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  1. Michael Smith

    Le Batard is the worst sports personality on TV

  2. BNAMusic88 _

    Who’s back following the Jets game?

  3. Justin Matthews

    why is this trending

  4. Hayden Buchanan

    Who else laughed when she said retard 😂😂

  5. Drake Zakra

    NFL is an awful, badly run league. Why would they let this stuff get out there or get that far? NBA would have reached a plea deal and settled this stuff secretly...force the players to reimburse the funds back, pay damages and case close to protect the league's image and reputation. You can't just let a few bad apples ruin everybody.

  6. A Ward

    Why don't you guys call it like it is, I have one word/ Racism, alive and well in America.

  7. chaz max

    That film must have been shorter than your average teaser trailer with this team.

  8. Ingrid Sandidge

    He can pass the ball period.

  9. tom brady

    Molly! Shut! Up!

  10. Jackolyn Ford

    God has a Army an A Legion Angels that you can't see. That would slaughter a whole house leaving a mysterious signs and wonder. Because God is real. And those that believe and have a Divine Relationship SHALL have the Powers of God Hl po

  11. Bald Uzi Vert

    Because he’s a lighskin Australian


    First pair of teammates in franchise history with 40+ each! 🔥🔥

  13. Chris Phipps

    "Let me tell you something about them two white dudes" hahah best quote

  14. Alan Bustillo

    Ur usually good Mina.....but toss that philosophy out the window girl!!!! You’re telling me Tom Brady is going to feel like a legend if they score 80 points on the BENGALS????

  15. Tell All

    it is not ZO ..It is BAD ZO

  16. Dell615

    These fake azz weigh ins smh

  17. Jaden Grate

    Chicago qb stands stiff in the pocket no bounce until he is ready to run watch his feet drop back statue pose

  18. TheRealBandito

    20+ Scottie would average 40 on more than 45% FG easy.

  19. JR King

    Defenses in the league should be cautious not to hurt Lamar out of love and respect for a potential black QB legend.. History does not want him dominating that position

  20. Michael C Crede

    Masai Ujiri will get that extension when the organization is ready to give it. He wants to build a team from the ground up I see his loyalty to the organization. He left Denver as soon as the Raptors wanted him. I think he will be there for another decade.

  21. Dame

    When they don’t talk about Cowboys and Tom Brady the show is great.

  22. Tetrohedracon

    All it's going to take is one good hit and Lamar wont be running no more.

  23. Albert Lee

    People don’t realize that Stephen A is a Steelers fan...

  24. Jordan100%

    I just now noticed Tatum had some freckles by his lip 💀 kinda a weird thing to say but I never knew it 🤷‍♂️ figured I’d share that

  25. roger coffman

    He dropped pass after pass early in the season

  26. Adam Aizenberg

    Jumpers is Wet

  27. One among billions

    That girl is fine🤤 I wasn't even listening to them😂

  28. Bronze Tiger

    Max actually talking like he's got good sense again...Wow.

  29. Inday Garutay


  30. oscar27ization

    I think teofimos weeding got him softer

  31. Jackolyn Ford

    We The People are a body of God. So when you bother one you touched us All.

  32. Devon Shelby

    SAS pos 😂

  33. Joseph Jackson

    patriots pick ‘em up next tuesday

  34. elliott Burgess

    Gamboa dropped Crawford. Floyd would smoke Crawford. Tim is getting paid to talk positive about Crawford and has lost his mind.

  35. Judah Aryeh

    Perfect example of professionalism would be the TD the Patriots got recently robbed for but they didn't make a stink about they moved on

  36. Mitchell Smith

    Embid is good, he's soft, emotional, and out of shape though

  37. UC32 UC32

    Finebaum d ride the sec so much and I’m an sec fan jalen hurts has a chance

  38. SoBanked-

    all that to lose in the ALCS

  39. Steve Alexander

    Ohio State hasn’t played anybody.

  40. Jackolyn Ford

    The Word of God will never fail. Romans 13 chapter tells about God put the Authority in place First in Heaven to

  41. Alan Bustillo

    Forget the WHEN Ben develops a jump shot... If philly REALLY wants to compete at the next Ben.......Can you imagine if Donovan Mitchell was playing with Joel Embiid???Ben Simmons is soooo overrated!!!!!! 6”10..... Fast..... Athletic...... Amounts to........NO HEART!!!

  42. Montemex23

    Lebron is GOAT but as a father NOT as a basketball player

  43. MrAwesomeMatty

    Heat: Great Chemistry Raptors: Great Defensive Structure Celtics: Excellent Start Kings: Potential in Younger Guys Suns: Excellent Start and Working To Stay In The Top Western Conference These are 5 teams that I think people should be watching. All of them have potential to be play off contenders this year if they can get through their injuries and weaknesses.

  44. Montemex23

    If it sucks so much then he should attend more games

  45. Darryl Clark

    Right and wrong are subjective perspectives

  46. Tracey romines

    Titans will wins this

  47. UC32 UC32

    It’s closer than people think

  48. Steve Alexander

    Chase Young is trash

  49. Geo Leo

    players cherry pick all the time why double T getting benched? thats your top3 player. he payed his due and is a champ coach better respect his name because he will be out faster than double T

  50. Ebn Johnson

    So... Tf

  51. Uncle Pauly17

    Pats cheat fuk em 💯🖕

  52. Robert Rodriguez

    Garrett is not getting fired. He just won’t be back cause his contract is over. Jerry will never have to fire him.

