Is it time to captain Liverpool's throw-in coach? | ESPN FC Best of the Week


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    ESPN FC's Best of the Week is back with the best moments from the show including Steve Nicol and Julien Laurens getting into a heated debate over the effect Liverpool's throw-in coach had on the club's 2-1 win over Wolverhampton.
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    1. Russel Keith

      This was so funny

    2. Awowe Hussain

      They are not discussing about Messi flipping yesterday

    3. appiah dankwa daniel

      Anytime Barca loses it takes you forever to discuss and criticize them When they lose it’s the couch and when they win it’s Messi

    4. appiah dankwa daniel

      They are all Messi and Barca supporters Barca Just lost heavily, let’s see how they address it

      1. Awowe Hussain

        Waiting for it bro Juventus loses they will talk about it for a week

    5. ghostjacker 13

      Hey, put some respect on the Liverpool throw in coach. Both Winning goals against Spurs and Wolves came from them.It's attention to detail, Klopp's way. So don't knock it, but 😂. It's working. GO THE MIGHTY REDS

    6. David Hasssn

      You know Liverpool are pissing the league when we’re debating over their throw in coach

      1. Advenco

        Haha exactly

    7. Sami EsHaghi

      Nicole needs to chill, since liverpool is doing good he is so full of himself, you cant say anything slightly negative about anything liverpool related. He thinks theyre the greatest team in the history of football. Same when he talks about VAR when is in favor of liverpool is the greast thing but when is not it needs fixing. Dude ur furst title in 30 years chill out

    8. HeroYou Seen

      How does Stevie still have a job?

      1. whitey 604

        He is entertaining. Like a crazy old uncle you love to laugh at. There is enough robot pundits trying to give the boring old perfect answers.

    9. Kerlan Parris

      I wish stevie and ale would just shut up sometimes.

    10. Mohammed Waqas

      Steve is a donut is he the manager or is Jurgen the manager so how does he know whats working and whats not working. Old dinosaur

      1. Pato Games

        @Mohammed Waqas got stats to back up how often we turned the ball over at a throw in, vs now, vs how often other teams do it (so we can guage whether or not it was actually a problem)?

      2. Mohammed Waqas

        @Pato Games lol im not the one saying that a throw in expert a waste or useless when it clearly isnt before liverpool would often give the ball away with a throwing now they dont give it away as much so its clearly working

      3. Pato Games

        @Mohammed Waqas and who are you? What level have you played at? Please, expand on how you have the expertise to criticize others, and their opinions? Ah, hang on... you're just a nobody on the internet...

      4. Mohammed Waqas

        @Pato Games you're deluded as he is

      5. Pato Games

        @Jayrod M you're missing the point. If he wants access, he has it. In no way have I said he is affiliated with the club, in any form, other than he was part of one of our greatest era's, and as such, will continue to be well respected around the club.

    11. Around The World With Football

      atletico fan "liverpool reign start at wanda and will end at wanda" champions league alert 🔔🔔

      1. ali kha

        Lockjaw I don’t appear in every comment section hating on other teams like him

      2. relative pronouns and demonstrative pronouns

        @Keyuante Johnson True lol🤣🤣🤣

      3. Lockjaw

        @ali kha You are annoying too

      4. Sabrin Islam

        @ali kha I mean technically no one really gives af about atletico

      5. ali kha

        Keyuante Johnson mate be quite Your so annoying lol

    12. Jake Manley

      ESPN is so much better than the other trie out there.

    13. Trap Town

      ESPN FC

    14. Richard Cannon

      I'd be embarrassed if my network was putting content like this out and labeling it as "best of the week."

      1. Advenco

        Loosen up a bit

      2. Cbricklyne

        They got you to watch it, didn't they? So it worked.

      3. Cormac Donnelly

        Relax man

    15. socc3r4life 9

      Hi Jules

    16. Jayzee31519

      England won’t win the Euro 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      1. Jayrod M

        @Loftus Blake lol, those were all different teams

      2. Edgar el cuh

        Loftus Blake they lost the finals not bottled it, besides, they should have won it in 1974 and 1978

      3. Loftus Blake

        @Edgar el cuh Netherlands are the biggest bottlers in football history, 3 world cup finalist losers

      4. Jayzee31519

        Saurav Bose 😂😂

      5. Saurav Bose

        England won't win the Brexit*