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  1. Mill Eudic

    Would you share same woman, or fight for her?

  2. Jamie Alexandra Innes

    I didn’t watch it when it came out, but I need my dose of Shane. Anyone else never watch a single Dolan video until this one?

  3. Gianna Olmedo

    7.01 I love how they keep talking with their mouth closed

    1. Gianna Olmedo

      7:01 sorry and 2020 anyone

  4. Christiana

    I don't know if you'll get to read this (probably not) but one thing that crossed my mind watching this, coming from a person with a few years in front of you, is that being 19, 20, 21, 22, is SOOOO confusing. I went from this person at 18 who knew exactly who i was, what i liked and what i wanted, to knowing nothing about myself, to discovering myself and getting a different image of life. And it's still going on, but now I embrace and enjoy it. And this will happen guys, when I was told this the first time by an older friend i was so quick to dismiss it an be like "neah I'm good I know what my life is all about" (omg i was such a prick). Most of your fans are close in age to you, it can help so much if you let yourself mature on screen. People who comment on "I wish they would be like before" are generally emotionally stuck. What will always get you fans is being genuine, even if some older ones will leave it will keep new people discover you. I found you out through Shane and I'm watching your channel and enjoying it, I bet many have. It can be so sad and lonely to see your life change and be alone in it, your fans are going through it or will at some point. It helps to be an example of how to deal with this, how to do it and come out a winner. *Main point*: Your fans are growing (aging) too. They will come to enjoy, relate and learn from your real life experience. Let people see your growth and mature with you.

  5. Gimhan Ariyarathna

    The dolan twins are sooo cringey

  6. blackrose5856

    *My ass saved my ass* Grayson, you weirdo

  7. blackrose5856

    And I love how only Grayson’s pants are stained and not Ethan’s. Why did you do him like that

  8. Jasmine Sandoval

    I love this !

  9. blackrose5856

    Ethan, you did your brother SO dirty he went easy on you for those first two. He probably got meaner because of the damn *HOT SAUCE*

  10. Sakshi Doiphode

    ethan still looks like ethan

  11. Lacy Lane


  12. Madi C

    The singing at the end got me emotional 😢

  13. Olivia McGregor

    A bobcat drinking milk 😂😂


    Yes yes eww 😂😂

  15. Mia Lacroix

    i lost my dad at the age of 10 i am still ten but I lost him yesterday

  16. 77 Abel

    Same my nose is patch aswell

  17. LAZY wolfie

    blind lemme get this BLIND not color blind BUT BLIND

  18. Ri9p3r

    Anyone else keep coming back to these vids

  19. Nur Insyirah

    whrre tf is gray

  20. Fatima Saeed

    Switching lives turns to spilling water 💦 on each other to wake up

  21. Mark Myers

    This is Jennifer I love tiny house to and I watch them on RO-sels to but for u guys who also watch tiny homes you could of done ALITTLE better building the tiny van there's no kitchen it doesn't look like a cozy pad haven't u seen all the videos they have on RO-sels they have way more stuff in them and that's all u came up with bring it to me I'll show u to do it u should of mad bunk beds that way ur buddy would of had a bed to have fun be safe enjoy the road

  22. olivia rose

    this is literally the cutest reaction ever 🥺

  23. Kayla Arce

    It’s funny because I know both languages and it’s so much funnier viva Mexico 🇲🇽

  24. Syeda Quratulain

    1:05 isnt grayson claustrophobic

  25. Captain Peter R. Miller

    Hey boys. I really like your videos, but whoever produced your "Neighbors" segment has completely stuffed it up. BIG TIME. I suggest you study "camera angles" and "crossing the line". It will make your video look professional instead of completely amateurish.

  26. Cail Remake

    for some people who don't know about Molly is that she uses ears as signals.

  27. Just Lilith

    I have some of Ethan because I sleep in late but I have Grayson's life style because I do freaking everything in my 🏠

  28. Cecilia Smith

    Grayson is so hard on Ethan🤣

  29. Cecilia Smith

    Ethan is my spirit animal😅He was definitely a class clown(probably Grayson too)Ethan is just the more childish one which I love.

  30. Bad Boy Productions

    Never saw 2 people happier to be home.

