Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Press Conference Highlights - Jan. 25, 2020 | Boxing on ESPN



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    WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury come face-to-face once again in Los Angeles. Check out the best moments as the two men get set to square off in their highly anticipated rematch on February 22nd in Las Vegas.
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    1. Delphin Jonas

      Tyson you are head is off on 22


      DE is so dangerous

    3. Shaurya Sanghvi

      What do you like: Wilder: tHe ThReAT oF dEaTh

    4. Leonardo Di Carlo

      Wilder's quiet confidence has really got under Fury skin. I don't think Fury will have any answers in this fight.

    5. Clayton Dillard

      Wilder by knock out.

    6. King Gorrilla

      1:06 even wilder had to hold his laugh when fury said this belt is gucci 😂 the guy is just random

    7. patrykomania

      Fury is just 31 years old?? I was certain he's like 38

    8. Trump 4 Prison 2020

      Bet the Entire Ranch on Wilder! 😃💰 💰

    9. Dan Whitaker

      Used to think wilder was an absolute cockend but he's won me over, he speaks a lot of sense and is quite humble. And these two definitely are best buds.

    10. Kofi O

      These two have more decorum than Boris and Corbyn!

    11. هونەرمەندانی میللی


    12. Boxing Fan

      It's hard to predict the winner, I think Fury will dominate through the rounds until Wilder sends him to sleep...

    13. alexander usyk

      i is think me fury is know he is die soon

    14. lee wilson

      Total waste of a press conference.

    15. Genaro Palomares

      We have seen the first fight. Lying of the truthful result is worst. Just prove on the second fight and we like to watch. TY.

    16. Jonathan Garrett

      One of these guys is a total dosser.

    17. Ray J


    18. Reservoir Nerd

      I didn’t at first but I like Fury , he’s a showman , Wilders the man tho .bomb squad

    19. Jay Teo

      I don't care KOBE Bryant just passed away

    20. Micheal Ilesanmi

      Wilder is a noise maker. Now the time is here for him to lose his belt to Fury and AJ

    21. Mark Owens

      They need to do a try not to laugh at deontay wilder press conferences

    22. joseph martin

      Plus I think both of them could take Joshua! And Fury won the 1st bout!

    23. joseph martin

      Fury in 10

    24. Arbor Kingdom Tree Service

      This fight is gonna be staged like wwe so they all can make more money

    25. 40avo

      It’s simple. If Deontay can’t knock out Fury, Fury will win on points

      1. Teddy Bear

        Fury won by a land slide last fight. Wilder isnt active enough

      2. Goo Hou

        Well, fury should've won on points last time too

    26. silverlight

      What a shame this buildup has been presented like a game show. Makes the whole thing just seem tacky, about money and not serious.

    27. HonKyMonKy

      Fury's gonna destroy Wilder, he doesn't want the judges to be involve this time.


      T.Fury will win on A points Decision both saying they going to knock each other out is a Deterent on there ORIGINAL game plans.

    29. Peter

      this conference must've been really dry if these were the highlights

    30. John Cooper - Art of Social

      It’s either fury on points or wilder knock out

    31. Mark Ehrlich

      2 great likable guys. Good natured caring guys who have respect for each other. Both champions who are friends outside the ropes. The 2 best heavyweights in the world. Best of luck to both and don't let anyone get seriously hurt when it's over. They both are credits to the heavyweight division and stand besides the greats like Ali, Louis, Frazier, Mike Tyson, George, Marciano, Holmes , Liston, and the champ who was actually a light heavyweight the likable courageous Floyd Patterson.

    32. Southpoint Repointing

      Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the lineal status is dissing Muhammad Ali The man who beat the man who beat the man It’s about achievements and fury has eclipsed the rest It’s not about how many times you defend 1 belt Fact is history tells us fury beat klitschko in Germany on a fixed canvas. Fury has everything to beat wilder All wilder has is a lucky punch that might or might not land If it lands then it’s not s boxing lesson. Fury was badly knocked out but came back In the same round and put it on wilder.

    33. Dave Horan

      I’m just oozing with excitement for this great fight. My feet just started to sweat. Hallelujah!

    34. Low I.Q Grey Dunya

      Tysons beard on point.

