A stand up comedian too afraid to actually go up on stage, so he pretends by animating his jokes and stories
oh and raps.
What I use to animate:
- 24 UHD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To sync audio cuz adobe animate is trash when exporting audio)
-Adobe Audition (To record)

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  1. Shadow Ash Gamer

    Mr. blah blah blah: *My disappointment is immeasurable*

  2. Nathan Dossett

    so glad that ive found some who likes chocy milk as much as i do

  3. Lexi Johnson

    Me: I have been watching this for 5 mins Time: it's 1:30 AM

  4. YouTube Highlights


  5. javier hernandez

    What a good damn legend

  6. Evah Brubacher

    I honestly only liked him because he is exactly like me funny hyper acts stupid for no apparent reason

  7. Y_cb_f

    The dislikes are from the chickens

  8. los rotos p


  9. Showkoo khongorzul

    Mongolian food is oily I know because Iam Mongolian

  10. Nathan Dossett

    what dont you guys understand! veggiemight is a spread!😂

  11. GamingWithFox YT

    Me laughing at my own joke before I even say it: 7:15

  12. Leonardo Sirkia

    excuse me 1 mil likes

  13. Jamal Khalife

    did he mean dick in his mouth

  14. Connor Pittman

    1:56 Damn fam you just awoken your Persona.

  15. Dark

    yo Adam what happen to "i will do and will succed" i know that you dont upload a lot but we miss you so if you are gonna leave tell us cause "if you dont, i dont care, i'll pull down your underwear"

  16. Jake Tantingco


    1. Jake Tantingco


  17. Just a Black Hole

    Someone needs to animate the intro

  18. Niklas Ellebæk

    This is 1 of the rap songs thats better than the actual rappers music

  19. The Blue Fury

    I had to deal with a kid from school idk what was wrong he was acting how people who doesn’t have autism called autistic he would SPIT IN MY FACE AND TRIED TO SPIT IN MY MOUTH he would spit rocks,dirt,mud,etc. I would tackle him down and pin him so he couldn’t move he should be grateful I didn’t crush his skull (in the playground had rocks I could actually do some damage it was in 5th grade) I was twice his size so he knew he would lose a fight against me but he still did it and I’m ok with almost any accidents but he would do it daily and I would come home covered in mud and spit and whatever else he could find while he got home with some dust on him well and I think he got expelled or something but he deserved it

  20. Kristine Bernadette Perez

    ......errrm um same but we were at school and it was chucky and my mom and me were running umm.....dragging my mom..... hehe

  21. Plasma Kenisis

    my friend told me about this song, me not knowing SomeThingElseYT, finding this almost a year later, i told him i had found it, and we talked about how awesome it is

  22. Jamal Khalife

    no no snow

  23. Nina Cruzz

    oh no i would have definitely handled this differently. lol if this ever happens to be im just gonna drive to their location and honk till the give me either my whole order or my money back. heck no she didn't need that juice or else she would have bought one for her self and taken you yours. lol

  24. Arjan Hogenbirk

    5:58 just roll the boddel to the other stall.

  25. Plasma Kenisis

    glad my music app has this uncensored

  26. Daniel Jelly i luv you

    Who else saw this in 2020 for first time

  27. Mrwunderwaffle K

    This sound like an emenem song

  28. The Blue Fury

    I have a related story well not really a story but I did have stomach problems and I would pretty much daily go to the bath room for like 2 hours like it was like I was having taco bell every meal and every day and when I didn’t Idk why but I was OBSESSED with water like there was probably some drugs is it and I sometimes just drink the water for like 10 mins and hardly breathing and now I don’t drink at all I think my body stored it or something idk and now I have clear-ish skin and on my right arm there’s like a 2 inch wide and tall blood vane(and the bathroom problem was probably cuz I ate gum a lot if you bought me ten packs of gum I would eat it all in an hour)

  29. парень недоаниматор

    This is fu&:n crack. Music crack. Russia number 1

  30. Chablis Padberg

    To be honest I play a games of portend

    1. Chablis Padberg

      I am 9 years

  31. Thatpretty good

    I don't understand the last part

  32. johnkian labor


  33. Mocoh Loco

    Is the joke at the beginning true because then :0

  34. TAU’S LIFE

    Google it

  35. Mohammad Nihan

    When the color turns red u are sometime else. Yt;)

  36. Ethan Payero

    Yo Adam I luv both versions of help no matter what

  37. Heidi Myers

    Don't worry I listen to music and now I made a book worth if mind storys

  38. Artzzy_ doodles s

    Hello •-•

  39. pro player subscribanse

    1:30 at a side we have Adam anddd at the other side we have youtube who wins see it now fight

  40. Flamingo Cutie

    Frick I just saw a comment that said that-

  41. Flamingo Cutie

    0:00 *a legend is born*

  42. S E pandian

    Btw all of these characters and infinity stones are from the comics.

