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    Fue un placer esperar por un excelente video

  2. Ahmad Badr

    When you search "nirvana" for "kurt cobain" and u get this shit as a first search result! Oh boy!

  3. Akamsh Mohan

    Shazam (*_*)

  4. desertrose129 Kazi

    Beautiful song!!

  5. Parbina Khatun

    Beautiful song

  6. Parbina Khatun

    That song is really awesome and beautiful 😘😍

  7. Arlindo Jeremias

    linda musica dos anos 2009

  8. Mugyi Das

    Intro: INNA + Vinka] Vinka (Mon bébé) INNA baby (Mon bébé) Uganda, Romania (Mon bébé) Link up, let's go, ra [Verse 1: INNA + Vinka] Hé, toi avec le sweat noir Et allure de superstar T'es mon soleil tous le soirs Dis moi comment tu fais ça We ni kuu wa ajaabu Kila siku nakudata Njagala mbele awo woli Minakupenda milele [Pre-Chorus: INNA] Je suis folle d'amour avec toi Mon cœur ne s'arrête pas [Chorus: INNA] C'est juste moi et mon bébé Je suis là pour mon bébé On dit quoi de mon bébé S'en fou de moi, mon bébé Quand ils parlent de mon bébé Just me and my baby I'm here for my baby No matter what they say I don't care, you're my baby Post-Chorus: INNA] (Mon bébé) (Mon bébé) (Mon bébé) [Verse 2: Vinka] Hey, yo! Il y a quelque chose creusé en toi Qui me donne des sentiment différent Bébé, quand je te vois C'est pourquoi je veux être comme toi (?) Bébé, fais ça, je te vois [Pre-Chorus: INNA] Je suis folle d'amour avec toi Mon cœur ne s'arrête pas [Chorus: INNA] C'est juste moi et mon bébé Je suis là pour mon bébé On dit quoi de mon bébé S'en fou de moi, mon bébé Quand ils parlent de mon bébé Just me and my baby I'm here for my baby No matter what they say I don't

  9. ropy89

    TU MANEEEEEERA !!! X''D i fucking love this shit !!! one of my fav jams in nfs heat i love the funky vibe this tune got going on and that chorus is just mad fire ...and then THIS woman... LOL i think i'M in love or sum shit X''D ... she's crazy hot o.o <3

  10. BONGO-Music



    Hm to daily hi sunte h Ye song

  12. Hd Shuvo


  13. Heart Popescu

    I really love this song, super!

  14. Laura DANY

    Inna is stylish my god ❤😀😀👀🤗

  15. Laura DANY

    I love inna and the song❤ 2020?👇🖒 2021?👇🖒

  16. .?????

    I like it boobs


    TÜRKİYE <3

  18. Robi Khan


  19. Gustavo Gonzales

    se que no estaras

  20. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Te amo mucho mucho inna eres la mejor cantante del mundo

  21. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Mujer hermosa

  22. Emprendedor Eficaz


  23. Emprendedor Eficaz


  24. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Y vamos por más inna

  25. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Inna mundial 355 Millones

  26. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Te amare

  27. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Siempre será la mejor

  28. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Me fascina

  29. Sreeraj Ravindran

    Still in 2019

  30. left hand


  31. Hello YouTube 2019

    bastard you habe a sexcy plz dont mind inna baby you very very hot noty gril....wwowwww have a nice boboos plz tell siz doooo

  32. virginia perez

    Bellas ❤!

  33. Ministery of Evil

    Hahahahaha what a garbage

  34. Bapu Shete

    I like song

  35. Nice song 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  36. Eymenefe Akçal

    Türk varsa lıke atsın<3

  37. VJ Roth TaNa Roth TaNa

    2019 Bebe❤️

  38. VJ Roth TaNa Roth TaNa

    2019 Bebe

  39. Ralf Schooneveld

    Yaaaay Inna. <3

  40. baqir Sattar


  41. marie velasquez gonzales


  42. Renata Lobato

    Nose porque megustan Las canciones de Inna like si tegustan y mas eata

  43. MohAmed_Kora TV

    abouni pliiiise jem abouni abouni

  44. Pamela Leal

    He looks like Jackson from Grey's Anatomy

  45. Luis Herrera

    Quien en Diciembre 2019 ?

  46. Sean Wilkerson

    Despite the music being great, the people who comment “listening in 2019” or similar, should be sterilized.

  47. Raid Abouelfaraj

    ديما المغرب 😉

  48. Marcos Antônio Wanderley


  49. ȘΘɴ Θʃ τħε ɖεȘεરτ

    1:04 O gosh! her Arabic accent sounds very sweet from her mouth Yalla Hobi Yalla :) so cute and sweet makes me feel asleep

  50. Ulker Akkurt

    Sizeeee heppp soyledim dinlemesinizzzzzzz beni baskaaa orospularlaaaaaa karistirmaaaaa bakkk kurtddddd 1 devrimciyimmmmmmm demedimmm lan size taaa facelerdennnnn beee oc cocuklariii demedimmmmm mi

  51. Gustavo Gonzales


  52. Dhanu P

    I like this song

  53. Emprendedor Eficaz

    Linda canción

  54. Emprendedor Eficaz


  55. Emprendedor Eficaz


  56. Emprendedor Eficaz


  57. Emprendedor Eficaz


  58. Emprendedor Eficaz

    234 Millones

  59. Emprendedor Eficaz


  60. Emprendedor Eficaz


  61. Mohammed Al-Eqabi

    اكو عرررررب بطيارة 🤣🤣🤣🤩🤩🤩

  62. max giesinger


  63. Dan Emanuel Popescu

    Se très bien! J'ôte Inna! 💗 Te pupa dulce un ROMAN 😘😎

  64. keveshan naidoo

    December 2019

  65. keveshan naidoo

    December 2019😎

  66. Carl

    Yo hypixel if You see this comment don't give him again yt rank What a L try to be LEGIT Bruh

  67. 2k2 Mar RB

    I just randomly remembered that song hahah

  68. Ulugbek Gddiivcfy

    The best Inna 😊😊😊

  69. Meyaka Brown

    This vid is SO beautiful. Compositions like this are the reason I love Inna. Not to mention she is SOO pretty. Most beautiful woman. She is a work of art. 💗

  70. Emprendedor Eficaz


  71. Emprendedor Eficaz


  72. Emprendedor Eficaz


  73. Emprendedor Eficaz


  74. Emprendedor Eficaz


  75. B/O

    Cainele: ham ham Pisica: miau miau Autistii: 2019 careva?

  76. Edvin Bortas

    Romania este cineva

  77. Moudje Elbahr

    Mostaganem le 04/12/2019


    Love you Inna 😘😘😘😘😘

  79. otakusama غيمر

    This is morocco 🇲🇦

  80. Halim Variş


  81. Conan In 2

    Miss 2010-2014 best era ever

  82. Иван Ермолаев


  83. Nitish Nitish

    Me from India

  84. Nitish Nitish

    Inna singer my favorite singer song Butyfull nice song

  85. Lelo San

    مين عربي

  86. Садриддин Ниёззода

    Who loves inna loooooovvvveee

  87. Zain Bhatti

    0:23 that drop😍🤩

  88. Future Music

    This song deserve more attention 🙃

  89. ashutosh sharma

    Cant take my eyes off you

  90. Yunus Yalçın

    very beatıfull