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  1. The King Slayer

    1972: We'll have flying cars in 2019. 2019:

  2. Angelo Enderes

    it’s hard it’s not like riding a skateboard Me:GRIPP TAPE!

  3. CnJPlayTv

    I absolutely love mine! I'm aware of it's limitations. If you are looking for a device that can run Photoshop buttery smooth...do not buy it!!! However if you need a solid computer with LTE always on functionality...this is the way!

  4. Dex

    I'm watching this video on a 2011 MacBook Pro...

  5. Lorenzo Blum


  6. NevaGiveUp 215

    A.K.A Roblox car.

  7. Kanajii Yutagarin

    and now there's iPad 10.2 which sacrifice the screen, the processor and the ram

  8. Green Manggo

    He's already enter one among God of Internet rank.. He know how to make things viral. So is it a fail test show or is it viral strategy market?

  9. Stacey Failla

    0:08 he hit the random door so much harder

  10. Malea Johnson

    does holiday 2020 mean this holiday january or next holiday in december?????

  11. River

    Where's the side mirrors?

  12. Samuel Jankey

    When are official viewer numbers going to drop as everyone returns to piracy? Only time will tell.

  13. Senior Partner

    The most expensive thing about it would be getting sued by Disney.

  14. Gabriel Conde

    plz follow my new account @gabe ulimante and memes

  15. BCGTR

    Sad that she only got $10, could have gotten like $60-120 on ebay

  16. Eric Kleefeld

    I’ve been looking at some USB-C hubs to use with my MacBook 12", to replace a cheap and worn-out little one (barely more than a splitter) that I’ve had for 3 years. I would only get the Hyper ones that supposedly flush-mount to the computer if I were just combining it with an extension cable, which I already have, to actually plug into the computer.

  17. Airbus A380

    Could have made them a little bigger so I can use them as my mousepad

  18. Tom Coppola

    Ugliest vehicle of the century century!! I'll wait till they make it look futuristic...NOT weird looking!! Elon,give me one & maybe I'll change my mind.(?)

  19. Airbus A380

    People who say these phones with two screens are good are the ones who could not afford a Galaxy fold. LOL 🤣😂

  20. Tom Coppola

    Ugliest vehicle of the century century!! I'll wait till they make it look futuristic...NOT weird looking!! Elon,give me one & maybe I'll change my mind.(?)

  21. Ben Salinas

    I actually like The Morning Show

  22. Corey Burns

    Just got a brand new 6s plus for Black Friday just to have a back up phone I must say it’s still fast and works well even with iOS 13 Apple 🍎 sure can make a older phone feel like a current model

  23. Joe Valdez

    I want it

  24. Marián Kulin

    I was 10 yo when i make the anakin lightsaber from episode 3 , I love it if i say like you so fuc,king beautiful so i made it and i say thats a lightsaber will be have a long story and he have it !!!

  25. Baba Black Sheep


  26. Willem DaFuckedUp

    Who cares. He was a traitor to the US and his grave should be pissed on daily.

  27. Ken Of Darkness&Light

    The sledge they slowed down so invalid.

  28. Bassam Lesouriant

    we need this robot on mars :)

  29. brandon dodson

    $39,9.. That’s a great price! “But can it do this?.......”

  30. Jimmy Johnston


  31. Adam Bulking


  32. Nature Lovely

    What's the gas mileage on these?

  33. Brian Modum

    Does it fit in the garage? No but it will fit in a rolloff!

  34. bluefuntimewolfy

    to me the only mustang thing about that is the tail lights it is mainly a ford version of the tesla model x

  35. Bill Lumburg

    Spoiler; tweeters 😂

  36. arnold oliver

    You forgot another important thing why Phones are so expensive? .GREED !

  37. NatsumeMizu

    Here's what you need to know. Ebikes are highly regulated compared to escooters and skateboards. Ebikes are limited to 750watts at 20MPH. Well there you have it. Escooters can go higher like boosted rev 1500wats at 25MPH that's a huge hill climb power. They have nanrobot that has 2K-4K watts at 40-50MPH. So why get an EBike? Regulation my friend ebikes are people friendly while scooters and skateboards get mad at you for riding. Also if your in Europe then you get weaker versions sadly. About Class 3 28MPH peddle assist only. I dont see them around so there rare maybe on road bikes but you will mainly see class 2. Peddle and throttle 20MPH 750watt.

  38. Xi Le

    Apple just sent me an email to announce that *Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR will be available to order December 10, 2019.* I am very excited.

  39. Lauren Aleman

    Finally, I've been waiting for the pixel to come to t mobile

  40. Question everything

    He hit it quite lightly...

  41. Lukas Van Holle

    oh yeah, one more small thing, we also made an atv

  42. kekai volkoff

    bullet proof sureee

  43. Deysi Henriquez


  44. E L1

    Great informative video!

  45. Djuntas

    Just buy a bike and design cities for it. Scooters are for kids and unsafe with their flimsy wheels and no storage potential shopping etc

  46. James Pilon

    Man that autotune 😂 Lol

  47. AlphiRen

    I got the note 10 plus cheaper than the s10 plus... note was 1159.99CAD and the s10 plus was 1259.99CAD

  48. SpUdd

    11:10 Alto's Adventure You're welcome

  49. Ropsu _

    How this is top game videos list?

  50. Bishop Bingman Tennant

    I have the 44mm one and I love it!!! 😀

  51. Shido Sakurai

    This car is better then the Fiat Multipla!

