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  1. It’s just Kay

    Dodea that cabinets locked in Viking bow buckin Belles f******

  2. Rodger B

    I got dizzy like that three days ago. I’ve been telling the stories of a Hells Angel that lost his leg. The motherfucker hobbled into my office.

  3. Flex TheKid

    as soon as i noticed that blonde bartender i couldn't concentrate

  4. Charles Brown

    "You always pick the movie" Alot of people felt that


    She is celebrity crush

  6. Martin

    Did the world run out of shirts for Daniel to wear that thing?

  7. More Duck fights


  8. Shaina Shafer

    What’s at the end I’m such a chicken what happened? Can anyone tell me?

  9. Flex TheKid

    holy fuck ahri is a funny guy

  10. Krani04

    Am I the only one who thought her name was Aquafina

  11. nesseiht gnay

    Firstname lastname 😆

  12. Alejandro Compean

    Human Giant Alumni ya'll!!

  13. tommy basham

    He is so damn funny!!! This was f****** hilarious

  14. Robert Hynes

    That was a good episode. PTSD story was something different. Good for you guys going there, surprising but good. The lines: I have a beard and I wear makeup. Seven nipple hairs. I thought they fingered you. All perfect. Well done indeed.

  15. SunLi Tsong

    Gay folks should have right to stretch each other's anuses and create tears in rectum legally. More power to them.

  16. xTheNameisEthan

    Dog this was on fucking tv lmao

  17. Sohaib Wildan Khan

    She is trying to milk me

  18. Sohaib Wildan Khan


  19. Daphne Daphne

    0:00: Normal Ad. 0:13: An ad that is overtime. 1:02: Talky-talk. 1:53: Begging for freedom. 2:11: Talk about her psycho husband who is almost home. 2:19: 18+. 2:26: (fav part) The Organic Bloom is empty the whole time. 2:47: A long long ad (wow). 5:06: The end of the ad.

  20. The Idiot

    How is it possible that I didn’t laugh once

  21. Steinar Flaten


  22. Show Wick

    You know no one born EVIL they're made

  23. Chuck Wilson

    Delivery is on par with that of a failed actress.... wait....

  24. Satevo

    Raving lunatic. Rot in hell Alex.

  25. Lark Da Dark

    This is like the Asian version of Insecure?

  26. El Blvck Lobo

    Can this turn into a comedic Netflix series lmao

  27. HB C

    key and peele are pure comedy gold. love these guys

  28. adreamingwolf

    Did not expect it to be this funny. I'm in.

  29. Noah Desimone

    "Cunnilingus" best line in the whole skit lol

  30. JaeVonn Flanagan

    I Love Awkwafina!

  31. XZ III

    Huh BoJack predicted this show almost. Except in the form of a dolphin. Stefina Akwafina

  32. Clout Sukker


  33. Prophet denis

    not funny XD

  34. CaptainTalon448

    Hold up is that Dr. Drew?!

  35. Dante'

    Y'all think blasphemy is comedy?!?...

  36. Greg Fakerson

    please stop showing me this asian girl, she’s annoying and talentless

  37. jammadamma

    Arr pYARRfirm is called PubLIZity

  38. seb0 seb0

    Why is he swetting so fucking much he barley moved

  39. The Isaiahnator

    Here from those 7 Train announcements.

  40. Jim C

    I loved Gremlins 2 for all the reasons stated above!

  41. Dominic Chester

    This the kid that played everybody hates Chris??

  42. Eric

    She’s good. Most I have laughed in a long time.

  43. Alex Le

    Hey that guys is pretty funny! He should be a comedian.

  44. Bryant Zerrato

    i feel like this is so fake..but its so funny

  45. Pikachu

    So we're not gonna give credit to RTJ?

  46. Cody Johnson

    Like many religious zealots, most Trumpsters are ignorant any hypocritical

  47. Minh Nguyên

    **Me pressed this video** **ads keep showing up** Me: oh shet , gotta turn off the wifi

  48. Jeff Moore

    Joe Rogan announcer? Heck Yeah! Joe Rogan podcast? Hell Yeah! Joe Rogan comedian? Ummmm....I don't think so......

  49. No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here

    The intro gives me "Broad City" vibes.😎

  50. Trey Green

    Basically the same denial as Dutch with micah and arthur trying to tell him lol

  51. Big ol' Al

    Tim Cook's "meltdown". I see what you did there.

