Carmelo Anthony hopes the Knicks retire his number | Jalen & Jacoby



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    Chiney Ogwumike and David Jacoby discuss the possibility of the New York Knicks retiring Carmelo Anthony’s No. 7 jersey.
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      Melo deserves to retire his jersey at MSG. He singlehandedly made NYC relevant during his tenure. Houston also owes it to retire his jersey, considering the way they did him dirty. And of course, Denver retiring Melo's jersey is a no brainer; he sacrificed his prime for the Chicken Nuggets. And if OKC retired Nick Collison, common sense dictates Melo's definitely going up in the rafters. Now Melo's on the fast track to have his jersey retired in Portland. Hopefully Atlanta retires his jersey as well, if they know what's good for their moribund franchise.

    2. derek larner

      Yes, and let’s retire everyone’s number..make it a rule that every player who says they think they deserve it gets it; in fact, let’s retire any player’s number, and just start putting any symbol on the back of a jersey! Who wants $€£ first? Oh wait, they all took it ages ago...spoiled entitled manchilds...

    3. First Last

      He doesn’t deserve to have his jersey retired by any team other than Syracuse.

    4. Robert Ramirez

      That would be a straight up slap in the face to Patrick Ewing

      1. Nba Kid

        Robert Ramirez but putting a guy who averaged 8 4 and 6 isn’t

    5. James Carroll

      Dean meminger deserves to have his jersey retired more than Jeremy Lin or melo. Just silly.

    6. John Bordeaux

      Literally for what? I’m waiting...

    7. Nick Wilson

      No, but the Nuggets should. He took them from being consistently the worst team in the league to the closest they’ve ever been to a championship. Only to be beaten by a prime Kobe with a strong supporting cast in the WCF.

    8. Jon Jon

      Why would they do it

    9. Barstool Blues

      lol Why would they retire his number? He accomplished nothing there. Knicks had more losing seasons than winning seasons with him there.

    10. Noah de la Rosa

      They should...

    11. Joe Frazier's Left Hook

      The greatest moment of Carmelo Anthony's tenure with the NY Knick was Linsanity.

    12. Paul

      Well him and his number has that in common... they refuse to be retired.

    13. White T- Poison

      Jeremy lin deserves getting his jersey retired more than Melo lmso

    14. Gerardo Santana

      For what? Wasting the Knicks' time?

    15. Aaron Taylor

      🤣 not a chance! She is crazy 😜

    16. Samuel A

      Lol...had to reread that title 😂😂😂

    17. Sherman Williams

      they bettter

    18. Jason Tan

      Ugly #7 jersey didn’t accomplish anything near memorable enough to warrant it up in the rafters

    19. kool yeee

      They should retire Jeremy Lin ‘s Jersey..

    20. Zachary Champagne

      No The Nicks Should NOT, Melow Who??...........

    21. Eric Allen

      Make it fair ESPN favor everyone in the nba instead of big markets

    22. SquidGunman

      You have got to be shitting me? The commentators should both be fired!

    23. jamesNewman

      Why is there a new Melo story every day? It's almost like ESPN is on the take from whoever does Carmelo's marketing. Seriously, there is a whole other NBA out there, filled with people that have actually done things.

    24. Veer Chasm

      They will...right next to Jeremy Lin’s

    25. Afghan Lion

      Not happening ever lol

    26. NativeBoyTae

      The Nuggets should...

    27. Brain Rocket

      No way Jose.

    28. BlueCollarSports

      Best show on espn

    29. 1KEEMTHEDREAM BagLife AON SayGrace

      I mean we are talking bout the Knicks they suck might as well

    30. Martin Brankov

      Lol Bernard King’s jersey is not retired.....

    31. Will B

      Heres the reason the guy couldnt get a job.... 😂

    32. Darion Halliburton

      Retire it for what ??? The man did nothing lol

      1. Nba Kid

        Darion Halliburton scoring champ got them to playoffs even with trash organization dealt with the spotlight of ny great highest scoring game at the most famous arena in the world

    33. Vos Landeck

      If there was ever a guy who could constantly put up good "stats", year after year, while doing so little to actually help his team win, it's Carmelo Anthony.

