LeBron & Giannis named 2020 NBA All-Star Game captains, Trae Young emotional over selection | Get Up



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    Jay Williams, Andre Iguodala and Matt Barnes react to LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo being named as the 2020 NBA All-Star captains, Atlanta Hawks PG Trae Young’s emotional response and agree that Miami Heat SF Jimmy Butler received the biggest snub.
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    1. jho oñate

      is PG-13 there? if not why?

    2. Tomás Boavista

      When is the draft

    3. Franco Latrell

      iguodala to curry back to iguodala up for the lay up.. OOUHHHHH BLOCKED BY JAMES!

    4. ytかいと

      Also d rose and Zack lavine got snubbed tho

    5. That mexican dude Mexican dude

      All love and respect to trae but this was Jimmys spot

    6. James Dawny

      For starters the east is trash. Put Miami in the west as always.

    7. Nin The king

      Kobe died

    8. FG Gf

      Luka should be Captain

    9. Gang Outside

      Igouadala lookin richer then every dad in calabasas bruh I swear

    10. POOP NOOB

      Lebrons starters r way better

    11. ProGamer TV

      That 16 tume all star means alot to our legend😢

    12. Πεννη Φανουρακη

      Young isn't Steph 2.0 Is Young 1.0

    13. WalapOnHighPing

      Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant 💛💜

    14. Marvin Clein

      So weird to not see steph or klay there

    15. Jeyhen0440

      Sad for me going to see them playing without curry

    16. Do Do

      Iguodala out here gonna join espn soon..he is getting old

    17. Bobby Mc wey

      I think westbrook should play instead of docic

    18. Frank 5599

      No disrespect to trae but he shouldn't be an all star this year because there's other guys who deserves it more.

    19. Joshua Greene

      West is OP😂😂

    20. Philipstyrer

      Why are they acting like Jimmy should've had Trae's spot when there are 2 spots for guards and Jimmy wasn't listed as a guard. Stupid.

    21. Charles Rillera III

      Trae Young shouldn’t be in honestly. Ben Simmons or Jimmy Butler got snubbed.

    22. D. Pickalo

      Lebron A davis Kemba Siakam Trea Giannis Kawhi Harden Donic Embiid

    23. Diggy City

      It's easy to blame the fan vote every year, but the fans aren't responsible for Jimmy Butler not being listed as a guard. He isn't more deserving than Giannis, Embiid or Siakam so that makes sense. They also aren't responsible for the players not voting Jimmy Butler in (fans did vote for Butler, just not as a starter). As for Trae Young, the MEDIA AND THE FANS voted him in, and he's done enough to deserve it even on a losing team. Don't create snubs where they don't exist and blame it on fans cause it's easy.

    24. Trenzy Perez

      I want to think that why trae young was indeed in starting line up of east is because Luka was in starting line up for west NBA want this rivalry to be going I remember when they are the top 2 player's to compete for last year ROY Luka on first half of the season then trae on last half of the season the only trae conflict on this all star selection starter is that his team are in the bottom of the east standings and they are two player's who deserve the spot kemba/butler

    25. H Fg

      Iguodala hatin’ on luka. Hahaha some guys can’t contain their ego.

    26. Luck

      I feel like some of the east starters should have been in the reserves cuz they’re still young

    27. Nezuko -Pyun

      Where the fk is Drose

    28. Aaron

      I wanted to see tacko fall play

    29. amir genias

      Which team will win, west or east? I think west...

    30. Ieatapple

      I have 1 issue of all star WHY DONOVAN MITCHELL IS NOT HERE

    31. Akeem Osbourne

      Jimmy is 5th in mvp consideration....yet didn't make the starter. How sway

    32. James Howard

      Idk how people thought a guard who shoots a lot of 3’s wasn’t going to translate into a 3 point centric nba

    33. Gavan Pullen

      Jimmy wasnt snubbed lol, u can compare a guy like khris middleton who is averaging 1 less point than butler but he has a better fg% 3p% defensive rating and plays 7 less minutes than butler .. also isnt the #1 on his team

    34. Tee Eazy 10

      Whoever's counting the votes would never let Luka be the captain...

    35. its ur boysam


    36. Nelson Cabico

      As you can clearly see trae is better than luka. Its so worthed to get trae + a 1st round pick for luka. While luka is averaging almost a 30pts triple double in a winning team weak! Trae has a better stats with the worst record in the nba!

    37. Spicy Tuna Roll

      I'm definitely happy Luka and trae got in but IN my opinion I repeat IN my opinion Jimmy butler should start over trae

    38. rcasagranda

      Finaly no Kyrie!!! That was fair to T. Young, congrats!


      iguodala should have made it in in the all star game

    40. luwis luwis

      But trae can't win

    41. Tayyaba Malik

      what about kyrie

    42. KR Rosario

      Miss the two best player every year ...KEVIN DURANT and STEPHEN CURRY

    43. Anthony Tillery


    44. Transparent Eclipse

      Trae has WAY better stats, jimmy has a way better impact. It’s up in the air tbh

    45. Mr. Manager

      What's the point in naming starters and reserves if there is a fantasy draft?

    46. FireReaper 1381

      What about dRose tho?

    47. Yuh Huhh

      West gone smacc

    48. Mad Magic’z

      LeBron again?

    49. Brandon Thomas

      They keep dissing Trae Young but nobody had a problem when Kyrie was losing in Cleveland and starting before Lebron went back. If the all star game all about wins then the clippers should have 4 all stars cause they have 4 players averaging over 19 ppg

    50. Sosa

      Kawhi almost 30 an this is only his 4th appearance but he better than lebron 🤦🏾‍♂️

    51. Gabriel Guerrero

      The west is stacked

    52. Zoom Sergeant

      Why is iggy on espn even tho he still on an nba roster

    53. Shadow

      Finally it’s back to east vs west not that all star mix up bs

    54. Aryan Pandey

      Jimmy Got robbed

    55. Nathaniel Atou

      Sooooooo Giannis and LeBron aint picking on video?

    56. YT: Rockawaysoldier

      It’s not gonna be the same without Curry and Klay 😞

    57. TheRealJR7

      We got Spice and Ice in the East Yessir

    58. Joshua LeFranc

      Luka deserves it more than LeBron in my opinion but whatever 🤷‍♂️

    59. Amanda

      Lebron has a stacked starting lineup

    60. Harry Heart

      Matt Barnes d*ck got its own timezone.