  52. Chaika Gaz

    Reverse psychology...

  53. dest151

    The season finally was lit

  54. Jemima-Joy Gbadago

    Who's the dentist?? Just asking... for a friend..

  55. RainbowKids byPunya

    Wait Did Hamilton even get there XD

  56. Kenneth Hansen

    Great first episode awkwafina keep pumping them out and don't stop had me dying the whole time home for me to see a character that's free and doesn't care about being who she is love the father and the grandmother this sounds like any other family that you would just typically me a normal day nice fresh start to a great year with some better shows finally

  57. Tyler Washell

    Please, do yourself a favor and go on amazon and read the 221 customer reviews on the book The Movement. It currently has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. The reviews are the best ever.

  58. Lyubomir Ivanchev

    I strongly suspect he actually met many other survivors before that, but didn't like any of them and shot them.

  59. Albino Rhino

    Can’t wait for her porno to come out

  60. Dumm Myth

    Her voice is annoying her face is annoying, she’s not funny just forced comedy!!!

  61. Uncle Kyle

    God sounds like a pissed off gay guy huh? SMH they'll do anything to push the agenda 😆

  62. Vishnu Sagar

    I feel for Mr.Jackson

  63. JDWhit _

    Mom is really cool! LOL

  64. 徐靜屎

    So cute!

  65. Tommy Drorbaugh

    John Stewart was good! I miss him

  66. Anthony Crawford

    May God bless the guy that goes home to that.

  67. Sophia Marie

    Well think about this, most individuals don't live at home but still get LOTS of financial help from parents. Is that really independent? I'd say NOT. If the parents were not around, half the world would be F"Ked!!.. Financially.

  68. Andrew Andrew


  69. Christian Boxmark

    As someone from Queens, 25 and still living with their parents I find this very very accurate lol

  70. Vishnu Sagar

    Peele's expression: take that mothafucka

  71. stryfetc1

    "Joseph Gordon Levitt looks like he only eats pussy with the crust cut off!"🤣😂 "We lost a lot of greats to suicide, it's time we lose some okays!" This chick is savage!🤣😂

  72. Are Gup

    So cigarette 🚬 were replaced by vapping 👎🏽😠

  73. Axcel Henriquez

    Lola and devin

  74. Roger Knox

    This roast was weak...

  75. Wayne Bryan

    This is the closest to a real interview tosh has ever done.

  76. Nghĩa Huỳnh

    Everyone gangsta until he literally bite the banana

  77. Armando VILLARREAL

    "dudes are hot'' lol

  78. mr wolf

    Why when I skip ad video end?

  79. Peanut Buzzard

    Scientologists were successful in stopping half the audio.

  80. torben van poucke


  81. Squizzy 614

    back when everyone liked Donald Trump and wanted him to be president... dude is legit living the american dream... #KeepAmericaGreat #FourMoreYears

  82. Tyler May

    I remember when comedy central actually had funny shows and funny people do comedy.

  83. Liyingbemo

    Disarm, oh

  84. Mateo Simpson

    Kid - can I call you daddy Dave - hell Na only your momma call me daddy 🤣😂😂

  85. Joe Santo


  86. CrackinJacks138

    Jesus this chick is fucking annoying

  87. Mr. Nobody

    Butisitagainstthelaw law law lawwwwwwww lawful

  88. Mateo Simpson

    The way he said Arabs 😂😂

  89. Naveed lal khan

    That prince’s buddy gave Russell millions dollars worth watch, what a hospitality from them would love to see some american guy do that to some visitor from another country

  90. Naveed lal khan

    If you guys still think saudis are bad after this experience of Russell there, then media has seriously effed up you guys as in brain washed haters

  91. Mrs. S

    Like, if your room is this messy! 😂

  92. Gregory Smith III

    So not funny.....

  93. 03 11

    I bet no one in Sheen's circle is laughing now.

  94. Teaching Bananas

    Monroe actor is too tall lol. The former prez was 5’4

  95. Sync

    Diane did not like the D

  96. mario stope

    Lmfao !!!!

  97. Дониер Эргашев

    Very cool dude and thank god he healed up

  98. Sky junky

    The kid is an good actor 👍😂

  99. Dave Benevich

    Ian with a fugazi shirt, STOLEN VALOR FUGAZI NEVER MADE SHIRTS. still killer

  100. Marcus Wong

    Why is J’dinlalage Morgoone’s photo looking at me