Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    In Loving Memory of Jarad "Juice WRLD" Higgins
    Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
    Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Official Music Video)
    Director, Writer, Editor - Cole Bennett
    VFX - Scissor Films
    VFX Supervisor - Sam Malko
    VFX Producer - Joe Grayem
    Director of Photography - Taylor Randall
    Steadicam - Renard Cheren
    Executive Producer - Paul Rosenberg
    Executive Producer - Salvatore Tarantino
    Producer - Kathy Angstadt
    Producer - Jay Tauzin
    Line Producer - Krista Worby
    Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch & 7th Light Entertainment
    Production Designer - Cody Fusina
    Art Director - Rashi Jain
    Production Manager - Henri Coleman
    Key Wardrobe - Dawn Boonyachlito & Angela McBride
    Key Groomer - Michelle Willis
    Background Wardrobe - Rasheeda Ameera
    Background Casting - Mill Ticket Entertainment
    Assistant Director - Bashir Taylor
    Assistant Director - Kelo Thompson
    Product Graphic Design - George Hammond & Jake Brode
    Supervising Producer - Jake Wilson
    Supervising Producer - Bernard "Buru" Niyonzima
    Special Guest Appearances from Mike Tyson & Dr Dre

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    1. NeXeR

      Oxygen:exists Eminem:I’m about to end the whole mans career

    2. Kunal Sangwan

      Swaggy boy eminem...😎

    3. Chinmay D

      All you can find in this comment section is about bitching oxygen 😂😂

    4. 쏘아부러

      한국인 힘을보여줘!!

    5. Deepesh Gupta


    6. Михаил Литвиненко

      Eminem was KO by Mike Tyson

    7. Akash Dabral

      Error 404 lungs not found!!!

    8. YaboiPlank

      "Like a liars pants,im on fire" 💪😲🤘

    9. Равиль Хитрый

      Пиздец просмотров больше чем подписчиков

    10. z x r o c a t

      ayyy eminem is the same age as my dad

    11. DAVIDOS

      RIP Juice WRLD :( RIP MGK ;)

    12. max rossi

      me: what is the password of the wifi? is under the modem the password : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a>

    13. Z I P

      прикольно 👍

    14. KayJay 84

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> eminem says the n word

    15. WindBlaze Anims

      People at the end of infomercials be like: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a>

    16. Mixed Music

      New please listen ; ro-sels.info/video/video/s8vLg9XSm3l9grg.html

    17. The kids Tm

      Girl licking balls <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a>

    18. WIFIANAO 22

      *Oxygen* *wants* *to* *know* *your* *location*

    19. Pitiful

      No one: ImDontai: EWWWWW Corona! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>

    20. BlackHorn Zeps

      Nice rap)

    21. Nutshell

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> just realised she didnt pressed record lmao

    22. JGamerXGD

      Category: Education Me: *Y E S I N D E E D .*

    23. hiphop Bop

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> is that eminel from the real slim shady video???? Someone lmk

      1. hiphop Bop

        @DJ PUFFI will do

      2. DJ PUFFI

        hiphop Bop bro rate my new beat pls

    24. Lord Beerus

      This better hit 500 mil views one day

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Lord Beerus hey man check my new beat plz

    25. 김수민

      한국인 찾는분 👇🏻

      1. DJ PUFFI

        김수민 bro check my new beat pls

    26. Senyorita Juana

      Thank god.. I found the title. I thought it's a monster😂😂😂 the dr looks like dr dre..😂

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Senyorita Juana hey man check my new beat plz

      2. DJ Ghost

        The dr was dre


      Man, thus guy is really a legend.. When his age goes up his rap skill is getting better

      1. BULBRIX BJG

        @DJ PUFFI sure (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

      2. DJ PUFFI

        BULBRIX BJG bro check my last beat pls

    28. Mu'at Vulu

      Mike Tyson ass!! 🤣🤣🤣 I swear, that dude has made me LOL tooo many times!!

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Калоян Лавчев hey bro check my new beat plz

    29. TheMusicGuy

      Corona enters Eminem’s body Corona: wtf, where are his lungs ?

      1. DJ PUFFI

        TheMusicGuy bro check my new beat plz

    30. Piano 04

      Wtf 66k dislikes?

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Piano 04 bro rate my last beat plz 🥶

    31. Ha Ha

      Ooooo he said the n word

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Ha Ha bro rate my new beat plz 😵

    32. Kacper Koza

      rap god < godzilla

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Kacper Koza bro rate my last beat 🧨

    33. Logan Arguello

      Bruh Eminem is really drippin our with Jordan four what the’s

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Logan Arguello hey bro rate my new beat plz 😵

    34. Dew Der

      I like you

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Dew Der bro check my new beat plz 💎

    35. Yéètcake68

      My dreams be like

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Yéètcake68 bro rate my new beat plz 🧨

