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  1. Kerly Roman Apolo

    Best halftime of the decade. Change my mind.

  2. MIXR Ash

    I don’t think I have saw a Houston mic up in a while

  3. The_Lonely_Winner

    If the Vikings win two more games the teams in the hunt will be eliminated.

  4. Coty Demmons

    158.3 passer rating for Kirk GOATsins

  5. Ikeymay

    Are these guys homers? Cuz come on lol RAVENS.

  6. Lord Cavy

    Russell Wilson: *Names what are those?* *I only know numbers*

  7. Elysian 716

    Hey Cynthia! Are you convinced yet that my Bills are for real?

  8. Nick Kapa

    Bro get Haskins out of Washington lmao he doesnt deserve all this nonsense

  9. RicoLen1

    I think the Niners are going 13-3 on the season and fail to make it to the superbowl by virtue of losing 3 straight games in a season to the Seattle Seahawks. I got the Niners over Saints this week and expect them to do to the Saints what they did to the Packers.

  10. daGovenah


  11. Itsme Itsme

    27-17 Miami

  12. Dakota Winnie

    No respect for Buffalo

  13. Elijah Krueger

    "There are turkey legs being tossed in the air back home in Buffalo." They mean Buffalo Wild Wings. Sorry, that was a terrible joke

  14. jk1388

    Is it beautiful though?

  15. Itsme Itsme

    Dolphins will win this game easy

  16. 김판다


  17. Anthony Siderio

    Where eagles vs pats?

  18. martha cosworth

    the unsung hero

  19. Jay Garcia

    The player from chargers @3:05 diving into the pile😅🤣😂

  20. Michael Arroyo

    so fresh

  21. Sock Dong

    Russ in the huddle: "Alright boys here's the play. Also btw I love you guys. I'd fight for you. I'd die for you... Anyways here's the play"

  22. Linda Mynatt

    That almost made me cry

  23. HighGamer

    That was an uncalled for hit on Russell when he threw the pick , manz was just depressed he made a turn over lol

    1. Mclovin__mf

      HighGamer lmao the part just came on for me ... he just mad he didn’t get the sack

  24. Sebastien Szymkowiak

    You gotta love Marv Albert commenting!

  25. Nahshon Devose

    10:27 and that folks, is why the bengals r the worst team in the league

  26. Cuban Gamer

    So they don’t even mention the buccaneers who are in the hunt

  27. Vvv Rrr

    5:18 обожаю такие тачдауны

  28. agus benzaenuri

    Stupid thing is when narrator said broncos is the world champion.

  29. Gunkanjima

    Does AJ even like football anymore?

  30. Tate Bachman


  31. Linc Henriksen

    How does Jamal Adams know what playoff weather feels like lol😂

  32. alisuo toko

    Texans: Looks at Brady weird Officials: "Personal foul. Roughing the passer on the defense. 15 yard penalty."

  33. Itachi Uchiha

    11:47 Fair Play :)

  34. Southrackateerj

    Adam ranks is not an expert

  35. ScarpNOLA tv

    #WhoDat ⚜️⚜️

  36. Tindel10

    What a cheap shot by Armon Watts 96 on Wilson at 1:56 when he was completely of of the play at that point.

  37. Juan Torres

    49ers win

  38. DaEpicNarwhal

    Is it bad that as a Steelers fan, I can't fully trust that they will win this?😬 We're gonna have a hard time getting to Murray because we are bad against mobile QBs, we also always play down to the competition

  39. Zanforce

    Derick get over your fear of being tackled and run when you don't have people open, you have open pockets was it the broken leg that turned you into a huge chicken holy crap. You panic also when they all come at you, I am a raiders fan forever and this was a joke best win your last games and get over that damn chicken crap suck it up and run sometimes.

  40. blacc beard

    This was the best game of the season for me, and also the toughest to watch since the niners are my all time fav team, but Jackson is my current fav player to root for/watch.

  41. Foshil Frankx6

    @:30 CTE

  42. Austin Wilbanks

    2:01 was that necessary?

    1. Zack Banning

      Austin Wilbanks sounded like he said sorry lmao

    2. Duolingo Bird


  43. welp buddy

    Steelers fans need to stand up and be proud of there team! Different things all year and still 7-5 standing strong taking it game by game playing football

  44. Jason

    Browns 17-13

  45. Adam Thompson

    9:05 Shaz really out here missing 5 yard throws geez what a form

  46. Mason Rome

    Battle of the crybaby quarterbacks

  47. bubbles big

    Hmmmmm????? All I have to say

  48. Jason

    Stealers win it 17-10

  49. Jason

    Cowboys win it 24-20

  50. Kevin Frazier

    *Warning you may suffer a headache* 🤦🏽‍♂️ I was rooting for the Vikings to win! 😟😔 Great game! Vikings act real dumb in clutch situations

  51. Jon Mccracken

    The victory dance after the TD tho 😂😂

  52. jonahh619

    I feel like the way Lamar is faking or handing off to his RB is ridiculously deceptive. How many times did he run it through after completely selling the dummy to the Offense. Very exciting player

  53. R.W. Skinner

    I wanna see these teams in "dry" conditions

  54. Yo Yo

    Seahawks>>>>niners Wilson>>>>> Jimmy “pick machine” G Those are facts

  55. Zihan Feng

    Respect !! LOVE!! STILL!! FOREVER !!!

