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  1. ItsJustPopTart

    GAME THEORY PLEASE LOOK | I HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT HELLO NEIGHBOR-Look up 1003063 on google. It's a secret in hello neighbor I would love to see a theory on. @Gametheory

  2. Crushes you between my world destroying thighs.mp4

    Shouldn’t have put a woman in charge >_>

  3. FirstName LastName

    Regardless of how everyone feels about Susan’s responses to the questions or how things were framed in this, I think we can all agree that at the very least, finally reaching a point where having an open communication to RO-sels at least through bigger channels is progress.

  4. Orlando gonzales

    Good theory but I feel you look too far into it....

  5. Mister Skarred

    So matpat probably asked the right questions but she didn't really answer most of them.

  6. Vincent Zawadzki

    The dislikes were Australians who liked it

  7. Justin Thibodeaux

    can they just move their channel to you tube kids??

  8. Aiden Zach

    The only reason I need to secretly show pride is maybe rainbow socks

  9. Matthew Kendrick Navarro

    Welp guess youtube is becoming dust. What will be the next app instead?

  10. Alpha of Gacha

    If you think about it in a couple years even your grandma will now what’s in the fnaf4 locked box

  11. MarioNintendo Youtube

    Actually in a further page of the smb manual, it was referring to the question mark block as the bricks

  12. Brody Dyer


  13. Piero Miceli

    Kylo: stops a blaster bolt in mid air Cal, who is less powerful:can only slow them down considerably It’s literally using the force to keep things or goes steady

  14. Not in the Cia

    She answered all these question in a very circuitous way, she never gave a straight answer

  15. Paul Brzeski

    Thank you, I finally have the final piece needed to start a Jedi religion for reals.

  16. CantGuard CD


  17. angelique velasquez

    RO-sels is dumb people are going to be deleting RO-sels

  18. Air-N

    What's up with all of the negative comments? She answered most of the questions very well, and she addressed most of his concerns with sound points. There was also exciting news about what we've been asking for so long. And a separation between simulated and real violence is cool too

  19. Charlie Gooberman

    MatPat: _I n t e l l i g e n c e_ Susan: *My answer is no*

  20. Dragon Narea

    7:56 or because nintendo just reused assets

  21. Pickle Legion

    matpat roast susan woajekjcziaikdiciziicki for 30 minutes

  22. Pyro

    I love how sometimes she will just say things that simply aren’t true. Like with the clarity on profanity, they really didn’t give much insight. Like if she was straightforward, even if the news was negative, people could at least understand.

  23. Plus Ultra Instinct

    I’m sorry for your loss.😢

  24. Paul Tanner

    Susan Wojcicki never seems very authentic.

  25. Annie Crocker

    Do you mean Ribosomes?

  26. Giants 10121416

    Wait but u can aim the force slow at one thing and make that one thing slow down

  27. Mr. Ant

    Me: knowing that people are watching the entire playlist of theories from the beginning again

  28. ItzTechz

    Don't Drowned live underwater tho? They can breathe on land

  29. Azrelik

    Well there is ribosomes, Centrioles, lysosomes, and more organelles in a cell

  30. Melodi Productions

    She'll have an interview with Mat but not Chris Hansen lmao

  31. Kyrese Disney

    Wtf is the government doing... The internet doesnt have to childproof itself for you parents. I'm glad I didnt start my channel a few years back

  32. Aaron Fangheart

    Not gonna lie hearing him say clownass killed me hahaha

  33. Isaac Mega9600

    As the words of Ahmad Galal: It's not really YOUTube anymore it's THEIRTube, I just wish things will get better and I'll get 100 subs on my other Isaac Mega channel by July. Good luck gamers

  34. Daniel Wells

    Got a question, what about kids tv shows that have commercials in between? Why wont they get hit?

  35. lily pad .

    look i dislike susan as much as the next but she did give answers that i, not a content creator,or someone who knows a lit about how the RO-sels system works, could understand. And you gotta give her some credit that she could make fun of herself a bit and laugh along with Mat.

  36. Toxsix


  37. Sam Vortex

    Disproved the “force fast” argument: Only problem is that if he was making himself faster, everything would be slowed down at once. However, he can only slow one object or person at a time. (Until later when you can slow groups of enemies) but still, if you slow down a group of scout troopers, the rocket trooper sniping you from far away with rockets won’t be slowed down at all. This can also be shown even more when you slow down a fan, it’s one at a time and the other ones around keep the same speed. So yeah... really needed to check how the game actually works, because the gameplay completely wrecks the theory.

