Harry Styles on Whether a Breakup Inspired His New Album



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    Ellen asked Harry Styles if rumors are true that his new album “Fine Line” was inspired by a breakup. The singer also talked about hosting “Saturday Night Live” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and if he’d ever consider guest hosting for Ellen.

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    1. Deepkiran Kaur

      I’m surprised that Harry styles did not do anything to express his love to the pregnant woman in the audience 😂

    2. Tyler Durden

      Is Ellen giving stuff away in every episode? Because if it is so the ticket is cheaper than the prices you get ^^

    3. Lulu Lade

      Me sees Harry styles Gucci merch My bank account NOOOOOO

    4. Suzette Rollin

      I love hearing him talk about the album and I love the look on his face when you are telling the audience they are getting tickets like he was genuinely surprised at there reaction he is so humble I love that about him ❤️

    5. diana styles

      Harry: Can i gave some stuff away? I like how you give stuff away HE WAS RAISED RIGHT. SUCH A DARLING

    6. Mr.whatever

      can someone tell me what is the brand name of his sweater?????????

    7. haf

      let’s just talk about how lucky this audience’s people are.

    8. Gigi Fristachi

      I love his pearls

    9. Amy Kelly

      His pearls are everything periodt.

    10. shivanjali chaurasia

      Ellen :we are back with the very very very very handsome Harry styles Also Ellen : you get out of here

    11. Ashlyn John


    12. Sailor O'Rear

      ellen: “we’re here with the very very very handsome harry styles.” harry: “oh”

    13. tam amin

      i got a sara lee ad for this video....

    14. Hawar Yawar

      Did anyone notice his necklace ?

    15. marxmartinez -

      Ellen falling in love with Harry for 4:00 straight

    16. Marlene R

      Love him! Love the album 💜

    17. Alana Nardi Crestani

      he's great

    18. Olivia Sebolt

      WAITING FOR HIM TO HOST THIS SHOW ELLEN also he's so attractive wow

    19. anam tanvir

      Ellen's show has comments on? Woah

    20. oreocookiepie697

      He do be looking like shaggy dho😳

    21. lily rose

      harry: “it’s a fine line ☺️” the audience: “🤨🤨” ellen: “that’s the name of the album” the audience: “👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

    22. • CHERRY •


    23. AllTiMe Busyy

      Andd... Finally... Is his album about Kendall or???

      1. Tamisha Laura

        No, some songs are about his relationship with Camille Rowe .

    24. Gabby DeLorean

      Global fund for women. I love this man so much.

    25. Leanne Marie Palencia

      Sana all see Harry live ☹️

    26. Leanne Marie Palencia

      Sana all may shirt 🥺

    27. Romance novels Hawaii

      SNL re-ran it last night too. The airplane skit was so funny. I wish Harry could be a regular on SNL. Love, love this guy.

    28. Nicole the champion

      listen i love him so much i’m gonna shave all my hair

    29. Niah White

      Nobody: Harry: “yEaH”

      1. Niah White


      2. Niah White

        I love him tho💛🌺

    30. Vansangpuii Sailo

      A very very very very Handsome Harry.... Ellen the best

    31. Emma Clarke

      Ellen come to Brisbane Australia with harry and do that exact give away please and thanks !!

    32. jasmine susjsdjsk

      i really need to get myself in the ellen show audience when harry comes

    33. Cece Albrecht

      he’s changed so much. But in a fantastic way. Honestly I’ve like grown up with this band and seeing him go from the “shy” Harry and the one who could get easily hurt by people words to going out and wearing $10000 Gucci suits and dancing around on stage , not caring who was watching , it’s just amazing seeing that change and I’m really happy for him.

    34. shakira Raab


    35. Snake Head

      His shirt answers the title.

    36. bea alonso

      Mi amor mi ángel

    37. Kid Psycho

      Harry and Ellen: (say yeah 9 times but Ellen has the last YEAH) Chris Brown: Give me the Mic (yeah 3 x)😂😂

    38. 한현준

      His hair...... wha...

    39. Night Mare

      I just noticed how he dressed like Shaggy from Scooby Doo👍🏻

    40. louie t

      i would do ANYTHING just for him to acknowledge my existence and remember me

    41. louie t

      when she said very very very very handsome i felt that

    42. Potato Direction

      He’s golden 😭💕💕

    43. Nimrit Randhawa

      His face lights up whenever he thinks of a pun 🥺🥺

    44. Barbara Tugano

      He's so kind that 1st question is "can I give away something"

    45. Shriya Shukla

      Styles cut out coz it's gonna be Harry Tomlinson soon 😂💙💚

      1. Leslie James

        Well, at least you recognize the strikethrough Styles' name no one else did, but you still have the wrong person. Both families are in the audience. Let us know if you see LT sisters, which I doubt you will.

    46. Chris chris

      How do I get one of those shirts

    47. Harry Styles and memes

      1:16 that's so awkward 2:26 "its a fine line"

    48. Harry Styles and memes

      0:00-0:08 Ellen is me

    49. Katha Smile

      I wish I was sitting there ... Maybe one time... My time will come, I know ❤️

    50. lily of the valley

      I'd say he cheated oh louis with camille🤔

    51. Emanuelle Menezes


    52. peter rock

      I watch for the hysteria.

    53. val

      nobody: not even a soul in the whole universe: Harry: I write from personal experience

    54. megs3003

      good lord he is sexy

    55. victoria

      Oh my gooood, the whole album isn’t just about Kendall

      1. Tamisha Laura

        no, because it was about Camille...

      2. Leslie James

        You are correct but she is connected to along with everything that leads to the person.

    56. Maria Vitória Loureiro

      thanks to camille rowe for this masterpiece called fine line

    57. Andrew Carlson

      3:15 thats scary. Haha most of the people are in their late 20s and 30s lol. But they can have the shirts if they want.

    58. An educated Hamster

      I’m watching this video and next recommendation is Camille. I-

    59. Tanja Thomsen

      I think Harry took all of us into his world. The world is now called Harry Styles.

    60. Rohit yadav 1

      Ellen : very very very handsome Harry Styles . Me : correct than anything can be in the world