.

  49. juice hedgehog

    This whole theory is dumb, humans are not animals, they’re not monkeys, they’re humans, they develop different than animals.

  50. SooperSloth Games

    first 40 seconds of this is one the most cancerous things ive ever seen

  51. Random Random

    Harry not Henry

  52. Leto Brady

    2020 baby shark song greatly approved by me

  53. Armadillo nation J

    Give me 10 reasons not to exit this video after seeing the intro

  54. Everything's Lego

    You should get your toddler to make a theory when he can talk

  55. Nature Brothers

    For some reason I feel like the grinch is a who or a green yeti

  56. Stephen Taylor

    '...rotates it's sun...' Oh Jesus christ dude...nothing you say can be taken seriously...you're a joke.

  57. River Pretty


  58. max games

    I am so confused

  59. Opie Smith

    Nice try but Maz is around thousand years old by the time we see her in The Force Awakens. It seems more common than an extreme outlier that dooms a species to go extinct.

  60. Sebastian Ramirez

    Matpat: "WHY DO PEOPLE SAY MY VIDEOS ARE FOR KIDS, THEY'RE HIGH SCHOOL AND UP OBVIOUSLT" also matpat: "baby yoda do ro do ro do baby yoda do ro do do ro"

  61. woodchuck 00

    Matt, you are forgetting about Vandar Tokare, his most well know appearance was in the Knights of the Old Republic video game.

  62. Laynie Jaye

    Is it just me or does baby yoda creep you out a bit 😬

  63. BlueDream617

    Here's an idea. Come up with your own idea and stop ripping off someone else. This isn't even funny or no where near as good as SR Pitch Meeting

  64. Nodewey 523

    Ye but how did bugs turn into cars with engines and wheels?

  65. neolithiumproduction

    The beginning: Matpat just playing in the closet with his star wars action figures.

  66. Ulwan Haziq

    Hey Did anybody from CIA or FBI call or massage you. Not only you makin the alien mad but CIA , FBI and NASA seems kinda mad and interested

  67. Madd Labs

    Anyone else watch new rock stars and are now calling them yodaling

  68. Suicune

    This theory was debunked by the next movie, the main character breaks a twig which causes a girl to snap in half immediately, but it was a good theory still~

  69. Gavin Allison

    Their literally born from the force deciding oh you exist cool go do stuff

  70. Isaac Schmitt

    Matt. I love ya buddy. But for the love of god, let that stupid song die.

  71. M_Lynx VA

    Man, and here I thought he would mention Sleeper Sharks seeing they age just as slow and don’t reach sexual maturity till the ripe old age of 150 years, instead I got lectured how humans and yodas got big brains

  72. Jacky Boy

    Matpat:“Humans have the longest life span on earth” Me: “SaVe ThE tUrTlEs” Edit: matpat says evolution Religious people: 🔫

  73. Natalie Harrington


  74. Juliana Mello

    Hey why are you not subscribed

  75. daddyyank

    No he is without flaw

  76. WHAT IF?

    so Coruscant had Egyptians in it's past who split the day into 24 hours as well ... maybe the alien theory was right after all. oh and the Sahara isn't always a desert it goes through a cycle every 25,800 years cave paintings back this up showing that the area was a wetland filled with marshes and it will be again in about 15.000 years this is because of a wobble in the earths axis

  77. YodaBurger Gaming

    I request of god to nerf if in this way.

  78. jacob stallard

    Spoon boy is "out of the matrix" because they say hey one of the newly released people wanted to give this present to you.

  79. itsyaboi phoenix

    Dear Lord I love that song

  80. Ashia

    the words “problem” and “baby yoda” should not be in the same sentence

  81. Angelus Mata

    vm.tiktok.com/xU2sPw/ matpat this changes everything about your Disney movies being connected theory!

  82. ausbelbot

    I love the song

  83. Skitty It

    "...let's not give him _too_ much credit." _Shows a picture of Jar Jar_ *_r/prequelmemes wants to know your location_*

  84. Rocco Potter

    you somehow get cringier every video

  85. Christopher Huffman

    I clicked like for the force choking in the beginning

  86. christopher pearce

    that intro was so hard to watch

  87. Daaa Coach

    I’ll pay serious attention to a super bowl game either if my team is in it or the Patriots are getting shellacked. And seeing as the Bears are LITERALLY INCAPABLE OF BEING PERENNIALLY COMPETENT, and the Patriots are the Patriots, it’s safe to say I don’t pay too much attention.

  88. Shroom1Up

    6:55 baby: oh no, HE is my dad, what did i do to deserve this?

  89. Darren2016N

    6:54 Where am I?

  90. Stephen Taylor

    'I currently own a toddler...' Buyers remorse huh???

  91. Felix

    Dat intro

  92. The Inferno

    I have a feeling that yoda and yaddle made baby yoda ??????

  93. Voids_RBLX_Galaxy

    **Darth Vader just casually wiggiling along**

  94. ZK Daniel

    0_0 -_- oh my Lord😂

  95. Clariño D. Marc

    Awww Baby Yoddle! P.S. Any Joe fans out there?

  96. Hermann Fegelein

    Video starts at 0:38

  97. Mixart Johnson

    The Jedi are evil, and the sith are evil. Both in they're own ways.

  98. Marc Angers

    Yoda was not the last of his species during the clone wars. The baby is 50 years old during the mandolorian... and the show being set 5 years after rtoj makes it so the baby is about 10 years older than anakin..... Yaddle was around and as far as we know Yoda and Yaddle were the only members of their species at that time. And Jedi whom are part of a race that is considered on the rare side are exempt of the rule of having Children. like Ki Adi Mundy who's son was his padawan during the clone wars.. So if the baby is not a clone it could still be their offspring. We also don't know the duration of pregnancy in their species. For all we know it could be nearly 100 years of pregnancy.. Which would also explain why the Kaminoan scientist wanted him so bad. MAybe to use as a template. Or he is a clone. Another thing people are not taking into consideration is the fact that in starwars clones do not keep the personality of their host. Boba Fett and all of the clones are clones of Jango. And they all have their own identities and do not have the same personality. Clone or not. This baby Yoddle (Yoda andYadddle combined) could be clone or their offspring.

  99. Shelbus

    man, to bad I don't believe in evolution...

  100. Tania Aceves

    They aren’t even the same syllables