Battle Academia 2019 | Login Screen - League of Legends

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    The official login screen for Battle Academia 2019.

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    1. dgkgameidouno l

      My hero academia fans: *screams*

    2. Matias Gonzales

      they should take out an anime like that riot

    3. 레토스크로트

      Black magician:paraoooòoooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!

    4. Lourdes Llaver

      Ezreal is similar to Len Kagamine (?

    5. DatOne Guy

      I love how this a remix of worlds 2015

    6. Just Step

      He need friendship power

    7. DANRAY RG

      Why has no one animated an intro to go with this?

    8. Senku

      we need more skins like these!

    9. Sauce

      This music dou 😍😍😍

    10. Yara Zgheib

      He reminds me too much of Edward elric

    11. Jesi Oni

      Riot... make anime opening next time!

    12. UwU

      Riot can we have another Lux skin please it's been too long

    13. Mine Turtle


      1. Mine Turtle


    14. the pc user

      riot: ok people with this we will prove we are weebs should we release these skins? 99.9% of employees: no 0.1%: yes

    15. Error 404: Will To Live Not Found

      This is basically Boku no Battle Academia

    16. Xross - Dubs

      this song remembers me to big hero six

    17. Clara Park

      their soundtrack team are working so hard. Cheers to you guys

    18. Sami Franco

      put arcade 2019 ost in the background and you will get a truly anime vive imao

    19. Lhars Lumasag

      Ezreal is like Bakugo in My Hero Academia😅

    20. Olympia García

      Is Jaune omg

    21. Sol BadGuy

      Just replace that background music with *Just Say Run* and that becomes a 10/10.

    22. Clueless Doggo

      Is lux ok

    23. Leviathyx

      Wow i just kept my ideals alive after watching this

    24. Agente do Fbi caçador de Loli

      High school DxD

    25. • Darky •


    26. volkan gül

      Please stop doing Lux Skins please stop. Focus on the other champs that cannot be played. You can sell their skins after you fix them.

    27. Pizza

      riot games: **makes battle academia skins** my hero academia: **am I a joke to you?**

    28. Charmy Charmed

      My hero academia? Don't make this game more weebful 😕

    29. wcz

      Guess anime became so popular around the world even riot made skins for it.

    30. draftman 1er

      on dirait pas trunks ssg ?

    31. Yell if u like pasta ey

      I saw that title and the blonde kid and I just thought "ALL MIGHT?!!"

    32. duong phuocdat

      Kono EZREAL yume no aru

    33. Sean Frost Kurogane

      0:00 Is no one gonna talk about Jayce’s thicc thigh when you pause it?


      Pls plataform of the song 🙏😫

    35. the pc user

      you all ready made the star guardians stop making more anime skins

    36. 8bit Pancake

      Me after watching this video Me: Is this the Mid-season trials 2019 theme????

    37. TheRedQueenGamer 20079

      Why is this like My Hero Academia? 😂

    38. Agnese Piras

      Is incredibile

    39. hinart 678

      Riot: pongamos la misma musica de el evento anterior! Nadie se dara cuenta!! You:.......wait...what?

      1. SDAA


    40. Elisabette

      This kinda reminds me of FullMetal Alchemist.. huh

    41. Sean

      Theme kinda slaps. Would love the skin but no money. Hope we get more champs in this skin set really; would love to see Ekko, Viktor, or other teenage-like characters get a neat student makeover.

    42. Dreaming of Poros

      So.. we're just gonna ignore the fact they reused the login theme for the houses?

      1. squirrelbuddi

        That's what this skin line is promoting? The house event.....

    43. Oskar M

      You need to upload this login screens to spotify 😍

    44. iamthetable

      Izuku Lightfeather

    45. Rexy Fahrezi

      still waiting for netflix adaptation

    46. Kuba

      This screen with Boku No Hero Academia ost

    47. Alexander

      Plus ultra

    48. Chemicalz

      Lux looks weird in that right bottom corner

    49. Donation x

      Ez The Protagonist 👍🏼

    50. - Moha

      revert akali

    51. Mark Harris

      Tsuna did it better

    52. StarForgerIRL

      more reasons why we need a league of legends anime

    53. James Robles

      so where the yuumi login screen at?

    54. Marcus Maximus A. Dimaano

      League of Legends is copyrighting their own song, the song is so familiar to the Login Screen of Mid-Season Trials 2019. -Just saying

    55. PatPat Phoenix

      Anime world: my hero academia is great Riot answers

    56. Joana Urbano

      quero comprar o ezreal academia de batalha ta muito lindo vo comer todos

    57. 失败者Loser

      More of the MSI theme instead of the trials

    58. DedomaxYT

      That's okay to spend money for skins, because it's all worth it when it comes to tournaments. Never disappointed.

    59. Retarted E-Girl

      but the kat skin though

    60. aura enchanted

      silly ideas for skins we simply havent gotten: space wolf olaf chip and dale lulu and poppy ye hsiao-chai skin for yasuo i would also accept Su Huan-Jen