Living on my Own

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    Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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    1. SomeThingElseYT

      I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

      1. M a r g

        ive um watched all ur videos they're really good ok bye now

      2. Blueberry Muffin

        No offence but you and james are so cute. Can I have a hug. Wait we both have horns that are white

      3. Lena_Gamer Bunny

        Hello adam.Have you been at Vidcon?WHY DID I SAID THAT DUMB WORD HE'S BEEN AT VIDCON!!!!

      4. Treff Smith

        Free Max March

    2. Phoenix57


    3. Emmalee Ricks

      Samoas are dreakin awesome

    4. Jackson Thomas

      SumElseYT should talk more about his experiences with sports

    5. ASleepyDog

      I just wanna let you know that a kid has their mom painting you on their bedroom wall right now soo- (its not me)

    6. Nourwhal sings

      I just realized you do everything BUT have common sense

    7. feng liang


    8. feng liang

      Wat are you sayin

    9. Patrick Dyson

      I don't MOM did you find my GODDAMN CHOCHE MILK yet!

    10. Gena McKendall

      XD chokey milk

    11. Dark wolf playz

      Make lots of videos for more money

    12. densch

      New puppy is so done already

    13. Constantin Tentis

      i just wanna say my mum just told me grocery lists need butter bread milk salad (because GREENZ) AND YO DINNA BIOTCH

    14. mjk 019

      I'm 11

    15. anh vũ nguyễn

      *WHY is this in my recommend!?!?*

    16. Unverified Pree

      Jus eat ramen 😎

    17. klusus Mitten

      Now I'm wondering if his reason for moving away is because his mom stole his choccy milk

    18. Hugo Randow

      I moved away from home when i was 16 and honestly its not that hard

    19. Kate Dankowski


    20. Carbine

      My fridge is always empty anyways, I don't need to move out to experience that I guess

    21. Siddharth Joon

      When a fly duys do other flies fly around it

    22. Grant Jessop

      2:59. ... BAKUGOU

    23. Senthusan gaming

      I have loads of dislikes idk why 😐

    24. ElmerF

      8:56 - 9:12 Why do I remember Robin from Teen Titans Go whenever I watch this part

    25. KevyIsALevy

      adam, when you say bad words please try to censor it cause *s o m e p e o p l e* cant watch with bad words thank you

    26. princess Tiff4ny

      Food to exist list : Veg Eggs chocolate milk Frute Meat

    27. Homesticle 7788

      Where the hell is the Commons patrion site when People on youtube get in money problem

    28. GOH YEE HIN -

      Is that a his real mom voicing 3:06 or is it a very good impression? I can't tell.

    29. Quinn Illustrations

      It's, "Whom."

    30. Lorraine Dower

      Your drawing got way better

    31. shsl abracalicious


    32. misslittledonut

      Oh. I am a chld

    33. perfect frame! #1

      R.I.P coffee table ????-2019

    34. Maika Joss

      me: sees Bakugo poster on the wall and yeets myself at computer everybody else: *doesn't even know what mha/bnha even is*

    35. Analoe Volkova

      Owh you have to visit the places and check the apartments out before renting them and then go live in there! Just thought I would say this because of your 1st apartment fail

    36. itachi !!!


    37. Skilar

      50 year old me will still be living with my parents now.

    38. MR. Kings

      bakugo at 2:58

    39. lil bean Etienne

      anybody saw bakugou on his wall or is it just me?

    40. GAMESTER303

      My name is now Terrence