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    Esto no se compara

  2. Coby Hartsell

    “Don’t be sad he died.” Be happy he was born.”

  3. Axzry

    He used to be one of the "Yung Bratz" He caused a "Riot" He said that people should "Look At Me" But after the tragedy of "Jocelyn Flores" He made "changes" He wanted to "Take a Step Back" from music but returned He wanted everyone to have "Hope" He knew people went through "Depression & Obsession" He wanted "Revenge" against death, which took his friend away But he never got it, in reality all he actually wanted was "The Remedy for a broken heart" He wanted to raise awareness for horrible causes, because if he didn't the awareness would be "Going Down" He wanted people to be happy because he knew that "Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares", so he wanted people to have happy dreams instead He wanted everyone to sleep peacefully under the "Moonlight" But now he is gone And we all feel "SAD" We also feel "BAD" because we underestimated him He wanted to "Save me" and everyone else Now he is our "Guardian angel" Thank you XXXTentacion, you made me and millions of others happy.

  4. GN random

    X wornd us

  5. Andrei Dinu


  6. Pav11k

    Riest in Pis Bro...

    1. Pav11k

      великий человек мертв , жалко

  7. Maymay Sosi

    Rip the legend he didn’t deserve to die even he didn’t want to speak to out o didn’t have to happen he got shot on the head setup by his on color but aleast he is in a better place now he had a chip and a wife making lots of money but aleast he is not in this craznt

  8. Felipe Caviedes garcia

    Jack in the really fucking you

  9. GN random


  10. Adrian Tindoy

    RIP JAH.

  11. Erkan hitler

    ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ry ey

  12. Chicken lollipop

    😭😭😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  13. ze ian Yap

    Rip legend

  14. Marek zieliński

    this man who killed x killed milions people... [*] R.I.P X [*] [*] [*]

  15. The Levex show


  16. Daria Mandiuc


  17. Adélaïde Bouchet


  18. Adélaïde Bouchet


  19. Zlazi pro

    Жаль его....

  20. Christopher Davis

    Baby don’t understand this (whyyyyyy)

  21. Emre Kangal

    It meant be 2020 2 years after his death but we did not forget him for one second

  22. BAN Memes

    x your in my hart 💔💔💔

  23. Goulzzy

    RELEASE THIS!!!!!!!

  24. ven3 m

    when this song plays it wants me to bring an ak to a nerf gun fight

  25. Jamarion Phillips

    RIP X

  26. Młodszy Kabe

    X💔X💔X💔T💔E💔N💔T💔A💔C💔I💔O💔N💔 R💔I💔P [*] I love you X❤️

  27. Mrstealyoting

    Hey x won’t want naked girls in his vids but have a good vibe vibe music vid not his rip x

  28. DUDU 292


  29. FACUURZA _09

    (\_/) (00 )

  30. moussaoui mehdi

    Merci x pour t’es musique, je sais que tu ne Véra pas ce messages. Mais sache qu’on te pleur tous ! Tu es un des plus grand artistes de tout les temps. 5 millions de jeunes ton écouter et compris, comme tu le voulez. You are extraordinary Bro.

  31. Jaylan Lynch

    Me to

  32. Violeta Zaragoza

    I 😭u

  33. hola soy ayelen

    Rip xxxtentacion........😭😭💔💔

  34. Shoban Raj

    Legends never die.....🔥

  35. FACUURZA _09


  36. Violeta Zaragoza

    Dad I love ❤️ u

  37. WPME LiZaK

    I miss x pls come back

  38. SAD CAT


  39. Yavuz Karasu Soundtracks

    Legends never die XXXTENTACION

  40. miłosz berezowski

    We are people who needs x on this world. we are brothers!!!!

  41. Degafe

    I miss this guy so goddamn much

  42. Allison Ramirez

    Ojo por ojo y diente por diente :)

  43. Momo btw

    Legends never die R.i.p X💫

  44. DAVA lol

    Он УмеР как Герой Музыки Нашего времини

  45. swap mario

    I lost my girlfriend and put this song on

  46. David NavarroYt

    Si el fallecio el 18 de junio del 2018 como subio este video y como lo grabo si se supone que ya fallecio?