  43. Mr. MAD

    Don’t do drugz kids

  44. TmCryptic

    "Freaking chicken pissing me off" I felt that when I killed my first chicken in Skyrim and had to reset the game because every villager wanted to kill me...

  45. Flamingo Cutie

    *Bring on the fruit snacks*

  46. Vanessa Maier

    Thats not the right way to eat Vegemite u put it on bread or toast like butter

  47. Flamingo Cutie

    *Who the hell is Markiplier?*

  48. Steve Sting Gaming

    There only is one thing that is worse QUARANTINE

  49. Dennis Immanuel


  50. N O

    Dislikers=Haters=Bullies Looks the same to me ^∆^

  51. Fire Dog

    He was in hell for literally 6 hours

  52. camron poth

    Here's a link

  53. gacha box

    People who wear nothing with a hoodie and put their hands in it all day are the most chill people you will ever meet

  54. Jen Brown

    He is eating SOUBWAY!!!!,

  55. Doggy worrier

    I love soup

  56. Ashley Renick

    James (odd1sout) is in this at the end

  57. HumanityIsADisease

    My life is a loveless less pit of lonelyness and depression so I've never had a girlfriend so I don't know if that is normal.

  58. Soy Roll

    This is cool dis should be viral

  59. Bekah Grace

    Why did I pause the video just to see a random set of numbers? I'm disappointed!

  60. the anm55 crue

    adam: haaalp me: oki i wil turn off minecraft so you dont go off singing then animating blocky pepople"

  61. Unknown Hacker

    i relate to this song very much

  62. Soy Roll

    Dis is sad cause bullies exist in their school 😢

  63. Thanos

    it’s evolving just backwards

  64. king mobile legends the dawn empire

    The that disliked this video is OH DIS I LIKE!

  65. king mobile legends the dawn empire

    OH DIS I LIKE -Dislike thats why they dislike!

  66. GeoGirl123

    This song and video is heart wrenching, especially since I can relate to the message and concept. Thanks, Adam, for all your great videos, and making me cry (in a good way) during this music video.

  67. DC Focus

    The fact that at the end he said like that smash button made me burst into laughter because there was so much hilarity leading up to that

  68. JustYourAverageCookie

    I used to listen to this song for gameplay

  69. Adam Iskandarani

    You should whatch black clover

  70. Gavin Lee


  71. Brenda Baker

    Who watching old vids bc you don't want to wait for new ones

  72. DerpSicle

    Wait, you lost your friends? So does this mean you have no friends? HmMmMm.. Ask Gingerpale, he might be a friend because he is also socially awkward. :D

  73. Braiden Smith

    This is a circle head running from box heads

  74. ImBloodEither

    My 1st grade teacher was arrested due to "Attempting Murder". I never saw it on the news.. it was 2015, IDK what happened to him but all I know is that the person he tried to kill is alive! (ACCORDING TO 2016) They might be dead.. IDK.

  75. Estella Minnis

    Adam can you please sleep out the words that you can say that are not appropriate

  76. You found a cruiser670. i changed my name

    Mustard and bread sandwich. My sister actually had that for lunch once and loved it lol

  77. You found a cruiser670. i changed my name

    "adolescent pre-teens" does an 11 year old person that hates talking in front of people and 90% of what they watch they're not supposed to count? may-be! or maybe not but idc :3

  78. My Ferri

    This is dumb -_-

  79. Moose G

    I'm something else 😈

  80. Eimear D

    god this is so genuinely beatiful, visually and musically. mad respect

  81. Animeister


  82. Liam_animates

    I was the 10%

  83. Flamingo Cutie

    Roses are red Violets are blue Like adam's vids Or I'll eat you.

  84. You found a cruiser670. i changed my name

    thurnis needs to have a cartoon version of himself if he doesn't already

  85. Tom and Jerry vlogs 2

    I just noticed how much of a *SIMP* kid adam was

  86. Joseph Adventure

    If you where me after he punched me and I would quickly turn around and punch him in the face with all with all my strength and with my right hand cause it’s my strongest

  87. Danthemanfofan

    Him saying banging spoons together Me:actually plays spoons in a country band

  88. Reaka Thibodeaux

    I'm not just something I'm something else YT lol

  89. Andrew Lightcap

    So..... what the heck is that thumbnail?

  90. ɪᴛᴢ_ ᴩᴜʀᴩʟᴇy

    This explains alot about the life of popular yts or yts with overreactive fans

  91. Andrew Lightcap

    I want teletubbies to DIE (and that frickin sun baby)

  92. Lps grky

    Bitch what the fuck 0-0 sorry about my language :3

  93. Lucas Ortega


  94. Lucas Ortega

    Shut up I’m saving you

  95. Casheena White-Boston


  96. Lucas Ortega

    But am a bad guy