The Patriots should run up the score vs. the Bengals - Stephen A. | First Take



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    Stephen A. Smith says he would not mind if the Patriots run up the score vs. the Bengals in Week 15 because Bill Belichick should be frustrated about the investigation surrounding New England filming Cincinnati's sideline.
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    1. Donna Morgan

      The cliff that he's been hanging on for 3 year? Really Max🤣. Maybe Tom does need AB🤣

    2. Almighty Scott

      Mina sounds intelligent

    3. Big John

      Need to copy a tape of a 1-12 team 😂😃😂😂😂🤣

    4. dale deem

      The reason why BB is the greatest coach is cuz he doesn't take any one for granted??? Max is a moron .. he cant even stay with is own points .. last week he was a cheater now he is the greatest ... so which one is it max ?.? Cuz in the real world cheaters aren't great moron they are just cheaters .... maybe his little man that he is see it has being great .. so if I cheat at Golf and only say I did a 60 but it was really a 120 that means I am the greatest right

    5. michael Castle

      How about the Ravens 360 series those recordings look far worse than what the Patriots recorded. And don't forget people that Baltimore has been fined a few times in the past for their shady practices.

    6. Real Music Real Artist

      And They Did lol 😂

    7. Stuxnet HomeGroup

      Max Kellerman is a registered pedophile

    8. Event Horizon Productions

      Can any Patriots haters help me out? If anti-Brady Max says the lack of O-line and receivers don't factor in to Brady being able to put up numbers and be effective, and that Brandy's lack of numbers and being effective is merely proof that he "sucks" - how can Max constantly say the Patriots have solid running backs if they as a team have no run game? It's almost like a horrible offensive line has substantial negative effects on the offensive capability of a team, and that football is a team sport!! 😲😲🥴🤯

    9. Dillon Mccormick

      Women talking football no good

    10. StraightButGay

      Jalen marrying Molly gave her clout that she dont deserve

    11. Movies by Moonlight


    12. Paul Bracamonte

      Who is this she's great! Was she on a different show?

    13. Oliver Torres

      That got caught before they got enough info.

    14. Aidan

      I like how they listen to and actually acknowledge mina when she speaks. Shows how much smarter she is than molly.

    15. Trev Mac

      One guy is getting balder and the other guy is getting grayer and meanwhile Belichick and Brady continue to live in their heads and drive them crazy.. Man i love the Patriots and how they drive half of Americans crazy. Only *Trump* can drive some people crazier

    16. BIG HUNGRY


    17. Mike M

      Stephen A. gate

    18. Peter Henden

      Lispy guy dumping on Brady? Never underestimate the Patriots. Ya hate us 'cause you ain't us!

    19. The Not Just Basketball

      Molly against the world

      1. Ø.G DeRrIcK

        The Not Just Basketball 😭😭

    20. Aaron Wilson

      Who's that chick

    21. ubon11

      This controversy is the shot in the arm the Patriots need to feed off and win yet another title. They feed off the doubt and the hate. Max, with all his hate, is actually helping Tom Brady, not hurting him.

      1. CM Funk

        ubon11 just face it. This team is just overrated this year

    22. William Tuttle

      Bold of you to assume we even have the offense to run up the score

    23. Camping Elitist

      This guy is the biggest Tom Brady hater on earth lol. At this point you can clearly see his wife loves Tom.

    24. Steven Miller

      Patriots are innocent. You hate us.. cause you ain’t us!!

      1. CM Funk

        Steven Miller you’re just a fan.

    25. Team Carrot

      This dude is like the Fox News is sports

    26. BigBody Rico

      Max "its like he fell off a cliff its weird"😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Mike M

        This just in: Max just drove his car off a cliff. Oh the irony.

    27. Andre Gordon

      Big Cat Bowl today !! Cheetas VS Bengals

    28. Deep Patel

      Just some food for thought here, being caught more than anyone else doesn’t they are imply doing it more than anyone else max. Wouldn’t it also make sense that they’re simply just targeted for supervision more than other teams are and thus caught more because of the fact that they’re so successful combined with their feud with the league?