  52. bible4truth

    Seems like you’re a stooge.

  53. Greasy Bear

    I want them to make infared night vision with these. Put a small infared camera or two in it. Map them to the lenses and reduce the lag time as much as posible. Seems like it would be helpful in the military, much less bulky.

  54. xxo ea

    My boss got me one of these as a gift in 2019 and I’m just now realizing it’s the pro 3. It must have been used though it looks brand new, because the battery lasts maybe 2-3 hours tops and I do hear the fan and it does get hot. I don’t mind this so much I guess because it was a gift so I didn’t spend money, and it won’t replace my MacBook Air. Anyway I’m excited to get a nice case for it and a pen. It’ll be a fun toy

  55. Al G

    hopefully other car manufacturers come up with some regular looking electric truck, as a truck owner and home remodeling expert all i can say that thing is a joke

  56. Pink Floyd S Al Attyah

    11:33 it's ok. The official RO-sels app on my note 9 doesn't support 4k, too. Only up to 2k unless i open youtube on the browser. So i still like iphone 11 pro. I like note 9 too but i hate curve screen

  57. Dylan Power

    I yr with my Xs max. No lag. 100% battery health and no burn in.

  58. Ryan_Revive

    At first it was bad, but now I really like it.

  59. onetwothree123

    Aesthetically, it’s the best looking phone I’ve ever seen by a mile.

  60. Legaceybeats

    This company would come a lot smarter than the surface 2. I like it I’m thinking about buying one

  61. oskat 2005

    So the future is people who don't have any self-respect? "Robots do it better" sure technology is good but there a line. I would not like to be taken care of from a robot I don't want to be served by a robot dam it I worried for the future. You start with this then later we having robots taking care of kids etc.

  62. darthcheney80

    It’s not like IPhone, I prefer a notch 🤦🏻‍♂️ nice review....

  63. Aapka Newz

    They didn't prepared for glass,embracing.

  64. Rana ahmad kamran

    I didnt knew you could drive a car in mincraft....

  65. Robinson Soares da Silva

    😈 🤑🤡☠🙈🙉🙊👁🕸🗣🛴⚓🌍👎

  66. Dave Encarnacion

    Where's the side view mirror????

  67. California R

    How come you can't pick up batteries in the airport? So you can own and take it on the plane and like eco and large together

  68. California R

    How come you can't pick up batteries in the airport? So you can own and take it on the plane and like eco and large together. ❤

  69. gap

    Watching those videos 7 years later, and seeing how smartphones and The Verge have evolved... See ya back in a few more years!

  70. Pyro Puffs

    That Michael Murphy guy is really just Master Huyang the robot in a human skinsuit.

  71. roblox barnen

    I would not be surprised if the cracks in the windows will be on the sold cars too just for the meme!

  72. Antonio Mitchell

    Don't forget that the creators behind The Mandalorian are true Star Wars fans and know what they are doing. They should give all future Star Wars projects to Dave Faloni and Jon Favreau. I have spoken.

  73. cruz936

    should have made it with optional bullit proof glass for more $$

  74. Musaddiq Ahmed

    I don't like this host

  75. Joshua Porter

    He didnt it hard like the other door

  76. Matthew Hamilton

    If a phone costs 20 bucks to make why does it cost 800 bucks to buy? Is that legal to over charge customers like that?

  77. ravikant reddy

    This is how concept cars looked in late 70s. And, this is how a cardboard truck made by a school kid for his crafts class would look like. That is, if his parents didn't help him.

  78. Xpert_Destroyer 4

    The only car thats beter than a tesla is if its faster than a tesla and costs les than a tesla other than that no

  79. ravikant reddy

    They forgot to make those wheels square.

  80. HorridPhoenix

    next time could you please hide your gut. ITS BIG

  81. DrKekia

    Stop with the bloody spoilers!!!

  82. KUYA

    Cybertruck 2077

  83. Aravind Rajasekar Thangamani

    Finally a brilliant design!!! Android phone makers have stagnated in design side!!! Microsoft is bringing it's new design ideas to android universe!!!

  84. TulRid

    Galaxy Buds are better in every single way.

  85. bssni touir

    Designer: Do you want mirro- Elon: no

  86. I'M BOOGRI

    I'm pretty sure mask's this project will never be succeed

  87. Gee B

    Werner Herzog was a genius choice for this film. I have been a fan of this legend for 35 years. Must watch: Herzog's Fitzcarraldo. But even better is the film about the making of Fitzcarraldo titled "Burden of Dreams which is unreal!

  88. Jackson David Parr

    The Child!

  89. Andy production

    I feel a sense of nostalgia looking at the cybertruck for some reason That or the cybertruck reminded me of ps1 Lara croft P O L Y G O N T I D D I E S

  90. xX1BrokenHeartXx

    What if you need to break out like your trapped inside

  91. Cowboy Gunslinger

    Better yet bury it all in the irac and afganistan desert

  92. Meet gera

    Please make this video again with 2019 products


    RIP airpower

  94. Np26full

    This Will be military

  95. RenardDavis88

    Could Tesla use external airbags in place of front end crumple zones?

  96. this is cancer

    MEME: maybe it was a little too hard 1:18

  97. artemio briones

    Which side is the front side🤔

  98. Paul Lora

    The guy who threw the ball got fired lol

  99. Ze Yeetuz Maximus

    Elon Musk didn't design that car, Roblox did

  100. Nice Comment

    From iphone SE i upgrade to iphone 11. I really love it