  56. jinx

    ..this my neighbor this my neighbor!! tucker : don't tell em where we live! 💀😂😂

  57. Real Talk With Harris

    The cowboys will not loose 3 games in a row The cowboys will win 27-16

  58. Kenny Smith

    Kenny Smith and Self Serve. < RO-sels channel. The game owners play with players and the players game.


    Dis game gone be epic and wat we all bn waiting for too.... Win Lose or Draw WHO DAT NATION dis way.... Sf is a very good team, but in order to b the best you must beat the we are ready for the challenge.... Dis can very well b the NFC Championship Game match up.... Never kno.

  60. ronald call II

    I love it

  61. Breegs25

    RIP. “Lets get our first win”


    Russell will be sitting scared when 99 in his face Sunday night!!!

  63. Jenna Hall

    for once, Kirk was actually on his game and then the defense has to go and screw it up. 🙄

  64. Muhsin Faizan

    Why isnt stupid dak prescott training this moment WTFFF

  65. GhostTechGaming

    Bucky picking the bears is always so surprising

  66. Bakos Sakr

    Sorry man but Tyler Murray is to short for a QB

  67. Daryl Terwilleger

    Why didn't the chiefs field goal block make it in the top 15?

  68. Raphaël Tormen

    Katy, Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga the best performance ever. No words

  69. 之后夏天

    Tom Brady top pass selection always be edelman 😅😅😅 should go more with white... He definitely being underestimated and should gain the 2016 super bowl mvp

  70. Bakos Sakr

    You gotta love it when a 4th string QB sends a 1 round 1 st pick QB ( Mayfield) home a loser😪😪🤮🤮🤮🤮

  71. Gino Sokol

    That cross sport analogy is horrible.. see the ball go through the hoop lmao... think of something better.

  72. Mikey Hidalgo

    Does Russell Wilson know anyone's name? He calls everyone by their number lol

    1. Holden

      We called everyone by their numbers in HS. It's not a big deal.

    2. Beau Layer

      He knows all of their names, truly a great leader. But in game situations they call everyone by number because sometimes its hard to see who it is through the helmets.

  73. gor9027

    This game showed that the Browns have the talent to beat most teams. Problem is they lack good coaching and are still undisciplined so they aren’t consistent. Definitely need to correct the issues in the offseason to become a contender in this division.

  74. Leonard Morton

    I was there

  75. Bawie

    Man wtf ❤️

  76. DancesWith GanjaSmoke

    Cowboys Winning ! Early an often

  77. Dman4901

    Swag on 10000000000000000000 pat mac

  78. Asma1988 A.AIQaidi

    امريكا بلد العاهرين والعاهرات

  79. Samasoni Faalepo

    Drew Brees is a great QB, but that Niner defense is eating him up Sunday.

  80. Bill Cosby

    So far lil dude 4 Redskins running like a Rhino AP foolin

  81. Deep hug


  82. Bill Cosby

    Redskins QB keep missing the touchdown passes

  83. A Fucking Bird

    That's our quarterback! GoHawks!💚💙

  84. LEE Paul

    I know my Broncos are bad this year, but aren’t the Chargers supposed to be a contender? I saw a lot of so-called experts and analysts who thought the Chargers can go all the way, so where are they now? You should have realized that a team who won so many close games in a previous season does not necessarily have that luck again and it could go either way!

  85. TC Shadow


  86. Jordan Shumwayy

    Russel Wilson is corny asf

  87. C Tk

    Rams have won 3 out of the last 4 and only lost because of a missed kick last time in Seattle. Rams will win

  88. Alan Contreras

    Go Bucs

  89. Juggie Bonebrain

    Cowboys: let's be thankful for the @$$ whippin they gawn get.... Bills: Hold my beer

  90. samwise222

    Russell Wilson is cringy AF

    1. Yo Yo

      How? This is his character, just go watch him mic’d up on other videos

  91. Yeelicious -

    Cardinals: 24 Steelers: 23

  92. Joe Tee

    Brady screamed at his receivers but his ass never moves out the pocket and put pressure on the defense ever!! So essentially the defense has an extra guy to blitz, drop back in coverage because he's always been too chicken sh*t to run! How about helping your teammates Tommy??

  93. Yeelicious -

    Chiefs: 33 Patriots: 27

  94. Eric F. Jr

    Buck hasn’t picked the Ravens in 3 weeks...but...I do believe this is the game the Ravens finally slip up. Lamars first time possibly playing it snow, Bills been off forever & Ravens just played an insanely tough game. Won’t be 1% shocked if the Ravens destroy them but imma say Bills win a close & ugly game.

  95. abudabi1995

    ravens nation stand UP

  96. Claudia Del Prado

    I need the raiders to win I’m a Steelers fan please win raiders

  97. Callum Keene

    "That's my neighbour!" "...Don't tell them where we live!" ahahahaha

  98. Yeelicious -

    Bills: 26 Ravens:24

  99. Jamie Henshall

    Gruden's face at 1:16 😂😂😂 I think he knew it was going to be a long day