  31. Ghinwa

    Ethan: "like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish..." Me: FREAKS THE FUCK OUT

  32. emma cowdery

    why does ethan remind me of zane from the vlog squad

  33. cautiosgamergator

    did you know? 99.99 kids have arachnophobia (fear of spiders)

  34. Frst audi

    I hope they do this again in 2020..... just wanna see how they will react when they are apart at 20 years old

  35. Danielle Hays


  36. Danielle Hays

    I thought they said there going to go spooning

    1. Danielle Hays


    2. Danielle Hays


  37. Nobody:

    Sooooo you don’t shower? (Haven’t seen the video fully but still hahaha)

  38. hehe emjay

    for the slime round, ethan didn’t even make slime, he just used glue and food colouring

  39. Leila ElBably

    u should let someone come pimp it out like mr.kate does with houses

  40. crucialdols


  41. Glitch

    There kinda scary when they're mad😓😓😓

  42. Marie Abubakar

    I cant wait the next "episode"

  43. MeowMeowSaysACow

    My heart shook when she said she sees the spark of the candle for some reason Anyways she’s adorable

  44. Jasia G

    "Positives are every where you might just have to look a little bit harder for them" - Ethan Dolan 2016 <3

  45. Dexter gaming

    Ethan doesn't like asmr and mukbang then

  46. Jasia G

    There's no way you can find anything wrong with these boys, and if you can your just hating.

  47. Tabs Sabreeno

    Why she acts like normal??? Like I can't say that she's blind

  48. Coopiaa Cool

    Oh god i am not a fear of vomiting but i hate the sound 🤮

  49. Clara

    Omg they copyrighted sunset lover by petit biscuit 😭😭

  50. JJJ LLL

    Grayson is who i inspire to be and im just Ethan on a daily tbh

  51. eugenia balogova

    Grayson is just aaaaa🥰

  52. Julia.C

    When you find out your parents are getting a divorce 5:53 😂

  53. Tanushi 680

    Grayson’s relationship advice brought me to tears

  54. Danielle Tom

    OMG i love this video, Shane is amazing and totally the Dr Phil of youtube and i love him . But for Grayson and Ethan, Shane’s right you should never be afraid to show your feelings or who you really are as people because you guys are beautiful human beings inside and out . I loved your video’s but this one literally made me feel so connected to you guys so much more coz it was just genuine and real. i cant wait to see what you guys come up with and doesnt matter how long you take to upload i will be watching every step of the way and i hope you guys start enjoying the content you put out, because if you do then we will ... 😊❤️❤️❤️

  55. Life with Nayy

    I also can’t be in tight spaces,Nd can’t stand the sound of others eating I didn’t leave the table but I wore headphones Nd play music, I HATE being on the side of truck on the high way

  56. siqhamosothando dyosi

    This was one of the best things I've seen in a really long time! So fun!

  57. shadow king13

    Elle seemed a bit unenthusiastic for like 90% of the video 😅

  58. Sanan Rashid

    "Don't call the cops yet." Lol

  59. Shahida Aslam

    Gray:once you wake up you r going to fell the POWER. Ethan:I'm feeling shit Thats so me oml😂🤣

  60. Jace Malisauskas

    He said Los Angeles but wrote holly wood

  61. La Vie Sur La Côte

    Is so great to see u being like kids with lots of money and liberty, but i hope u do some eco-friendly sustainable as possible something with all that wood and plastic. <3 regards, Earth.

  62. I’m aylii

    it hurts to watch this bcs goddddd i miss them

  63. BABU RAM

    How lucky that hater was !!!! Just ignore haters ur fans + ur biggest fan like me are with u LOVE YOU DOLAN TWINS

  64. Bruce Armstrong

    That's y I love blind!

  65. bambi uwu

    Mean girls part 2 except that its not the dysfunctional 20 day challenge movie

  66. Mellisa Vogel

    They do that so you can lick it! What turns boys into gay boys.

  67. Llama YEET

    This is the best video I EVER SEEEEEENNN 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  68. slimey gem

    I also have mesophonia and trypaphobia

  69. Kassidy Smith

    Wow 😍

  70. Rock girl

    Wait if there’s three guys staying in the van where is the third guy keeping his stuff?

