- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.

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  1. Dominick McCall

    Is it just me or does Markus have almost great long jump form 😂

  2. it’s son._.cubano

    LETS MOISTURIZE TOGETHER **slurp sound**

  3. Jupiter Explorer

    Breaking useless records here we go! I am so agressive to people today

  4. Dede Fakolujo

    No one here is coming close to winning

  5. The guy with a shirt

    Wait jimmy does jimmy have jimmy

  6. Leo hitman

    As long as Omar doesn't win I'll be happy

  7. BadJuiceBeatz

    7:50 when that man said he wasn't paying child support... I FELT THAT!

  8. Prous 87

    Bring banana again

  9. ethanhuy1

    You should host the biggest nerf war or the biggest laser tag game

  10. Berkez

    jimmy is doin a prank on this fellas i can feel it

  11. batman boi

    I want Omar to win

  12. Colin Gong

    Damn.. i wanted banana man to win

  13. CensedMonkey

    Bring Cody back

  14. Anthony Clark

    What is the black guys RO-sels channel

  15. Trusty Duck

    7:23 Chandlers response was funny

  16. lil marshin

    I'm proud of Chandler for competing foor 1mil

  17. The_Unleashed

    It will come out on the release of the star wars

  18. ShadowNinja526

    Killer queen already touched Keemstar is thicc JOD

    1. JODisHere

      whats good w it ninja. keemstarr is thiccccccc

  19. gamer girl :

    Waw your so cool and I your biggest fan

  20. Okay 47

    And I thought I liked riding bikes

  21. Andrew Choy

    I subscribed can I have a cookie now???

  22. bettie schaal

    2019: Last to stop biking wins $1,000,000 Me: Hmmmmmmmmm Claim your *Christmas-Giifts* so try ḠοοỖgIing for *( WIN1CODEPW- )* thanks me later B4058

  23. Hassan

    Marcus always goes mental when his team/he loses. I love it.

  24. Noah Bick


  25. Levi Hollands


  26. Gxcha Psycho


  27. kennith gowans

    Imagine explaining why you’re a millionaire “I biked the longest ” The whole comment section: Me: Hmhmhmmh Claim your *Christmas-Giifts* so try ḠοοỖgIing for *( WIN1CODEPW- )* thanks me later A8318

  28. Peter

    Why do keep saying bike instead of cycle

  29. SARLM10

    Hey Guys. Unfortunately my page is dying. I haven't got followers for days. I would really appreciate it if you follow @mehmemesbruhs . Thank you so much 🙏💞👊

  30. alma Fernandez


  31. Prince Kenchi

    Can cody be on your vids mr breast

  32. teipkep

    Was that my hand? - No it was yours

  33. Braeden Thornton

    bro, bananas are ingenious

  34. Alfred Buxton

    Mr beast: fruit ninja! Ryan higa: *Now that's a game I haven't played in a long time*

  35. Nam jesus

    Cody is so funny

  36. Morgan Loss

    Has to be on one the hard challenges

  37. Jun¡or - PUBGJr

    Omg Lets see

  38. irwin yo

    lol joe mama

  39. Noah Bick


  40. Pevukka

    Jorge gonna win

  41. fritz longakit


  42. Bryant Hinonojosa

    MrBeast is the most generous guy I ever seen on RO-sels keep it up buddy I am excited for this challenge lol good luck to all

  43. Panda Baby

    I dare you to lite a laptop on fire


    Keemstar is dumb

  45. Nike LoL

    No way Dec 19 is my Birthday

  46. Sydney M

    Who’s been a fan before 2019??

  47. Joann Woolley

    I want your merch

  48. Sniffer Fiffer

    Exactly 5 days from now

  49. Alan Spilhaus


  50. Paul Walker


  51. Kelly M Ortega

    No one: Chandler: I got frost bite

  52. Jake Jimenez

    I play soccer I would definitely win

  53. Hawks 88


  54. Be4rr

    12:55 i love thet you were playing smash bros.

  55. Matthew Levy

    Every coupon I've had on honey just never works

  56. Drew Moo Milk

    I love banana man

  57. Galina Sheldon

    I think Mark will win because I know Chandler can be a good coach

  58. Hickory Cricket

    I love how these competitions are bringing out the best in the contestants

  59. Frankie Kot Vlogs

    MrBeast: Gives $10,000 to fans Me: Gives my friend a dollar

  60. Cristian Rummenie

    Love the vids soooo my h

  61. Fire Blade

    For anyone in Australia, the competition is 7am on Friday

  62. David Z.

    The sword was backwards.....

  63. SewDew- MC And More!

    Nobody: JODIsHere: KeemStar Is Thicc

  64. ClapzTF


  65. Kristine Almonte

    I wish you can make a challenge to us viewers. :)

  66. Gamer Josh 2917 Edwards

    Hi MrBeast

  67. Tyler Banyasz


  68. Glory srb

    I can't imagine that suffer... I am really sorry for you ms beast...😔

  69. BigNajj Reacts

    Who thinks mr beast has the most money? 👇🏾 I’m giftcarding next 18 subs 😉

    1. JODisHere

      hi reacts. keemstarrr is thiccccccc

  70. Jesse Kaufman

    Honestly i think Jorge is gonna win. I mean he has such a huge advantage when he's that well fit. 🔥

  71. Haiwachi

    Imma win

  72. Inex Burton

    Help homeless plz

  73. Egg With A Play Button

    2019 , last to stop biking 2025 , feed a whole African village a 5 course meal and a home

  74. Adrian Zoladek

    Pretty sad that the funniest guy left first 😂

  75. Zooma

    Why does Marcus remind me of the squirrel from Food Fight?

  76. 12jho12

    OMG 😱 his cheek😱😱😱😱

  77. Noah

    Honey is finally back

  78. Fran Vega.


  79. Business Ideas

    i guess one family brought every car

  80. Master Nick47

    Banana man must be good at Mario cart

  81. Luis Morales

    Does anybody trust honey ?😂

  82. The guy with a shirt

    How can I enter a challenge I want to be on chandlers team and make him win again

  83. Fox Gaming

    Im coming for the 1000$

  84. Husky Playz

    Genie: You have 3 wishes. Choose wisely Mr.beast hater: For mr.beast to loose all his money and subscribers Genie: Sir thats impossible.

  85. Antwone Fisher

    No one: Chandler: *dabs*

  86. Kazuki

    keemstarrr is thiccccccc

  87. Rj

    0:16 r u sure about that?

  88. decius marius

    I think it's funny how all the contests have the same mind set

  89. Natalie Jane

    I’m barnzrutosoI laser pennies

  90. snipershot plays

    The championship is my birthday present from you guys cuz the 19th is my birthday. I will watch the whole stream.

  91. Ty Josselyn


  92. Matt Rondeau

    Bro. Orange held the sword backwards.

  93. Arih Mendez


  94. Jackplays Hau


  95. ShadowNinja526

    Killer queen already touched Keemstar is thicc