  38. Ama Bout

    sussan avoids questions to a point

  39. Hamilton Potter

    Dang I almost cried at the end, I didn’t click on this video for that. Lol. I don’t mind this is AWESOME

  40. Dark mask of LIES _ yay

    No flamingo

  41. Daniel J Kim

    In this kind of scene where you can catch a special pokemon i save, try to catch it, and if i fail by... accidentally fainting it, i resave and try again

  42. 21 Matei Zahariev

    They are not fighting for the existing characters, they are fighting for unexisting ones like WALUIGI

  43. Smash Brother

    "We have our selves a completed video game trilogy"

  44. DressiKnights

    I was thinking that Force Slow was similar to just manipulation of an object, a sort of telekinesis. Kylo Ren did it with a blaster bolt. He didn't speed up, it slowed the blaster bolt down. Something that moves pretty fast was slowed enough to almost gift wrap. The clips used also show slow working on one object but not the whole world. And force speed has been used before in the Jedi Knight games where it works just like Slow is described here, it speeds up the user and makes everything slow by comparison. That force power is well used throughout games and other mediums. So... I'm pretty sure, like tons of others here, Force Slow as described here is more telekinetic. Still the whole thing with mitochondria and midichlorians isn't necessarily new. I remember that being discussed back in the early 2000's right after Phantom Menace came out.

  45. Keinant Daffalif Cahyadi

    I think Monika is a hacker

  46. Amir Perez

    Almost 69K likes

  47. A potato WAIT NO DONT D-

    The guardians don’t have mouths Case closed They don’t eat fish

  48. Daniel Cundill

    I enjoy watching these because I find sadpat and madpat kinda funny

  49. Aaron DeMare

    Scripted fake news😂😂🤣

  50. Kachao

    Me: plays Lego batman on the wii Me (next day at school with your fellow gamer): "remember gamer..... no russian"

  51. Gobo Lightning

    Did a gaming RO-selsr just tell us to go to the gym...Wait we could potentially get force powers, I’m sold.

  52. Nicholas Haussler


  53. Pyro

    So everyone just gonna ignore the cactus on top of the cactus


    I love the fourth wall breaks

  55. Nathaniel Woodbury

    So basically you get demonitized, or you get demonitized.

  56. I am better than Yetistic

    Cell wall

  57. Ricardo Luis R.R.L

    Or herobrion is the one running and couhfing

  58. JDChurch118

    This gave me no hope, she couldn't name any big gaming channels (other than jelly) when it came to it. This is what happens when youtube has no idea how to answer anything. I can guarantee that they have that list, they wont share it but they have it.

  59. little potato

    You make minecraft scary and serious

  60. Pixel GamerPG

    I would be all the fonts because having each letter be a different font would be funny

  61. Sans Boi

    12:14 when Monika first became self aware

  62. To Fluffy Bunny

    People shouldn't be really arguing about because it's the kids fault it's RO-sels's fault it's everyone's fault people may not want to admit it but it is I'm not taking side I am not saying anything rude about it I'm just saying that it's because of everyone from the underage kids that to the parents letting their underage kids to RO-sels allowing it so if you have anything to say go for it I'm going to ignore any rude comment because I'm just saying the truth

  63. Christopher Steeves

    I appreciate the video Matt. And I appreciate seeing people I subscribe to on the platform taking such an active role in order to keep themselves afloat if not successful. See you, Steph, and Jirard in the crowd during this was heartwarming/troubling to see how much the guys I subscribe to care/ how worried they are that their livelihoods might not be sustainable on this platform with it's current wishiwashiness on how it treats gamers. I didnt see anything concrete here but I hope the fact you guys got an audience and this QA sessions means that gamers won't be left behind by the direction RO-sels is going

  64. Lefty & Nitre

    the vacuole the where food is stored

  65. Fyplays!

    The cytoplasm Cell Memebrane Ribosomes

  66. Logan Wahl

    episode 317?

  67. Trailer park Tim

    Good luck man, I wish you the best

  68. Reeshaug

    Ajit pai strikes again.

  69. 926andrewh

    Who chopped this mans hair lol

  70. dragon slayer

    Nobody: This comment section: Susan didn't answer a question 0.1 second after it being asked. Let's complain about her. She answered all the questions in the end. Nobody is perfect. Some people have a hard time explaining things. She stilled answered them. Some things she can't control, like her umming. Stop acting childish. For game violence, she knows that it's different from real violence so she has different rules and is more lenient then real violence. For rules, she said they are slowly letting people know the rules and trying to make sure people don't abuse them. Article 13, she is working with people to explain to make it more lenient and trying to make us happy while following the law. Advertising, certain companies want certain things, she can't force them to accept all. Why RO-sels is good for gaming, she explains that more people go to RO-sels so content creators has a better chance of gaining recognition. They can't control trending so they can't really help smaller creators who want to be versatile gain views if they don't go with the trending. Verification, she has rules for everyone to follow, but will insta verify celebrities so people don't impersonate them She is most likely nervous about this interview and doesn't know what to say sometimes. Stop acting like she ignores the questions. I already saw a few comments where Matt ask a question and people quote one word that she said acting like she didn't answer the question, like the would go: Matpat: why should gamers use this platform? Susan: superstickers When she does talk about other things like views and just how many people use the platform. Stop being dumb and actually listen to what she is saying.

