Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette



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    HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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    1. Elyza Zeron

      My brother saw u today at in an out

    2. gondorbunny

      My mom was cremated after passing away from cancer. This is a name of a cosmetics release, not a personal attack. The only ones getting offended by this are boring basic bitches who have to create internet drama because they have inferiority complexes. Fight me.

    3. Alaina Simmons

      Who would use a palette called cremated for wedding makeup Jefferee

    4. Meredith Schafer

      What is the song in this cause YES QUEEN

    5. Hannah WithAClue

      As someone who NEVER wears makeup (the raaaaare mascara appearance doesn't even matter) I have to say this is the first palette you've had I WANNT! I loooove every palette you make but I just don't have the look for crazy makeup.. I'm pretty plain idk. But this one seems like something I could play with really subtly, but also use almost ALL the colors. GENIUS idea.

    6. spookyhadyn

      that ending was so iconic.

    7. Sam

      Nicole is soooo beautiful 😍

    8. Dila

      you are AMAZING.

    9. Melody Cline

      Black and silver were my everyday eyeshadow look as a teen into early 20's and I could only find it around Halloween. Most of it was crap. Wish this was around then..

    10. spookyhadyn

      I love this. Also to everyone thinking it's "offensive" literally grow up. It is a name of the palette. Not everything has to be about you or involve you.

    11. Astral Cake

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> "Hot Topics" girl I see what you did there

    12. Melody Cline

      You know I'm so jealous of your life.. In my younger years I would've loved to do what you do. You're so creative and beyond sweet... Congrats to you Jeffree Lynn Star

    13. Petty Police Woman

      There is only 1 white (wtf) and the rest are duplicates.

    14. Amber Williams

      Hey guys, I love makeup and want to try and put myself out there more, my instagram is @amberella_makeupx it would be appreciated if you could go on and have a look and maybe give us a follow and I’ll follow back❤️

    15. ESSARGEE

      Whoah I really like this song. What's the name???

    16. Claire Yu

      I like you very much I want to send you a small gift Think you are sincere

    17. Skye Jensen

    18. Anna Cansdale

      Anyone else think Jeffree looked so much like Voldemort at the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Skye Jensen

    20. Skye Jensen

    21. Kamari Jelly

      didn’t you say the n word with a hard r...

    22. GeauxTigers 516

      I think it’s a great palette. Everything can’t be neon, brights or brown. It was absolutely time for a “greyge” moment. Cremated as a name is 100% on brand for JS Cosmetics and I don’t know why it catches anyone off guard.

    23. La Vie De Jp

      jeffree can i interview you and ask you some crazy questions ?

    24. Paigie Greeff

      Anyone else love the smell of makeup? Why can I smell this palette through the phone?

    25. Sophie X

      I can’t believe people are thinking off cremated in a negative way my mind didn’t even think off that

    26. Sade Marshall

      Wait wait wait wtf did he say at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a>?? 😂 why can’t I understand what he’s saying?! Am I that high that I can’t hear English?? 🤣

    27. Pamela Wilson

      Sadly I didn’t get one. 😢

    28. Autumn Rose Sharp

      i know this is about the transformation of him turning literally white but wow his tan !! has Jeffree ever been that tan ?

    29. Savannah Morrison

      People are so sensitive it’s ridiculous

    30. Chocolate Vinny

      *Jeffree star is the only person who looks good without eyebrows.*no offense

    31. katrina West

      It's sold out 😭

    32. Beauty with Mae

      I love u so much

    33. Taylor McGarvey

      Watching season season episode 3 of America's Next Top Model.. and i noticed you in the audience of the pool fashion show. Would love to hear the back story!? Can you give us the tea?!

    34. My Name Is Weird

      It’s almost like people want to feel offended and they purposely look for things to be offended by..

    35. GlossyBrad

      Is no one going to talk about how jeffree star's lipstick N*ZI? Like y'all literally need to stop being stans.

    36. Holly Olsen

      It's not like he named it "Death by Corona" or just straight up "Corona"!!! The name he chose is right on brand for Jeffree. It's something you would expect from him. Now, if you don't like him, don't look or comment on what he does.

    37. heartofglass

      I love the pallet

    38. Holly Olsen

      Omg Jeffree's hilarious 😂😂😂😂 I absolutely loved how he was just chillingin the pool 😂🤣🤣😂 That's Jeffree!!😊♥️😊♥️😊♥️

    39. 산드라 Xandra

      people be offended like they own the word

    40. In Music We Unite

      Jeffree is a queen nobody can stop her

    41. danieladaniela

      🤣🤣😘😘😘 love u jeffree

    42. Avery Hyde

      Thus is such cute content of nick and jeffree🥴🥰🥰❤️❤️

    43. Holly Olsen

      I swear it's completely fuckin with my eyes bc it looks like he's filming in black and white but it's just his make-up and hair 😵😵😱😱

    44. Bigspliff26

      P3d0ph1l3 scumbag

    45. Andrea Curtis

      I just want you to know. I love it when you smile. You have a gorgeous smile.

      1. ho's tinkywinky

        @Andrea Curtis nah, dont bother. she is just jealous sick people and has unhealthy obsession towards jeffree. Imagine spending time in someones channel with full of negativity.

      2. Andrea Curtis

        @Bigspliff26 ??? Do you have a problem with what i said?

      3. Bigspliff26

        Sick people

      4. Bigspliff26


    46. Elly King

      I don’t think he should apologize or anything he says cremated all the time its not insensitive its just a “slogan” its a funny name stop being bitter people 🙄

    47. Aubrey Anderson

      Y’all are you gonna get offended by fake skeletons and gory horror movies that depict death?? I don’t think so.

