Harry Styles - Zane Lowe ‘Fine Line’ Interview

Harry Styles

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    Harry Styles sits down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss the release of his upcoming album, ‘Fine Line.’ Pre-add the album on Apple Music: apple.co/harrystylesb1
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    1. salmaaa osman

      Oh my god his accent has changed

    2. Iveta Blahová

      I want more of these interview. Je is so amazing and it was so relax to just listening him with the waves and the bird. Wow ❤️

    3. Lindz

      Chinese restaurant for his birthday meal 😆...we eat the same things, brooo

    4. shachi joshi

      I love how sun was up when this video started and ended after sunset. like, aww

    5. kouch chhivhun


    6. bee bee

      He's so kind and he has beautiful soul. I just want to meet him and hug him and thank him for what he is.

    7. حسين GAME OVER

      To be honest with you, I was very entertained in the interview, but suddenly when my ex-girlfriend said, I don't know why my heart started hurting me and my eyes started to tear. I think that it is his right to love and that is what I want to convince myself of, but I cannot .. I cannot bear it when my ex-girlfriend says or even the word of my girlfriend ... I no longer love (cherry), it is not for her ugliness, but I knew who she meant to be so sad to cry .... is this Love ??? Harry, I love you with all my heart, you are from my life, from worst to better I love you so much I loved you .. Rowan ..💔😔

    8. Simone De Vivo

    9. Hazzie Vengeance

      I'm going to Los Angeles in june for the first time in my life and one thing I'm excited about are the sunsets... Almost done watching the video and I'm so mesmerized by Harry's voice and the whole interview, I didn't realize there was a sunset! (fail...) Good interview though, amazing job from the interviewer too.

    10. Rylee Brooke

      I’m so thankful for this interview. Harry was finally given a chance to talk about things that matter to him, and not about relationships, and stupid shit. It was beautiful to hear him speak about something he loved instead of being disrespected, and someone trying to pry personal info out of him that he is uncomfortable sharing.

    11. Rylee Brooke

      I have never loved someone the way i love him.

    12. Caitlin Conway

      One of the BEST interviews I’ve ever seen, not bothered about relationships, and about who he’s dating and shit like that, just having a really calming heart to heart conversation like they are two old time friends staying up late and talking about life with waves crashing in the background, it’s just therapeutic on its own. Xx

    13. AJ Young

      Harold been through alot but all he keep inside his heart.H not a open person so pretty much he buried everything inside.Hope he got someone to share bout everything eventhough is not me. Proud of you Harold.

    14. Amanda Barros

      The way the sun goes down a long the interview is just so perfect. I feel I have to watch this once a week just to keep mental health

    15. ra tatata

      who was the ex girlfriend from the end of the song?

      1. Sofi mac

        camille rowe a french model

    16. Catie Anne

      His kids are going to be the luckiest people in world

    17. Cynthia Rapp

      harry’s eye contact to everyone scares me bc i make eye contact with everyone i talk to. everyone probably thinks i’m in love with them.

    18. beepbeepimajeep

      His shirt😂 it's about calories that's so random

    19. Charlotte 24

      I'm french so i don't understand everything but i can finally see who is the real harry styles . For many journalists the only important thing is the number of girls he dated ... I don't care ! I want to know the artist and the person he is! Not his love conquests . Thanks for this interview 😉

    20. A237 xza

      I’ve always known that Harry talks slow but I’ve just realized how slow he talks. Speed up the video and you’ll realize it too.

      1. ra tatata

        A237 xza 1.25x is probably the normal speed on how people talk lmao

    21. Sampurna Saha

      this is definetely one of the best interviews of harry i jst cnt

    22. m B'Llo

      I am madly in love with him and obsessed with his voice, physique and personality.

    23. Stevie Collins

      I now want to get a tattoo saying “calories” 😂

    24. Michele Azzu

      Zane lowe is the best interviewer in music now, period. Such a pity that we don't get all these videos on youtube because of Apple Music...

    25. Damien

      "If you're happy doing what you're doing, than nobody can tell you you're not successful." That will stick with me for a long time. That's one smart friend you have there, Harry.

    26. T Christine

      Holy.......shit.... this all just took on an entirely new meaning.

    27. Eleanor Joseph

      Thanks to Harry I know know an egg has 100 calories

    28. Yasmina Aldahi

      When i heard the interviewer say that its their first time having a conversation or whatever i was shockkedddd. It felt like two old friends catching up.

    29. Sarah Botelho

      yo that interviewer speaks so fast

    30. h,


    31. JVill

      Zene is gay af

    32. Izzy Winkle

      Why did i just notice harrys facial hair

    33. Ha dir

      this is PER-FECT 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    34. Poop Trashbucket

      Harry seems like a cool dude. The interviewer kinda seems like a chode though...

    35. Deanna Lynn

      Walking to get the paper to see themselves in it was Louis most memorial moment too. :)

    36. Hannah Mae

      He has the most beautiful yard and view. It’s so relaxing. I understand why he would like living there

    37. Ava Callaway

      so blessed to exist at the same time as harry styles

    38. Alba

      This was BEAUTIFUL

    39. Ashley Ewald

      My hopes of 1D coming back is getting too high. I saw a interview of Louis talking a little about the band and then I found this one of Harry talking a little about the band 😁😢

    40. Kirstine Hviid

      that sunset is just beautiful


      This video was supposed to be 25 minutes long but Harry was talking to slow😂❤

    42. Josie Velarde

      I love harry so much!!

    43. Lily F

      ok harry is cute

    44. Anandhy S. kumar

      Best interview of harry i have ever seen.

    45. Orlando Rizzo

      Its tough to talk about Non Sense !!! Harry does a good JOB !!!!!! Guys its tough to answer what do you think about a song !! Ummm 1,000 times it makes me think of producers,studio and marketing ! Thanks for making my life a BOX

    46. Lea Niven

      why can i visually picture harry, niall, liam, louis and zayne sitting at a table freaking out over a picture of them in the news paper going "let me see that again! ahh look at us!"

    47. Now Today

      Wow, 26:33 really hit me

    48. MadelineGrace

      make an album and don't release it... hmmm.... RELEASE MEDICINE IN STUDIO, HARRY! I LOVE YOU

    49. abeer humayun

      7:24 the part that makes me smile

    50. Chiara Puddu

      He said “stuff “ 32 times

    51. :d :d

      i just think he's the purest creature on this planet. i hope he realizes it.

    52. Imke

      Please don’t get addicted to drugs babe. You’re too good for that.

    53. AlberteTDK

      Idk why but I feel like him and Selena Gomez would make the cutest couple

    54. teytey


    55. softpheonix

      I have to say this I absolutely hate watching interviews with solo artists because I find it so uncomfortable for me as the questions are all kinds of weird. But to me this interview gives me the feeling that I’m having a dinner outside with two friends and I’m simply just listening to them talk while feeling content Best interview I’ve ever watched

    56. Mark jimwell Abenoja

      Are you distracted by bird too? Fuck that shit. Haha

    57. Dawn Lee


    58. iconic sister


    59. James Grey

      I love that he's going to tour with Koffee...she has mad skills, a great message and humble. They'll get along like peas in a pod.

    60. James Grey

      He was enjoying the view...at one point got distracted by the sunset. I love that he appreciates the things so many people take for granted. The little things.