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  1. hey its Amelie

    Emma's dad is SO talented

  2. antonio chacon

    F*ck!! when u said it's 9:45am... Was 9:45am in my phone! 🤯

  3. Ruthiel Roño


  4. JJ Awesomeness

    Clearly Emma chose to go with tiny overpriced glasses. $70 tiny glasses merch... sum bullshit.

  5. Suresh Babu

    I would still eat the cupcakes and just not throw it out😂

  6. FLux


  7. Alexa De santiago


  8. Hailey Brown

    wHy did she inhale the emergen c

  9. Vanya Rammelsberg


  10. Baliram Damini

    you make me so laugh. i adore you !

  11. Nada

    That cat is so annoying

  12. David

    13:50 best part

  13. hope lee

    i love how emma just chugged the emergency packet when you are supposed to mix it with water

  14. OsoJordanMusic

    when you're 24 u should move to New York 😎

  15. nightmare 82

    You should nsme him Alfredo

  16. its ya boy markimoo

    Am not pregnant am 7 years old... - Emma 2019

  17. Cherone Fourie

    How is her teeth so white because she drinks so much coffee 😂😂

  18. Alicia

    If i were you, i would've just jumped on the bed

  19. daniel lagunes


  20. A Y Y

    We do christmas without presents lmao

  21. Joanne Rey

    bro is that alcohol bottles on the nightstand? or water bottles 😰

  22. ciara smith

    is it weird that I shook with the title

  23. iiexzella

    merry christmas happy holidays bish james~2019

  24. Kitten Nel

    In my school we have a uniforma and we have to wear black shoes, white socks or we'll have to get a uniform note

  25. Shari Sachman

    Why does Emma Chamberlain kinda sound like Rainbow Dash

  26. shinay Maartens

    I just imagine her neighbours watching her and thinking what the Freak is going on

  27. Eakin Wong

    Who else’s heard Bellyache by Billie at 8:00

  28. Blazin nation

    She's got the personality of that one funny crack head we all know down the road😬😂

  29. sanuki de soysa

    13:45 Emma Chamberlain's Conspiracy video. Conspiracy. Conspiracy Pallette. Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star conspiracy palette. 13:45 - A picture of Jeffree Star with an ILLUMINATI above his head. Conspiracy palettes logo: Illuminati. Emma Chamberlain KNEW about the palette before it was to even come out. *dun, dun.... DA*

  30. Brandon Block

    Omg you stay up past 2🥴you’re so quirky😝 omg this is so me and so relatable🥴

  31. Layla Ford

    This was posted on my birthday April 27

  32. charles howard

    2:13 - 2:22 Grayson so fine😅😍

  33. SnappleCrunch

    This is my life bruh for 6 months bruh

  34. Czaee Patil

    and I’m back again

  35. Aly Flowers

    can the real real sponsor me so I can fly to New York, stay in my hotel room and taste all the snacks

  36. VAPORtown

    emma looks so pretty in this

  37. Marianna Martinez

    Ok but these Ethma stans are getting annoying Ethan has nothing to do with this videoooo😭

  38. DTrey FloatGoat

    3:14 Lmao 😂🤣👏 comedy, background music with facial expression arms flopping like a bird and the jacket making sound effects

    1. Cassie


    I hate school so much I'm a sophomore I got pretty good grades and high level classes so when people hear I hate school they are surprised. I feel so much anxiety during school and it caused me to have anxiety attacks and basically I stopped talking to people I started just wanting to stay home. hopefully I could try to figure something out before next year or even next semester because this isnt going to work.

  40. C r i s t i n e M a e A g u i r r e

    the last video i watched was when emma adopted the cat when it was only small, now im back and SCREAMED seeing it so big nowww UGGGH improud

  41. Anja E

    emma can u do a q&a!!!! i know u dont rlly do sit down videos but it could be a nice and easy video and i dont know about anything else but u talking is entertaining enough for me

    1. Cassie


  42. Sam Losco

    You just made an asmr video without even knowing

  43. Amélie Swagyoloswagyolo

    how can people dislike ur vids....