    48. Killa.Kody1

      H3H3 brought me here. this is legendary

      1. ho's tinkywinky

        Huh? I only know h3h3 bcuz of his fight petty shit with keemstar lmao

    49. Adie G.

      love love love!!!!! DOPE!

    50. octopus


    51. Riaroseu

      Crazy how this ain’t in black and white

    52. Anya Martin

      What I don't understand why people are so butthurt, i'm sorry if people who are *cough* DEAD are cremated but that's such the way of the virus. To help stop the spread you have to make sure you burn the bodies. I'm sorry if your so weak minded that your offended over a name of a pallet that someone came up with over a year ago. Like no one is offended with Blood sugar and you could say he's offending people that has Diabeties. But nope everyone is gonna go after him for one name. So in short, stop being but hurt, stop lashing out at him, and just stfu.

    53. jbuff 12

      I ordered the can’t relate case for my iPhone 11pro and now my order is nowhere to be found (also never got a refund). I ordered the can’t relate 420 shirt in large and then magicially when it shipped it was in a size small. What’s going on with your website ?

    54. Paula Ruiz

      My dad was cremated a well, nothing wrong with this!! Very creative and kinda funny

      1. Bigspliff26

        Ur a proper freak

    55. WorldOf Sewa

      He literally shouldn't get any backlash from any of this If anything he should get love

    56. Karen Rodriguez

      can you please bring back the thirsty palette 😭 please please please

      1. Goth Girl Queen Diva

        Govto my chabeel

    57. Rebecca Mellito

      Who thinks Jeffree needs to make a bathrobe??????? Yasssssss like so he can see!!!

      1. Goth Girl Queen Diva

        Go tivmyvchabeel

    58. Envylife904

      Soooo Jeffree fuck my life!! My husband passed away on may 24 my so called bff stayed with me 3days after he passed she stole all 3 of to ur latest pallets from me both my khors bags and 2k in cash .......I'm dying right now

      1. Bigspliff26

        Envylife904 weirdo

      2. Goth Girl Queen Diva

        Go tovmy cahbeeeel

      3. Envylife904

        I need my blunt my red bull a lil cremation and my new wig is just fucked!!!!!!FML!!!!!!

    59. sherri fortier

      I doubt you are going to see this but why not try. So I attempted to purchase the new pallet but couldn’t because I was at work and missed it. I was able to purchase some lip products from it and another pallet for my daughter for her bday. We both love you and watch your videos. So at check out they are offering two day shipping which I did in hopes it would make it close to her bday ( May 28th). I reached out to your customer support with no actual answer. If two day shipping isn’t available why is it being offered and not honored?

    60. Ron, Nae and Family

      This is different not gonna knock his hustle. He has the support. Any small RO-selsrs want to support each other? I will sub anyone that subs me back. Let’s all support each other

      1. Goth Girl Queen Diva

        Go to my cabbeel

    61. Natalia Silva

      O just washed a scandal video on Jeffrey and at first I didn't want to believe it but at this point there's just too much evedenc to defend him...

      1. ho's tinkywinky

        Bcuz you focus too much on someones past! And how bandwagon trend just bcuz he doesnt care to follow whatever they want to.

      2. Goth Girl Queen Diva

        Govto my chaneel

    62. Dani Quinta

      She’s so talented 🌟

    63. Anwar Sahebjan

      Is it just me or his look is very similar to Lobo's look from dc comics lol ahhahaha

    64. Kenneth

      Joe exotic never looked this good

    65. JennSCHWA

      I love you.🖤🤍

    66. Tee Riff SephiTrump

      Yall thought the vibes were negative..... Yall don't know J star bitch. ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Bigspliff26

        Get help

    67. Emily Shelley

      The ending to this video in the pool has me lmaoooo

    68. Daisy O'Brien

      Patiently waiting for the "N A Blur" primer 😂😂

    69. mr001991

      I dont wear make up at all but i think this pallet would have been perfect in the fall, during halloween season. Cremated, death, halloween, you get it. Now whichever product is released during that time has to top this one. Also, I know absolutely nothing about marketing and would love to hear other opinions.

    70. Emma Ballantyne

      Looks like you've mono'd half the screen... Wow

    71. Krystel B

      Jeffree!! On your next review, could you test the Jamaican singer “Spice” new Piano eyeshadow pallet and microphone brush set please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💋❤️

    72. Katya Taylor

      anyone else notice that the under eye line is there on his left eye but not there on his right eye lol

    73. Saravana Prakash

      Jeffree:Releases Blood Lust The people getting offended over cremated : OMG im so offended he is making fun of vampires

    74. Princess Alexandria Ligasan

      I remember Detox for having this grayscale look at RPDR finale. Wow

    75. Rhiannon Thomas-Giles-Allen

      My father died when I was a child[7], he too was cremated. Yes there is a pandemic, but death happens everyday regardless. It's a natural part of life and even more upsetting for people who sadly are losing people during CV19 (me included, I lost my Nan in April and yes, she was cremated and I couldn't go to the funeral or view her to say good bye). Get over it already, use all that negativity to help the ones in need. Timing worked out wrong, that's not any ones fault.

    76. Luke Mcguire

      I love the stoned and giggly vibe x bless you both!


      Русские привет

    78. firewille987

      degenerated gay ppl now a day

    79. Humpty Dumpty

      Cash cash brought me here

    80. Naya Harvey

      I don’t care what anyone says Jeffree is amazing and beautiful and so is this palette. So just keep being the person you are and everyone else who’s hatin can stfu😊