  71. Llama YEET

    That’s my dream backyard 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  72. violentphlegm

    Visit Ten Sleep Wyoming during the spring. I have a friend that owns a rock ranch for hiking, rock climbing, hiking etc.

  73. WDW Roadie

    It feels like I watched this yesterday but now it’s December 2019

  74. Miss Sara 21

    Why is Grayson the dad of the two

  75. Angela Lakic

    This is basically the Dolan Twins roasting each other😂😂😂

  76. TheNarwhalCorn Gaming

    In the Philippines we run away from vans.

  77. Parker Paige Coonrod

    I would love to be in Shanes position in this video because ya'll really are interesting people and I do want to see you grow. I would love to help y'all through things, even though I have literally no social media presence I would still want to help ya'll. It's okay to be going through things and growth is important. It's an awkward phase being 19. You're not a child but you aren't an adult either. It's hard to put things into a comment but you have to do whats best for you and I know your fans will follow you.

  78. hype williams

    That’s a fucking corrupt cop van 😂

  79. kacyjay mercer

    iv always wanted to live in a van

    1. Rock girl

      please tell me I'm mistaken... but do u have a GAS CAN stored with ur CERAL and APPLES 😩

  80. Monae Miller

    they are so cuuuuuuttteeeee 😫😫😫😍😍😍

  81. WDW Roadie

    It feels like I watched this yesterday but now it’s December 2019

  82. Mariana Rico

    the world really doesn’t deserve people like them, and it needs mORE people like them, they’re so caring about themselves, each other’s, the world, they’re so kind, I really wanna thank their parents (rest in peace sean) for raising them in such an amazing way, they turned into these men, lovely and amazing, they’re like my role model, and I bet they’re for you all and they’ll be for their future kids, god, imagine them as parents, we all know they wanna have a family, they’re 19 years old, and they’re mentality surprises me comparing to another 19 year old guys, or even girls, I’m 18 and I wish I could think like them, be like them, I’m not saying I’m a bad person, but they’re totally perfect (even tho nobody is perfect). I got to meet them at the 4ou tour and tell them they make me so happy, they make me smile every day, but I wish I could say it to them again, I wish I could say to them how proud I feel about them, they’re different in such a good, good way, I’m not good with words and I really want to say more about how I’m feeling right now about them, I have so much mixed feelings, idk how to express how much I love them, how proud I am, I just, cannot put that into words. Amazing is not a strong word to describe them, they’re more than that, they’re a whole new level of amazing, I’m writing this with the bottom of my heart, I hope they get to see this, and if they don’t, it’s ok, I bet millions of people have the same feelings and they’ve letting them know, and that’s ok because all they deserve is love, pure love. I love you E & G.


    I was laughing at spank me Grayson and then realized how wrong the name is

  84. Unicorn Dreams

    UMMM no toilet or shower.. So you don't need them in a daily bases??

  85. Nur Insyirah

    i love the kids and the editing

  86. Sali 45

    Or toad

  87. Mary Spurrell

    Rip sister squad 😩

  88. Jasmine wallbank

    Ethan:does ethan dolan smoke?no i do not smoke couple of seconds later....its gross HOWWWWWW UUUUU NOWWWW THATTTTTT??????????jk ilysm

  89. Brooke Taylor

    Grayson is going to make a really good father

  90. TheJamesDHay

    Ugh keep the facial hair boys. 😍

  91. Catherine Kangoroti

    36:21 funniest part by far

  92. Brandon Boone

    when ethan said "we can do so many activities" it reminded me of the stepbrothers movie when they made bunkbeds lol

  93. imcsk channel

    😂😂😂😂love them❤❤❤

  94. Alannah Roberts

    "Nah we shouldn't say body were guys in a van" -Grayson 2019

  95. Susan Smith

    I laughed so hard at this video. I know I’m a little late on watching but, I only found this channel about 2 weeks ago. Been binge watching when I can. I loved the samurai sword comment 😂😂🤣🤣 Love your videos!! You’ve definitely made a life long fan 😁

  96. Brittney Douglas

    Maybe they will bump into Jenelle aye

  97. Keanna Janae

    The beginning was beautiful 🥺♥️

  98. Party Tibon

    Id rather watch the real you once a year then have you put up a fake act every week. Do what makes you happy !! I’ll be praying for y’all ❤️

  99. J T

    These two look like a gay couple.