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    Hoop Streams is LIVE from Philadelphia, PA ahead of the ABC Primetime Lakers vs 76ers game tonight, as LeBron looks to pass Kobe Bryant on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Cassidy Hubbarth will host alongside Kendrick Perkins and Amin Elhassan. The trio will discuss whose game they like more, LeBron or Kobe? We find out more about the 76ers through the eyes of rookie Matisse Thybulle and Perk and Amin throw axes with a Philly super fan.
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    1. Christopher Jackson

      So-called "experts" are wrong, wrong, and wrong again, and they are paid for what? Sixers revealed that they beat the so-called elite clubs...the Lakers are in trouble.

    2. Suburban Thug

      rich paul eats baby spiders

    3. Patrick

      Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant I hope you and your daughter are in heaven right now. Kobe if it was not for you and your story about becoming the Black Mamba in your times of trial and tribulations I probably would not be alive today. God bless your family and friends as they are going through this. Rest in Peace to my favourite athlete Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant.

    4. Nosson Oirich

      Who is here after Well you know

    5. YAVIAH

      The guy sounds like an 90s slick rapper who sneak into basketball business

    6. Christopher Nelson

      The NBA must be rigged. The odds were plus1600 for the sixers to beat LA by 14-16 points without Embid and Richardson. Of course I dropped 100 and of course they win by 17 😂

    7. L R

      Too bad the clippers gonna win

    8. Jessica Cooper

      I don’t know what to say about these commentators. I’m entertained but also like theses fools!!

    9. javier arreola

      LET'S talk about his numbers on turnovers and poor defense. Kobe was a master on defense and made everybody else around him better on that. And Kobe wasn't a turnover machine. We just lost to a second class team...the Sixers? Really?

      1. javier arreola

        Fizzy Frathouse Exactly my point. Good teams play great wherever they play out or home and Sixers, well.....

      2. Fizzy Frathouse

        The fact that your wondering how you loss to the Sixers shows you don't watch the Sixers at all. They're unbeatable at home.

    10. Renae Broome

      Kobe 5 times NBA champion.


      All that talk who cares, shut up and Enjoy your L.

    12. Geo Leo

      5k points before he retires? Might be the first player to play with his son? Yall gotta stop hating the man. Theres nothing left to hate yall just mad

    13. Kendrick Childs

      So he's gonna pass 24 on the 25th.

      1. Sam ::

        23 passes 24

    14. C. Robert Walker

      Watching game Kuzman they need to trade him really he has no sense of game. What can he do except shoot sometimes... No defense intensity ho Hustle no fight desire. Simmons just using him and they are the same size. Trade him and get someone who plays with desire...

      1. Geo Leo

        @C. Robert Walker his decision making is really his worst game. Its not even defense. He can play defense but sadly he plays when he feel like it. He need aggression.

      2. Geo Leo

        @C. Robert Walker aye man i said keep lonzo. I didn't like kuzma like that. He just offense.

      3. Depaulboy

        C. Robert Walker yeah but not always

      4. C. Robert Walker

        @Depaulboy I can take inconsistent in scoring but hustle and fight that is desire he has none. As a matter of fact he had none last year either I think they were hoping he would change..

      5. Depaulboy

        @C. Robert Walker I see what u talking about now. He is inconsistent. I know but he wasnt all season. He doesn't have defense

    15. shawn wynn

      Lakers baby

      1. Depaulboy

        Basil Carpenter jr that’s what I said. Thx bro

      2. Basil Carpenter jr

        I bet u wasn't saying that couple years ago

      3. Depaulboy

        shawn wynn bandwagon or real?

    16. Rap Snacks

      LBJ for president 🏆💪🏾💯

    17. Ayobami Odumosu

      I edited my comment so you’ll never what I said 😂

    18. ッIAmPikachuOMG

      wut up nerds

      1. shawn wynn

        Why is your name has Pikachu in it

      2. Depaulboy

        I just came to this video to say that I hope thybulle guard lebron