  53. John-boy

    His voice is so low I find him hard to understand (don't get me wrong, the love the guy's playing ability). Luke Walton speaks similarly, kind of a low monotone

  54. M

    On a side note the Giants only won more then 6 games with Odell 1 time. Odell already has 6 with Cleveland with 3 games to go. This will be the second season in his career with more then 6 wins in a season.

  55. Jackolyn Ford

    The Word of God said to much is given much is required of you. So the character of the Living God should reflect. So it's the worldly government that's required to feed God's poor and needy taking care of the shut-in

  56. Damar Smith

    Born and raised in Buffalo Ny. I wanted him over Josh Allen.....

  57. Allen Fresh

    SAS is just doing his job.... it’s a debate show

  58. Drew Goddamn Brees

    F that, we dont need anymore competion in the NFC

  59. thatguy youkno

    He probably said that for the click bait. How you gonna have an argument if everyone agrees with each other. Now we see everyone's opinion on lamar and how they actually feel

  60. William Ogle

    Get over it and dribble noon

  61. DeAndre Page

    Signing of Carmelo Anthony should have meant the end of defensive liability Kevin Love dreaming.

  62. Monte Hood

    nunn gets no respect thats crazy

  63. DRC Mane

    They didn't get it wrong. They were simply not acknowledging him because of his race and talent. Hate

  64. Johnny Mack

    So Richie incognito didn’t get cut for saying the N-word but Jenkins gets cut for telling someone their a retard or retarded this world ain’t shyt I swear. Or how about the guy saying Lamar Jackson has an advantage bc he’s a little darker skin and has an advantage for play action he’s not fired yea 🤔 that sports shyt is just as prejudice as Donald trump period

  65. Hoof Hearted

    uh who cares?

  66. xavier edwards

    Yo next season I can see Andre Drummond in a mavs uniform 😈😈😈😈 they will be contenders in the western conference

  67. G. C.

    Newton a broken down quarterback who it is best was is an elite athlete and a very average quarterback. Newton will not make the Bears better.

  68. Willie Jackson

    Yooooooooo!!!!!! Beast!!!!

  69. Tony Barker

    New plantation.

  70. Packersfan 12

    Stupid way to get cut

  71. Mike W.

    Cuzo.. Keep dropping that fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Michael C Crede

    Only Toronto

  73. Masterful Chords Inc.

    Jason Garrett is a horrible football coach......

  74. Christopher Hunt

    Soooooooooo Romo can breakdown what’s about to happen before they happen but couldn’t win a playoff game....I’ll just leave this right here. Happy Saturday

  75. Zay Mogul

    Troy hit it right on the head

  76. Constance Galarza

    Dude just got the job and he already scared

  77. Marvin Allen

    Knicks just had the first 2 game win streak of the entire season after firing fizdale, hmmm i smelk a conspiracy!!

  78. Shawn M

    It's a great headline...Gettleman cuts Ghettoman.

  79. Luzvel 79 Tiscareno

    Lakers best team on nba period.... all Haters that don't agree...... just comment pls just comment 🤙

  80. Mr. Manager

    I will always root against the Titans for benching Mariota

  81. Almon Joseph

    How is he the P4P best ? He’s not fighting the best in his division.

  82. Jarett Salgado

    Lamar has to be more careful tho with running the ball or hes gonna get a bad injury something the coach has to discuss with Lamar

  83. The Iron Knight

    Titans deserve recognition for what they have done since the first week of the season they shattered the myth of the browns and even though the browns ended up being a fluke after that first game I knew they were gonna get hot this season. (This is coming from a texans fan btw)

  84. Darrian Evans

    Team Comey

  85. Run Gunn

    LJack wasn't anymore of a project , than the other Qb's in that draft.

  86. Share my Location

    5 Tds in 3 quarters Steven.

  87. Johnny Jimenez

    This anchor dudes Mexican? From where Iowa?

  88. TheBrabon1


  89. Tim Jeffries

    Cole= 3.22 era and 1 shutout lifetime. Lookout.

  90. Miss. State-1993

    Is molly gone for good? Were our cry’s for someone else heard?

  91. Brotherof light

    He said he lifis his teammates up😅

  92. Mac King

    Bruh what is this trash in TV. He lied about steroids and then admits too it . After all that he’s saying PEDs shouldn’t ban players from Hall of fame. Sports is tainted by PEDs everyone knows this that’s why they support A-Rod.

  93. Ry Bread

    Tristan Thompson is Trash, Lebron made those guys look better than they actually were.

  94. AndrewS

    Which to watch UFC or BOXING ,, UFC has a stacked card

  95. Colossus Blackwell

    Detroit Lions, Quandre Diggs: all this "culture" talk from teams with zero pedigree, zero commitment to excellence, Jenkins didn't appreciate going to war under them!!!

  96. Derek Fox

    He legit vetoed the best trade of all time DEATH TO STERN

  97. Maffieu Mufasa

    Ok boomer

  98. Don Belard

    He’ll be on another team in less then a week !

  99. Never stop Stopping

    Ive been a day 1 titans fan abd i just want to thank you derrick henry

  100. E J

    I know pacers fans want more attention but we really haven’t beaten a lot of good teams. I know we had some injuries during those losses but I just couldn’t see us winning even if we had everyone on the court (excluding Vic)