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  1. Ju ferreira

    Come to europe then lmaooo u woudl die in the first second!

  2. Ju ferreira

    sis is lucky cuz i cry everyday and feel super bad everyday and my parents would never let me quit school

  3. Traci Morrell


  4. siri nerea

    6:39 after a year I still wonder who is filming

  5. Kailynn Harmon

    I can only paint one hand because my left hand has no use. If it got cut off it would not effect my life whatsoever

  6. Sophia Thibeault

    please don't come for me, but for once i actually didn't like her outfit

  7. Kailynn Harmon

    Chipotle has the best burritos. HANDS DOWN

  8. Kailynn Harmon

    Emma has a store for a closet

  9. Kailynn Harmon

    Can’t believe Emma will be 20 next year. That means she will only be 10 years away from being 30🤔

  10. Aaliyah

    5:14 "where do you find one of those?" "desert" 💀

  11. نواف Ali

    Co co girl

  12. Ally A


  13. نواف Ali

    Frinsh garl

  14. Betch Teehee

    *sigh* I want a thigh gap so bad

  15. نواف Ali

    And she grow 2

  16. Ønły• Đuck


  17. ASA

    We have the same birthday!!! May 22nd!

  18. نواف Ali

    YOUr one home market

  19. Katherine Leon

    I love cooking with Emma!!! Also Emma you are an angel ❤️❤️love your videos

  20. Jackz


  21. نواف Ali

    Me and i am w my only friend

  22. Clare Graveline

    5:54 KAREN

  23. danny sevilla

    [email protected] screaming while she bites the cake "Que muerda el pastel Que muerda el pastel!!"

  24. Naomi Manoj

    Get it cause she doesn't go to school so in the last one there is no one Haha get it? GET IT??

  25. نواف Ali

    Dooge bad

  26. Andrea Noriega

    ethan and grayson : starts arguing. emma: *armadillo mode activated*

  27. نواف Ali

    Many botito

  28. نواف Ali

    D G schools

  29. نواف Ali

    الخدميه دي

  30. M N A

    tell me why Emma as a boy lowkey looks like a fucking stoner

  31. Madison Atkinson

    She was so pretty

  32. Samantha Conde

    L.A: people dieing and helicopters everywhere Emma :camping on her balcony

  33. Nechama Loewy

    You're too funny 😂 I can't

  34. pineapplezlicez

    Missing the blonde 😩

  35. Fiona Cooney

    i clicked on this thinking it would be one of those satisfying closet-cleaning-out-videos and instead it was emma shopping. but i'm not mad..... :)

  36. haydennn

    I have an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to this vlog.

  37. Kseniya Malitskaya

    omg i literally have 2 horse girls in my class

  38. TJ Ellis


  39. Halie Does Things

    How did she not get copyrighted at 7:03

  40. Sophia Aulogia

    Use me as a “we love Derek” button

  41. Nathaly Osorio

    She called her momm a bitch wow

  42. Iris


  43. _FluffyBunnyy Boo_

    I miss all of them hanging out🥺😭

  44. Paige Brennan

    8:43 I’m I the only one who noticed the eggplant 🤣😂

  45. Caitlynn Pitts


  46. Iris

    why is there never salad, corn or tomatoes on itt??????????????

  47. Caitlynn Pitts

    Pause at 12 sec lil

  48. Kylie

    Happy Belated!

  49. lily ayres


  50. maya s

    hi anyone watching this in quarantine in 2020?

  51. Meaghan McDonald


  52. Holly Marshall

    ahah i have the same jacket

  53. ༻ moon ༺

    You didnt do something crazy... You did something good

  54. Jeff Poobie

    can we just appreciate 4:35 to 4:45

  55. Autumn

    Lol i love you so much happy bday❤️❤️❤️

  56. Gachatato :3

    Wow Emma should grow a beard

  57. Adi Khakhu

    you are superior Emma, always have been❤

  58. Altai Freelance

    They pushed my comment down but I wanted to be part of the birthday...

  59. Hannah Villa

    Does somebody know, what led lights, emma has in her room??, and how did she connected a light bulb led, and led lights?, srry, i mexican lol

  60. vArEnIk CrAzY

    4:47 OMG 😂😂😂😂

  61. Becky

    13:40 i’m triggered

  62. Reagan Donovan

    the knock from the post mates scared the CRAP outta me

  63. XxOmbre DragonXX

    My real question here is why are people typing to them and not talking to them

  64. Adi Khakhu

    we were eating together lol!!!❤

  65. Amaury Llorens

    Literally the funniest thing I’ve watched in so long

  66. aliacorakac

    You know who should be your Boyfriend? Timothy chardonnay or whatever is Name is. You both have the Same awkward vibe lmao. Happy Birthday btw :*

  67. Becky

    emma’s wearing the same shirt as the other video she made w them lol

  68. Gianna Aiken

    My birthday is May 21st!!

  69. Clem

    ...i dont speak english, i understead the half of what she said BUT i see all her video happy birthday Emma ily

  70. Lit

    She LITERALLY said on almost EVERY fast food chain “I have never eaten there before”

  71. Morgan Arlia

    may 2020 anyone?

  72. Adi Khakhu

    hahaha these were cute Emma❤

  73. molly


  74. Juno Corbett

    The pancake on the plate took me outttttt😭

  75. BBzaimon

    Watching Emma made me addicted to coffee thanks

  76. cheeky lavender

    wen emma's "nothing in here" fridge is what mine looks like when it's stocked lmaooo

  77. Mariana Rodriguez

    Is it just me or did her voice got deeper and raspy

  78. Nashville Cent

    damn emma looks so good in this 🥺💞

  79. reid elrod

    "The Chipotle Burrito? Could not put it down." *puts chipotle burrito down*

  80. Luna the sad angel

    I miss them..the all left James for fake allegations from Tati, a 40 something year old woman dragging a 20 year old

  81. Joe Swanson

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎈

  82. Who's Chi

    Emma's voice was soooo high 3 years ago omg hahah

  83. Molly Roethler

    Loooloooppolil I’m watching this during quarantine

  84. Gweneth Evans

    30:39 look how happy emma is when ethan’s going on about how he won☺️🥺

  85. dani obviously

    emma: how are you? emma: oh. 🥺

  86. sabrina

    damn ngl she kinda looks like pastel joker