  47. Kaiser Cote

    Rip xxxt ❤️💔

  48. faze killer

    Noooooooooooo bro 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. Wemerson Araújo

    Amo essa música, esse cara era incrível.....

  50. BERK Cetinarslan

    Kalbimizdesin be kral

  51. Guilherme Oriques

    2020 brasileiro

  52. Крутой Бо

    Ту крутой мне жалко что ты умер 😪😪😪😪😪

  53. The real ghost Perk

    Who’s on a xxxtentacion binge watch 😔

  54. Modoran Raresh

    2019 vibes yaaa

  55. lilia vazquez


  56. 144z SAD KILLER


  57. Anr Ld

    😭😭😭I miss

  58. *اياتو _ تشان*

    wat is thes hip hop can some one help

  59. Gustavo Sanchez


  60. Maciel Maroni

    Every day I listen this song 😥😥😭🤧

  61. Angela Matamoros

    Rip $$ 😭😭😭😭😭

  62. ROM4IK [DARK]

    Кто русский лайк!

  63. Este canal no Tiene contenido

    :( 💔

  64. reza imani

    I miss u

  65. Paulo Lamoso

    Xxxtentasions ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️

  66. FREBIT Gefer

    Мы тебя не забудем мир не забудет спасибо за песни которые ты зделал для нас пускай они надаедают но я буду их слушать пока сам не умру и встречу тебя жалко что так случилось я сейчас жыву на той улице где и жыл наш рейпер любим и скорбим надеюсь ты в раю

  67. Ömer Çamlı

    Maga behhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Fuck Drakee

  68. Ramzan Ungulov

    Кому жалко ставьте лайк R.I.P. x

  69. Braeden Sherman

    The first word China ate a bat

  70. Braeden Sherman

    X knew abou covid it is in this song

  71. паркур про

    X alive?

  72. SCC_Eddypro24 #

    Rest in peace😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

  73. MR. LOKLOR

    я лично реп не люблю но его творчиство меня поразило😭

  74. Ayslynn Smith


  75. julio chavez

    2020 y no me canso de esta musica <3

  76. Carter Dellibac

    we love you X we miss you

  77. Pedro Rafael

    Portugal and the world already misses you. 😢😢😢❤

  78. dionplaygt

    "X" Is Never Gona Leave US 💔

  79. Ksenia MLNKV

    Ты всегда был в моём сердце.. Лучший человек. До тех пор я тебя обожаю. И всегда буду тебя любить. Земля тебе пухом. Желаю удачи на небесах.

  80. Justas Justin

    Sleep well mate i miss you

  81. Leonor Gominhas

    💔💔😭😭xx 💔💔😭😭

  82. Fernando Lugo

    I mes you so much

  83. purple alph


  84. Mistery Antony

    I love you 💕 😭😭😭😭😭😭Ты останешься в моём сердце навсегда 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  85. dionplaygt


  86. dragisa miric

    You Live bro 🤫🙄

  87. Yagiz Ata

    He was legend😢😢🖤

  88. Joa J


  89. Mumo_ Gang


  90. Kander- Кандер

    Брррроооо, ты умер xxx 😶

  91. Mahathir Mohammad Athaya


  92. YANIV BD

    התגובה הישראלית

  93. Naya Gomez

    I meant it gets me in my feelings not feet

  94. Santiago Nava

    If your hear this you are gonna be like x

  95. Cush Kids

    dude started to cry 😢 evry time i see his face may the king rest in peace but the people who kiled him may your sols burn in hell

  96. GGALEXCZ /

    One like=one life for XXXTENTACION

  97. Ванёк Ильин

    Somewhere in heaven, he reads our comments and also cries, X you are forever in our hearts

    1. Ванёк Ильин

      @mortal kombat да

    2. mortal kombat

      Ты русский??

  98. TopX


  99. Naya Gomez

    This song gets me in my feet😢 Im moving in like a month and i dont want to leave my grandma.It just makes me think about sad things and bad things. But I still like the song.😢im sorry if its tmi

  100. Ванёк Ильин

    Somewhere in heaven, he reads our comments and also cries, X you are forever in our hearts❤️😍 Я русский