Pearl Jam - Dance of the Clairvoyants

Pearl Jam

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    Pearl Jam is back. New single "Dance of the Clairvoyants" available everywhere now:
    "'Dance' was a perfect storm of experimentation and real collaboration...We’ve opened some new doors creatively and that’s exciting." - Jeff Ament
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    1. Lulu N Love

      +sounds like talking heads rip off

    2. Denny Pirzas

      This is not creativity....this is garbage. Trying to sell to a younger crowd.

    3. Soël Khan

      sorry, this is not PJ as i (we like)

    4. Orchid Skie


    5. Maud Marie

      Next song chilled hopfully

    6. warren Thomas

      Does it get Eddie vedar than this !!!

    7. Snowy Owl

      Holy Polarization batman!!! Lots of love and hate here, times change and so do musical styles.

    8. Fernando Galeto M R

      ...and Frusciante is back!!!

    9. Swordy

      this song is god damn awful lol i was very surprised to hear this pop on my spotify. jesus

    10. Francesco D'Andrea

      "Superblood Wolfmoon" is not even out yet, and a cover-prediction has been posted here:

    11. Robert JL


    12. Byron Deithrick

      I don’t like the electronic drum sound and tinny symbols



    14. crypto currbit

      Very Very awesome!

    15. Unknown Unknown

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    16. C Bro

      Dance of the Clairvoyants (Feat. David Byrne) :-D

    17. Master Chief

      When I first heard this song, I didn't like it... but as time went on and kept listening to it I started liking it a lot. It's definetly not close to ten album at all, but it's something new and it's pretty good. I do wish Pearl Jam does make an album like ten again one day though

    18. Marco Tirelli

      It's already a masterpiece!

    19. willi möller

      Toller Song

    20. Peste Padure

      I was a big fan, but I cand forget the big villa with pool that Eddie owns..

    21. raymund amansec

      Russell Crowe on vocals

    22. Neil Barton

      SO SO HAPPY TO HAVE PEARL JAM BACK!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy we Didn't loose you Eddie to the grunge days. Keep feeding that Soul Brother!


      Welcome back! This new style is great!!

    24. Christian Meza

      Pretty good, love it.

    25. Billtown Biker

      Sounds like late 90s Collective Soul.

    26. KynKyn

      This song is so good!!

    27. Brendan Sheeran

      The song is sick, lyrics are nasty, grows like cancer. Listen to it. Lots

      1. Denny Pirzas

        only thing you got right was cancer

    28. Arkadiusz Rudewicz


    29. Jacqueline Wernett

      ..Aurora Borealis..L'chaim from Jacova, Jacoba 11..Gevurah born March Bethlehem..L'chaim from my son Wolf..Zechariah Wolf being Prophetic being clairvoyant

    30. piotr krejza

      nr.1 LP3 Poland

    31. Soya_lberto

      Sorry. I dont like it.... this is not PJ

    32. Dennis Finan

      Fantastic, great lyrics and eddies vocals are strong

    33. Milos Pantos masterpiece...

    34. Steve Jolos


    35. Radiqu

      Old good Pearl Jam, gods 🖕, open a heaven

    36. Jeff Cogle


    37. mike erickson


    38. Dylan Poulin

      KoL anyone?

    39. Manu Antitú

      Yo esperaba flores o chocolates en este Día de San Valentín,nunca llegarón,en cambio esta canción nueva de PJ podría reemplazar hasta mí regalo de cumpleaños,grandes los Pearl Jam!!!,vivan siempre!!!

    40. zibi

      pozdrawiam słuchaczy Trójki

    41. Zibby Elznic

      So glad Eddie did not end up like other grunge singers from the 90’. Please stay with us as long as possible. Beautiful masterpiece!

    42. Marco Tirelli

      They're still alive and kicking!

    43. Nir Elharar

      Talking Heads af

    44. Shannell George

      Good God 💚💚💚

    45. San Suna

      oh man, so long since once,still awesome

    46. Jason Leon

      what in the Talking Heads is this?

    47. honeydewbunson

      That one day that David Byrne took over Eddie Vedder’s body

      1. tbirddddd

        Upvoted this cause I thought it said David Bowie, but both are very valid.

    48. Zenfinity Massage & Wellness

      I'm surprised to read Pearl Jam lyrics that actually make sense, in a poetic, metaphoric way, without needing an explanation of what the song is about. Still can't understand the words without reading them though.

    49. jeff Preininger

      I'm not one to post negative comments but with all of the technology today, why chose a cheesy 80s drum machine and casio keyboard sound to represent pearl jam in 2020? I am just disappointed. They are so much better than this.

    50. molis grunge

      Son.. he said, Do you have a little time to dance with me..... My father is back!

    51. Steve Armstrong

      this just really is such a great fucking song - bodes very well for the new album

    52. James Adams

      Fucking love this song me... looking like a 3rd pearl jam tattoo coming 👀👀👀 got Ten logo and just breathe so far

    53. Sax73

      Love it. Feeling Bowie.

    54. Darrell Thrasher

      Definitely a code 3 situation

    55. Darrell Thrasher

      Looks like the rythm above is throwing some PVCS and bijemony

    56. Clezio Souza


    57. オリーブの木DEMETHRIUS

      years 80,s

    58. Sascha Graf

      This is not the spirit that I was found and inspired by the Band in the 90's

    59. Krouwkaar

      Only TEN ever made an impact on me... but some impact it was! I was 16 in 92 when I saw them live. They're still going by on the credit they got back then

    60. eyemalien

      phat funky jam