Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk



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    Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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    1. Blair Williams

      Can we get tony back again in the future cause he’s so interesting and probably has many more stories to tell

    2. Aareezy

      I would love to see Mike Vallely on the show

    3. Vlad R

      I'm Tony Hawk. If I'm wearing a mask - you have to wear one.

    4. Daniel Sanchez

      I love how even tho that dude hated on tony. He still respectfully said he fell on hard times! What an OG!

    5. Vinny

      Rodney Mullen FTW

    6. jayden gray

      You's need to watch all this mayhem, Tony hawk was a snake and snuck his way to the top, he kicked tas pappas from x games because he was the first to land the 900 and Tony wanted to be the first

    7. Galen Carr

      Man I've been skating carbon fiber mixed decks by way of Powell Peralta for a while now. Crazy Joe would think that's the answer when it Is. And crazy Tony didn't mention Peralta and almost with the carbon fiber layered decks they are great.

      1. Galen Carr

        *not saying he isn't the biggest name

      2. Galen Carr

        Not saying Tony hawk is and always will be the biggest name in skating of course

    8. jayden gray

      I wish joe asked questions about Ben and Tas Pappas

    9. Ethan Dale

      Tony Hawk is the most humble and kind celebrity I can think of. Notice how there’s not a single negative thing that comes out of his mouth the whole podcast. Gotta love this guy.

    10. Santino Rodriguez

      joe get Bam margera on the show

    11. Barney Clifton Don't worry about giving people the coronavirus unless you've been in contact with someone who has SYMPTOMS.

    12. MikeDindu

      So here I am doing everything I can, getting older all the time, but getting younger in my mind

    13. Jonathan Golas

      He must be talking about Tas Pappas when he talks about someone calling him a cheater.

    14. Clipp45

      This game is exclusive to epic games on pc. WTF

    15. Wannabe Racecar Driver

      Tony Hawk is in my all time top 10 people, wish I could meet him. He was such a big part of my childhood.

    16. Marsha A

      he looks like this guy at a locale shop i talk with in hindsight. tony is aging great. keep up the good work. good interview guys. like the supplement chats

    17. PabloAfroSamurai

      So wholesome, enjoyed it from start to finish

    18. Tha_Candymann

      Bruh can they stop talking about San Diego it’s making me want Mexican food 😂😂

    19. MrKruz3


    20. KladivoPad

      Lol Rogan Ethiopia is like the next world superpower. More than 100 million people, large investments from China and Turkey...

    21. Dageki Gaming

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>:32 IS THAT ALFALFA

    22. jackmurak

      Christian hosoi!

    23. Ebrandt

      Joe HAS to have Nelk on

    24. chris slack


    25. Miguel Ferro

      I like how Joe Rogan doesn t even react when SOTM TONY HAWK tells him hes coach used to be Stacy fuckin Peralta... I like the podcast but cmoooooon

    26. Michael Rocha

      Yeah, but Spotify though

    27. Willy Bonkers

      Tony Hawk was THE MAN when I was a youngin' , deserves respect for sure :) never has left the scene !

    28. Keith KO Olson

      Love Tony's attitude and humility

    29. Grant George

      I watched this interview and the other one with the prison dude and also the Kevin Hart interview...Joe, you got me fucked up today much inspiration I can't deal, I was literally in tears for the last two hours, just started crying again now when tony spoke about the girls in Afghanistan. your awesome and the show is awesome...all the way from South Afrika, thank you thank you so much!!!

    30. Monkey _ish

      Man that's some "spit shine" shining coming of Joe's head right there

    31. Psycho Bunny

      why only <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> we deserved more of this :(

    32. Broc Westmeyer

      I would seriously like to see Travis Pastrana on here

    33. rockplay100

      Get Rodney Mullen in there, he will change your life

      1. Roland Deschain

        I love Rodney Mullen But relax there

    34. Cole Daddy

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3180">53:00</a> a big ass dump truck of sand is pretty cheap just sayin ... but I skate so fuck those guys

    35. Garrick Hoffman

      Tony Hawk is so FUCKING cool. Good lord. Grew up playing THPS and I like him even more after watching this. What a dude.

    36. Tom Kraemer

      Joe "neurotic lip twitch since spotify deal" Rogan.

    37. Dereck Sawyer Upcoming podcast fire

    38. Juul Romero

      Tony runs the 619

    39. Hugh Mungus

      Tony’s humility is awesome.

    40. sean meaney

      joe look up cliff coleman 70 as of this year and still killing it on a skateboard

    41. Jason Darrell

      It's cool how Tony Hawks net worth is $140 million and still skates to do this interview.

    42. sean meaney

      joe can you start doing metric conversions as sub titles on these vids, ft i get, LB to KG and F-c you got me googling things for this to make sense

    43. Juul Romero

      Love my two gay dads

    44. connor roche

      this podcast is like my two lives coming together

    45. Caalmo/Second Channel

      no lie, i was playing a hockey game when i was younger like 8th grade-9th grade, i fractured my damn tail bone, that shit hurt like a mofo i kept playing my hockey game too, my ass had to sit on a donut for like 3-4weeks it hurt to shit it hurt to walk man fuck that shit lmfaoooo

    46. Mike caleca

      The funny thing is people started riding dirtbikes in the skateparks when they filled em

    47. wong ton

      You need to interview Rodney Mullen

    48. Rohan Abraham

      One of my favorite recent podcasts. Tony is such a genuine, kind and interesting dude!