    34. Erick D

      Jacoby you fool lol. 😂 Melo was part of the problem. We’ll retire his jersey alright...hangs in the penn station public restroom next to the beer cart and BUMS 💰

    35. king juice

      so the bulls should retire drose number 1 in chigago because he did more

      1. king juice

        for the organization

    36. Raiou

      LeBron would not have gotten a pass if he didn't rise above the Cavs front office dysfuctionality during his first run around and now it wasn't Melo's fault that he wasn't successful and that he should get his number retired? HMMM.

      1. David James

        lol bron carried a scrub cavs team to a finals and 2 conference finals in his first cavs stint........fatass melo is just a one-dimensional player who doesn't have all-around impact lol

    37. A *Wal

      Melo a funny guy😄💯

    38. Zackarie Newton

      Yall Knicks fans are trashing him but yall haven't made the playoffs since Melo left 🤣

    39. Quicks Pp

      But why tho??

    40. Jorge Romero


    41. David R

      Love Stephen A.s Knicks pain it's payback 4 his Cowboy Bullshit 😆

    42. Kauko

      Retire his number??? Is this a joke? Retire for what? I mean, this is getting out of hands. Lin did more for Knicks in two weeks than Melo...

    43. Lockz Dmz

      Ain’t gonna happen

    44. rnarine89

      Df? He did nothing for the knicks

      1. rnarine89

        @Nba Kid i'm a diehard knicks fan, dood put up empty stats and chased the money instead of a team and team ball

      2. Nba Kid

        rnarine89 yes he did

    45. Davey J

      Idk but Denver should

    46. eoe123321

      this black chick is delusional, melo never won a ring, never play 10 years there, went to the playoffs just ONCE. If the Knicks retire his jersey than its the prove of how pathetic their franchise become

    47. Ricky Reaction

      For what 😑😑

    48. eoe123321

      Whaaaaaaaat? Melo is just delusional

    49. Manny P

      shoot ill rather retire jeremy lins number before melos.. 🙍

    50. MecP3000


    51. JJplaya08

      Yelled mello on the court?

    52. ytbywie0

      I’ve played tons of basketball around these here great United States of American and I’ve never heard anymore say “MELO” after a shoot. Melo made ppl do 3 to the dome after a three-pointer went in, thats it.

    53. 1Stunna2323

      Can’t he be humble and just say that he didn’t really do anything special as a Knick? Is that too hard to just say?

      1. Nba Kid

        1Stunna2323 but he did

    54. Alessio Vi San Cesareo

      Il trevor sarà contento. Bomba tranquilla dalla punta

    55. HomeSerios

      I’ve never heard anyone yell “MELOOOO” playing pickup smh

      1. Nba Kid

        HomeSerios I don’t care I did

    56. Jaylen Montgomery

      ??? Why ya being mad disrespectful like he wasn’t the best player to ever play for KNICKS besides maybe Walt Frazier? And I don’t personally think he’s better than melo

      1. obilinx

        Um, Patrick Ewing, Willis Reed, Earl Monroe?

    57. J P

      How many rings? How many conference finals? How many MVPs?😂😂 this ain’t the grizzlies

      1. Nba Kid

        azma775 knicks 2 championships Grizzlies 0 2>0 Knicks win

      2. azma775

        I rather be the grizz they’ve Atleast made a convence finals in this decade they Knicks are GARBAGE

      3. Arman Brar

        Melo is probably top3 or 5 player for knicks all time

      4. Arman Brar

        Acting like knicks were ever good🤪🤪

      5. Zackarie Newton

        Same number of playoff appearances since he left 🤔

    58. Frankie Russell

      Nuggets Melo was the one we were pretending to be in the park. Not Knicks Melo. 0:42

      1. Nba Kid

        Frankie Russell knicks melo was a scoring champ

    59. Frankie Russell

      The only legend worthy achievement Melo has with the Knicks, is scoring 62pts in MSG.

      1. Nba Kid

        Frankie Russell scoring champ

    60. jonathan oh

      I’ve never yelled melo taking a shot 😂

      1. Nba Kid

        jonathan oh cause ur not a New Yorker

      2. The Original Kobby

        Just yesterday someone did used a melo reference on the court I ball at It was about fadeaway post shots tho

      3. OnlyHighlights

        Never heard of the heso melo ? 🏀

      4. Robert Smith

        I did... but it was when he was on the nuggets

      5. Ayee Joey

        jonathan oh not even taking a face up jumper? You crazy