    1. dragon slayer

      Also about gamers being second class, they get newer ideas before everyone else. She is not trying to push us away. yeah, gamers aren't always invited to things, but they aren't ignoring us. RO-sels isn't perfect, there is a lot of things I don't agree with, but I don't take thing out of context because I'm not 7 years old. Some ideas are dumb and need to be rethought on, but they are trying. If you are so confident in yourselves, make your own, better platform with zero mistakes or controversy. And if you do a live q&a, try answering the question without stuttering or thinking of wording. I bet you $10 you can't.

  71. Uhohhotdog Gaming

    Great interview! 👍

  72. Bige Cheese


  73. Chance Sahmie

    Only 1 thing slows down and everything else moves at normal speed



  75. Mike Mitchell

    I spent a decade trying to collect the triforce on the gold zelda for nes. It gives you motivation to be better and makes you learn to deal with overcoming the adversities

  76. Diego Hiram Guido Garcia

    "fair for everyone" what kinda bullshit is that? coming from this dumbfounded person "susan"

  77. Bread

    What I’ve mainly learned from this video is that Susan is a great business woman, in the fact that she can turn something that is a question with a negative answer and turning the question into something that people want it to be positive or in their favor. She alters the wording of a question into what she wants to answer and she seems to have difficulty sometimes looking mat in the eyes. I want to trust Susan, but this interview makes me wonder if she is willing to tell us the realism of the situation, especially with this COPPA situation happening now.

  78. Purplegirl

    19:35 You're being driven into madness by Scott...

  79. Sadie Gellasch

    What about cave sounds, they have weird sounds like planes crashing and hellish roars

  80. Roman Schlichter

    We can see based on future Halloween skins that peely is partially human and partially banana based on his half skeleton version... my idea is that peely was just human enough to be pregnant, enough so that within days of entering the bunker peely was in labor. An average baby is around 13 thousand calories of food, saying peely had triplets, this would be enough for Jonesy to survive 5 months for bananas to grow from the seeds harvested from peely.

  81. Jaidyl Rivera

    Wut about the turtles SKSKSKSK

  82. Certasy

    Lol 30% is literally and uh mhh etc

  83. Cpt Finley

    is there a single comment on this video that wasn’t made in 2019 and doesn’t talk about the future games

  84. D Unterriker

    I feel like I learned nothing from this whole interview. Her answers were mostly 10 minute long ways of saying, “Out team is looking into it.” And on other questions she just dodged the question completely and ranted about something else for a few minutes. None of her answers were helpful in any way, shape, or form. Everything is just as ambiguous as it was before the interview.

  85. Deadeye Navigator

    8:20 I just finished 8th grade biology this quarter and you still remembered more than I did.

  86. Jonathan Akerstrom

    People are complaining about Susan's responses, but these are all on the spot and her "umms" and weird responses are proof that she's answering what she can in 30 minutes

  87. Kyle Crawford

    Now this is a guy I want fighting my battles.

  88. sam amparo

    It took me almost a full year to finish the story mode and I resisted watching this video for so long just because I didn’t wanna spoil it and I’m glad to say that I finally finished this game

  89. Jaunty

    21:59 makes the best point of this entire video.

  90. Gacha_ Zara

    Trisha and Vernon when the power goes out: starts freaking out Rob: ok. Matpat: acting like he didn't know that the power would go out eventually 🤣 I love this so much

  91. Bigfunny

    She truly got.... game ended

  92. Wakiya

    Coppa is annoying

  93. Tinkrr

    The Minecraft cactus table

  94. Mr.Snaps

    You thinkin of the Rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulums

  95. Grant Akin

    *Rise up gamers*

  96. Juan Valdez

    Dam r6s got a shout out

  97. Daniel J Kim

    Hot wings lol Edit: actually you are bad enough to watch Pickacu lose

  98. creeprkillr11305

    29 rupees to anyone who found the cactus

  99. Ricardo Luis R.R.L

    Or herobrion

  100. Freezing Falcon

    Creepers just wear sniper suits covered in peat moss