    29. OZ Leano

      1st in the AFC east 10-3 and constantly slandered and bashed I don’t get it 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    30. Sloppy Jalopys

      CHEATING leads to the greatest dynasty in NFL history and nobody seems to have a problem?

    31. Haywood Jablowme

      Cheatriots in a nail biter, lol. They DO have that documentary on was it the deflator guy losing weight or the film guy biography on this one?

    32. Shivan Anirudhra

      Who's the cute Asian Girl? Wow she's beautiful and smart Go patriots.. My inspiration and team Other than the Indian Cricket team there's no team I root for more

    33. Family First

      So just because they win championships it's okay for them to CHEAT?? The Patriots are cheaters that win.

    34. BJ Young


    35. Animelytical

      Molly has improved recently. It does flow better without her. But she's done better. Particularly in NFL discussions

    36. lil steez

      I bet if max ever sees Tom Brady he’ll act buddy buddy and would never say cliff anywhere near him😂

    37. FaiisHD

      Cheifs are the best team with the best quarterback

    38. Syntax Logic

      In this video, the Patriots are guilty. Interesting.

    39. Luke Connors

      This show is boring when they talk about Patriots vs a shitty team

    40. Trav Filmz

      There kids to be great you have to cheat.

    41. Chris Hick

      Nonsense! Football is a gentlemen's game and candor and decorum must prevail.

    42. Matt Coogan


    43. D.A.M.E Lándõ Orlando

      If the Patriots win it’s only because they spied ;)

    44. Steve 1776

      When have the Patriots NOT run up the score when they were able to?

    45. Andrew Miller

      The Bengals should run up the score on the Pats😂

    46. Jonah George

      Do Max’s analogies make sense

    47. Ted Timons

      When Tom Brady win this year everybody going to eat their feet

      1. Darth Ravenous

        Jason Rivas again, last year. Tom does not have the same team he had last year. Not even close.

      2. Jason Rivas

        Darth Ravenous people said they had no shot against the Chiefs last year and somehow they beat them. (twice)

      3. Darth Ravenous

        Ted Timons no way the Patriots get past the Ravens. Just not possible.

    48. extremesowhat

      Everyone hates the patriots other than racists lol

    49. Brett

      Trust me. They’ll run up the score. They’ve done it before. They’ll do it again. That’s what classless organizations do.

    50. Matt C

      She really just called the pats offense “ weak sauce” welcome to the new ESPN everyone



    52. Carlos Yanez

      Max is so dam annoying when it comes to Tom Brady. Dude. Give him receivers and then judge his play. A quarterback cannot make his receivers catch nor can he make them create separation. This is football at its simplest form No different than when the great Lebron James failed to bring a young core to the playoffs.

    53. Dave Aleman

      Hey Steven a Smith where is the principle? He got caught. Not good.

    54. Andrew Tucker

      Boy, the New York Yankees wish they had the master mind like Bill Bellichick.

    55. T.M. Will

      Run it up, don't run it up, it doesn't matter anymore with the Patriots. They are cheaters, we all know it, and their legacy is permanently damaged because of it. Case closed.

    56. Just Cruz

      Only problem with the accusation is that it’s about the Bengals. Like, the freaking Bengals?? They’re one of the last teams NE would worry about and look for an edge over. If they cheated you’d think it’d be like the Chiefs or Rams coming forward with accusations. Sounds like the Bengals are now just making excuses for being pitiful.

    57. stephon44

      I like this chick

    58. BNAMusic88 _

      You know it’s bad that we can predict the Bengals gets boat raced....

    59. Connell Poor

      beating the blitz also involves at least some protection which Brady has none of this year either

    60. Eddie Mac

      Brady is the exact same as last year. He just has worse players around him. He’s nowhere near to falling of a cliff

      1. Eddie Mac

        CJ Turner he has a solid game with no mistakes and a couple TDs and he’s “washed up” QBS with elite offenses and OL do the same and they are “elite”. Double standards He’s the GOAT PERIOD.

      2. CJ Turner