    35. Low I.Q Grey Dunya


    36. Good Yeoman

      Silly screeching woman

    37. juice

      Wilder don’t sound too confident

    38. For Gmaps

      Tyson can't knock Wilder out in two. More likely the other way.

    39. Loco323 Fool

      I was born ready

    40. Car Painter 19

      Wilder is in Furys head this time

    41. tauseefp23

      The chemistry between the two is unreal!

    42. Galileo Shift

      Deontay inspirational Wilder Entertaining

    43. Niall Kearney

      Deontay Wilder: It's a sight to hear ha ha

      1. bobmylo

        Also 1 of the 2 best heavyweights. I'm sure it's easy to mince your words with all the cameras and lights and press and pressure. Unless your Tyson Fury a natural showman

    44. Lil boat

      Fury is so corny , sucks that he’s going to win

      1. Tyrann

        Lil boat nah wilder got this one he’s in his prime and he’s hungry asf for this one

    45. iOnsteins Engineering

      They were awfully nice to each other this time around

    46. Mike Jones

      "Ima Sited!" "It's Siting!" - Deontay

    47. Wade Higgins

      Deontay will beat tyra again!

    48. ODA ADO

      When they retire they can do a SITCOM together

    49. Bar chart race

      Fury all day, and convincingly this time👍

    50. John Taylor

      Anybody saying Wilder won clearly doesn't know how to score a fight. It's okay just keep your opinion out of boxing

      1. Andrew Bake

        I clearly seen tyson as get knock out and lose..

      2. Andrew Bake

        How he didnt win..please explain.

    51. The Kross


    52. Rick Brees

      The fight game has always been corny promotion wise, but this just takes it to another level. Really cringe, can we just get to the fighting please, none of these guys are articulate promoters cmon now

    53. gatti493

      fury says he's beaten quite a few undefeated fighters in his time "SERIOUSLY" WHO EXACTLY ! ? the only person he beat was of any real calibre was klitschko and even he knows klitschko let him win to beat him in the rematch which surprise surprise fury ducked, any undefeated fighters fury beat were nobodies just starting out themselves !

      1. Chinda Ajoku

        @gatti493 You saying that you are a boxing coach and judge doesn't sound believable when you make outrageous statements saying Klitschko deliberately lost against Fury 🤣 Fury got under Klitschko's (who has a degree PhD in Sports science) skin with Klitschko desperately wanted to beat Fury. It was plain to see his body language after the fight he was very upset with losing to Fury. Tyson Fury was just too good, was the better boxer on the night that's the facts whether you like it or not 👍🏾 you should go see a doctor since you are getting voices in your head that are fiction!

      2. gatti493

        i havent deleted anything buddy , you can believe or dont believe me , i am still a boxing coach to this day. everything i have said is true whether you believe it or not , there is nothing delusional in anything iv said all you have to do is check it out and make your own decision or opinion, just because iv said it doesnt make it true but if you instead of calling me delusional open your eyes and do some research , dont believe everything that is thrown at you , im not saying im right but this is my opinion and not just mine, do some research but if you dont know boxing you will only see the SHOW !

      3. Chinda Ajoku

        See you have deleted your reply saying you have been a boxing coach for 15 years and a boxing judge for 5 years. In your dreams 👍🏾 Nobody takes delusional casuals like you seriously when they say far fetched conspiracy theory's Klitschko threw the fight let Fury win! 😂

      4. Chinda Ajoku

        Klitschko didn't let Fury win 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

    54. TheSteven123321bbgbg

      Wilder was out in the 12th so pillow fists is a joke

    55. TheSteven123321bbgbg

      Wilder is so cringe it makes me sick

    56. atheist bigot [Remastered]

      Gypsy king.. Loss. 😥🥊

    57. Stephon Smalls

      Fury wins😂 noooo cap

    58. Compilations Lounge

      Tyson talk so much bulsh*t lmao

    59. lee clarke

      Wilder shouldn’t even have a belt, you beat him last time. Your not only a lineal champion Tyson your the true champion Wilder is ignorant and arrogant and lacks class of a true champion It will be great when you shut him up.

    60. 3rd IIIGEN

      I truly believe they secretly like each other