  44. Parker t

    I'm new to her videos but wasnt her last apartment the one where the entire hlaf / entrance of the apartment was windows? How does it get dark somewhere with 50 feet of windows lol

  45. kittygomrow

    Ethan skates emma MhMhmHmHMhMHMhmhmHMhmh emmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  46. Monique Escobar

    Omfg you literally are life dude everything about you is relatable and beautiful and amazing! I CRY laughed during this video I love uou

  47. Sam Losco

    Has anyone ever told you that you're dad looks and sounds gay AF

  48. Sam Losco

    Lol its people who drink Starbucks drive preuss cars that live in California that create the smog

    1. Sam Losco

      Forgot about apple phones

  49. Sam Losco

    Like when u sit in a restaurant and try to make since out of what the people across from you are talking about. It's all gibberish

  50. Emily W

    you should come to queens new york

  51. Sam Losco

    That's what an 18 year old girl without a job does all day

  52. Sippi Cup

    i hate my school

  53. Kensington Perrotti

    YOU PUT THE VITAMIN C PACKET IN WATER!!😂😂😂 I died laughing when you just took it straight down🤣😂🤣😂

  54. Victoria Ramos

    how are you so freaking skinny. plz let me know LOL

  55. Cal B

    pls vlog again, i love your vlogs more than anything:)

  56. jordana agius

    Do a video grocery shopping with you

  57. Rman Nayr

    Good Luck With That!!!!

  58. Rman Nayr


  59. Rman Nayr


  60. Rman Nayr

    ALL NIGHTER IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. andybaldman

    *What is wrong with your eyes. And get some acne cream.*

  62. Matthew Roberts

    4:09 great anology of that encounter🤣🤣🤣I'm floored!!

  63. Denise Burford

    GIRL don’t walk around NYC by yourself at three am..... that’s a nightmare waiting to happen 😭

  64. Sam Losco

    Now your 18 and need banged

  65. Sam Losco

    Is eggs vegan?. You really need to try my meat and you will start eating meat

  66. american dream

    No you look good in New York.

  67. Chrissy P

    Omg Vit C pack w/o water!! 😮😮😮

  68. Emma K

    Ok why is nobody talk about how she jumped in her suitcase. 😂

  69. sarah olivia s.


  70. Madison Delaney

  71. Emma K

    Emma: *walks into gym* *immediately sees someone* Emma: AHHH

  72. Sam Losco

    You show up for you facial and five guys will be there jacking off

  73. Natalie Ansel

    Who is the other girl (not olivia)

  74. Leiah Pica

    Litterly goes from wo wo wo wo wo to eh eh eh eh eh eh

  75. lola crump

    she shouldve said all the stuff on the real real is real real

  76. Jose Garcia

    Two words..... ack knee

  77. Sam Losco

    That dog borderline hates you

  78. Emely Marte

    So did you sleep on the plane?

  79. Hannah Funkhouser


  80. Troy Bailey


  81. Marina Malone

    hey girly, put dat tang in the fridgerator ;)

  82. JOCY


  83. EditingByJada

    Hay Emma watch ur cat plz I don’t want her to burn like if u agree

  84. JOCY


  85. Isidora S F

    nobody: Emma: OUUH

  86. Kavya Vellore

    why don't you just @ Aaron

  87. Kayla Ledoux


  88. Adisyn Kohl

    Where’s cat

  89. Hope World

    Honestly Emma makes everything look good 🚫🧢

  90. Jasmine Elsasser

    I mean I love Stupid Genius and am sad when they only last 20 minutes

  91. Laura Tuckey

    dirt cheap

  92. Janelle Craft

    When u notice ur the only comment who doesnt get like 🤣😭😢

  93. matilde duarte

    amandas outfits always slay

  94. Alejandra Gonzalez


  95. Rianna Bhat

    6:54 i heard the lady in the back say 'im a lesbian' i SWEAR

  96. creative girl

    Is nobody gonna point out the fact that emma is literally flirting with everyone except grayson? R.I.P Grayson😪 Also, ETHMA GOALS❤❤❤

  97. sierra rios

    are you going to stay till dec.12th bc i am going on that day and im really excited.

  98. Stephany Reyes

    emma's favorite quote "im bored"

  99. Leah Camille

    Dis nobody catch grayson say at 2:31 "get up and make love, I mean make up"