    49. Christopher Coulter

      There's no way full on vert skating should be left out of the Olympics. Obviously there should be a time limit but a three way system seems the best way to judge the best of the best world wide. It's like leaving it out with snowboarding or only settling for small waves all the time in the Billabong pro or slow NHL. Do justice for the sport and Mr Hawk.

    50. Zayable :D

      *Damn Tony Hawk Pro Skater dropped 21 years ago. I feel old all of a sudden.*

    51. Thomas McCormick

      Was really hoping tony talk about his rival with Christian hosoi, whatever, still a great podcast

    52. Colin Swick Music

      Tony Hawk, a natural on a skateboard and Joe Rogan flawless finger repositioning of the mic!

    53. Z winn

      Remember when he dropped his skate game and it said “no loading” and we all thought it was so damn cool that a game had no loading lmao, but the funny part is it had a screen that said “no loading” for like 5 minutes lmfao

    54. icey citrus blast

      I was pissed that Tony never mentioned Christian hoisoi at all

    55. Hamish Winter

      Anyone who skates got covid?... Eating shit all the time must build up the immunity.

      1. Roland Deschain


    56. Doctor Games101

      Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3......the best Skating game of all time.

    57. Jaime Ruiz

      Tony Hawks Pro Skater introduced me to music, and because of that game I started skating (was never very good at it because my ankles were fragile from sports). Crazy how much this man influenced my life and ive never met him. Love me some rock n roll.

    58. Brandon Keefe

      Tony Hawk is cheating 😂 he has moon physics ON Secret tapes are nostalgic

    59. Z. G.

      Joe Rogan, definitely not a skater. Really cool interview though.

    60. Kav Cav

      Yeah i think i got it never got tested but i went to cali when i first started and when i got home about a few days to a week after i had the worst cough of my life and just sick as a dog for like 2 weeks to a month and just stayed home because just in case didnt want to get anyone sick but it was fucking horrible and scary i was coughing tell i puked some nights and i get sick maybe once every couple years it was scary

    61. Timothy Harris

      Tony Hawk... I have not heard that name in years! Great interview and a fantastic life story!!

    62. Andy McSherry, MSc

      Hawk is like the Dr. Dre of skating, a seminal artist reinventing Skateboarding over and over again. He is once again single handily making the sport popular with his image, just as it is dying out he brings it back.

    63. robert stauffacher

      There’s a company out there making bamboo skateboard decks.the idea behind it is that the bamboo grows quicker so your not just cutting trees down before they can grow back like with maple.

    64. marklower007

      Hell yea great memories playing his original game and getting into skating in my middle school years lol

    65. BullCraftMaxx

      Tony is one of my favorite athletes of all time

    66. David Alexander Arias

      I wish Joe would asked Tony about the kid who landed the 1080.

    67. Zach Starbard

      If we have to elect another B list celebrity as president can we all agree on Tony Hawk?

    68. csmithrun2

      Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Rodney Mullen, Eric Koston, Steve Caballero, Chad Muska, Ed Templeton, Bob Burnquist, Rune Glifberg, Jamie Thomas, Mike Vallely, Geoff Rowley, Danny Way, Colin McKay and so many others were our legends growing up in the 90's/early 2000's. I still remember Jamie Thomas' Leap of Faith....shit was insane. Watching 411VM with the boys, reading Transworld Skate/Snow mags, bingeing on the X Games, playing Pro Skater and getting kicked out of every good skate spot in town. Those were good times.

    69. Blaines World

      Its awesome to see tony on here. I always rode a board when I was real young till I got a real skateboard for my 11th birthday and that changes the game. Now I'm turning 30 and I still skate a few days with my friends. I know I'm not pro or sponsor but I love everything about skateboarding. Ive made a lot of friends and met a lot of cool people because of skateing.If it wasnt for Tony hawk and people that got me into it I would prolly be doing somthing boring.

    70. Mikey Dood

      I'm really going to miss being able to watch these. It's so much better to see the face of who he brings on. You can really see how genuine Tony is.

    71. Dalian Moya

      listening to joe talk about skateboarding is hurting my head. it’s not joe’s fault, but ughhh

    72. Joe B

      As a parent of two young boys, I love watching them motocross, skate, bmx

    73. Justin Peterson

      its clear that Joe did absolutely no research on skateboarding at all. I wish they dug deeper into the world of skating. Still awesome to see tony on here. true lengend

    74. D

      No more commenting on showings on spotify

    75. BigBadWolf

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2754">45:54</a>. A hemp material skateboard 👀

    76. Matthew King

      Look I know Joe is more than capable of handling himself, but Hawk is just a different animal. He’s one of the gnarliest fucking guys walking. Don’t let his nice manner and corny sponsorships fool you.

    77. Straz

      Their is a crazy old homeless guy who shows up at the skate park and literally rides the walls

    78. larsedx

      Get Jeremy Jones on the show! Legendary backcountry snowboarder and environmental activist who found “POW - Protect Our Winters”

    79. RoarofdalioN

      I hope he has Rodney Mullen on someday

    80. Phill Jackson

      Never skated, but I played his games on my little Nintendo. Thought is was the coolest Christmas present as a kid.

      1. Roland Deschain

        The GameCube?