    36. aws man

      The full lyrics I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I'll feel like Godzilla Better hit the deck like the card dealer My whole squad's in here, walking around the party A cross between a zombie apocalypse and big Bobby "The Brain" Heenan which is probably the Same reason I wrestle with mania Shady's in this bitch, I'm posse'd up Consider it to cross me a costly mistake If they sleepin' on me, the hoes better get insomnia Adhd, Hydroxycut Pass the Courvoisi' (ayy, ayy) Everyone's counting on me To cheer them up and give them lots of energy I hope that I can help them study for their test I'll work hard to support them and always try my best It's so much fun to help out in the dormitory And be a super moe and generic loli "I wanna do something for you" Oniichan said I gasped and said "what are we going to do on the bed?" Oh no oh no POMF POMF! KIMOCHI What's this sticky stuff on me? They play with me until I smell like salty coins and milk Morning, everyone! Today we will have lots of fun UGUU am I cute? In my favorite swimsuit POMFPOMF wanna stay And play the pop up pirate game? STOP STOP touching me It's making me feel all funny NII CHAN I love you But please stop smelling my pantsu Yay yay! play with me Ah ah you make me happy EVERYDAY POMF EVERYTIME IS POMF I wanna ride on nii-chan All day long EVERYDAY POMF EVERYTIME IS POMF There's just no way that thing will fit I'll endure it POMF POMF! KIMOCHI But what's this sticky stuff on me? They play with me until I smell like salty coins and milk Morning, everyone! Today we will have lots of fun UWAHN UWAHN IT'S REALLY TOUGH NOT TO CLENCH UP MY BUTT POMF POMF WAY WAY WAY POMF POMF POMF WAY POMF WAY POMF POMF TWIST TWIST TWIST BOOM BOOM TWIST BOOM TWIST BOOM TWIST BOOM TWIST POMF POMF WAY WAY WAY POMF POMF POMF WAY POMF WAY POMF POMF TWIST TWIST TWIST BOOM BOOM TWIST BOOM TWIST BOOM TWIST BOOM TWIST Ah, ah! Doki-doki! “But I poop from there” “Not right now you don't” *splurting noises* “Okay I’m done”

    37. Novak Kuzmanovic

      Oscars, Grammys: *exists* Eminem: Guess who's back,back again...

    38. smitty

      Badass! Fuck the Karachi! Mental Meltdown Friday. I needed this. TY.

    39. Yusuf CCK

      Shoutout to the guy that edited this video

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Yusuf CCK hey man check my new beat plz

    40. MR. GIO

      those aren't dislikes that's likes from australlia

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    41. Naam Rakna Zaroori Hai?

      Please check out my cover of rap god...

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    42. Rajath Max

      Who is after. . . . .typing eminem godzilla on youtube

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Rajath Max bro rate my last beat pls 💎

    43. Andrea Borg

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> Sommer Ray in the background.

    44. Jricchez Rags2riches

      Rip juice wrld💯

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Jricchez Rags2riches hey man check my new beat plz 😬

    45. lol


      1. DJ PUFFI

        lol hey bro check my new beat 🧨

    46. The olny King savage

      I wonder whose the monster 🤔

      1. DJ PUFFI

        The olny King savage dawg rate my last beat 💥

    47. kz _pubg


      1. DJ PUFFI

        kz _pubg dude rate my new beat plz

    48. MadSpellz

      Would it be great if Eminem said "Hello" to you

    49. Jerungus J

      Everyone: just learnt rap god Lucky you comes out Everyone: ahh shit here we go again Everyone: just learnt lucky you and rap god Godzilla comes out Everyone: AHHH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN

    50. MONSTER psycho 666

      gak belibet apa tuh mulut

    51. Креативный Человек

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> meme

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Креативный Человек bro rate my new beat plz 🥵

    52. Andrew Carpenter

      Hey, where's the closed-caption button?

    53. Mombi Lisa

      But didn't juice world die

      1. DJ PUFFI

        Mombi Lisa hey man check my new beat pls 💎

    54. Landon Koop

      Em is the fucking king 👑, we all know he’s back

    55. Mangus Beef

      Eminem: Exist Still Eminem: Becomes piñata <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>

    56. odsuren erdenebaatar

      Targalalt iz real boltson shajiindoo

      1. DJ PUFFI

        odsuren erdenebaatar hey man check my new beat plz 😬

    57. Mkrminho JR

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    58. reggae man

      💛Old but gold💛

    59. pradyuman sharma

      Juice wrld always in heart

    60. Mason frying Pan

      Why does Eminem look like Hugh Jackman

    61. Мурад

      Эминем ты выучил стихотворение? Да. Выходи к доске рассказывай, только быстро скоро звонок


      DABABY - BOP REMAKE!! ro-sels.info/video/video/xNXQeajRYoN_aM4.html

    63. Dzen студия

      Я понял, это реклама LG - расходимся:)

    64. •Marc R•

      No one gonna talk about that CGI blood😭

    65. hiago miramar

      Alguém br?

    66. LxserKingSZN

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> he said nigga

    67. Techno Play

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a> "New I instagram filter. Nice job team!

    68. Sarah Mckay

      I'm a huge fan of eminem, I'm glad hes doing better

    69. Кулинарный Кудесник

      Карона,выйграй поездку в Италию

    70. Mr Snowy

      It’s sad bc juice isn’t in the music video bc he died😢

    71. Sarnith Varun

      I did the fast verse in my channel Pls check it out!! And subscribe??

    72. Shivamsingh Manhas

      Rip world bcoz its Eminem

    73. XTRA POWER

      M a Product of "RAKIM" 🔥🔥🔥

    74. Sophie Johanna

      I really like this song, my only criticism is that by the end it seems like eminem drops the beat and just tries to rap as fast as he can. Still like the song though

    75. Andrey Awesome

      RIP Legend

    76. izela Concepcion

    77. GiJeX

      My favourite songer JUCIE WRLD & Eminem...

    78. Seth F

      I was hoping I was going to see Juice on this 💔

    79. shoshana love

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