The Ultimate Sustainable Pillow? | Comfy Comfy Pillow

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    Today we review the sustainable buckwheat pillow by Comfy Comfy!
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    We were sent this product by the manufacturer, but we were not paid to review it. Our opinions are solely based on experience with the product.
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    1. Jennifer Holm

      I got one of these pillows recently! they are so comfy to sleep on and have helped me with back / neck pain.

    2. WatchDominion . com

      I wouldn’t of known about these if it wasn’t for this video I was looking for a alternative but these look great I’m excited o buy these

    3. Kevin

      Zac the Younger, I think the crunching sound of the buckwheat hulls would keep me awake. Now, your statement implying the needless slaughter of geese just to turn them into pillow stuffing is a bit of a misdirection. When they are processed for food, their feathers and down is shipped to other industries for stuffing into products like pillows and comforters as well as down-filled outdoor wear. Anyway, check out the site "Sleep Like The Dead" at Rest well...

      1. WatchDominion . com

        Ducks? Yeah I think you need to see this then if you think that. it takes you to 45:38 about ducks. At 52:20 they talk about down or being plucked alive and then killed

    4. Phil Melson

      I've tried one of the first,but was not impressed.

    5. Dave Wilson

      I’ve used a buckwheat pillow for the last 30 years. Try it, ‘fluff’ it and lay down. It will cradle your head however you like. Move your head around to where you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Shut your eyes and you will probably be asleep within a minute and wake up in the same position.

      1. Хэл

        How do you wash it

    6. Paul Adams

      Does it smell?

      1. Paul Adams

        @D R-K Cool good to know.

      2. D R-K

        No it does not. I had one years ago and it was great.

    7. Jose Luis Meseguer

      Nice that you are talking about other sustainable products and companies... Lately, I've been researching a company called Loop Industries; they have a system to "recycle" PET plastic and it looks quite interesting... It could be an interesting company for you to talk about in one of your videos.

    8. 1_2_Die

      I like sheep wool pillows.

    9. larrywave

      I haw straw pillow that was made by my grandma so i cant go more ecological 😂

    10. Peter and Will Anderson

      These pillows are great!

    11. Patrick Shanahan

      Oh No! Not the comfy chair!

    12. L Dewey

      Nice topic. Learned something new and sustainable. For all the other comments that are dissing this, know, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WATCH IT,....just sayin'....

    13. Roma

      I like it, I've learned something new today, thanks guys! I like buckwheat a lot and I had no idea that you can also sleep on it :))))

    14. PsyTech

      I love Buckwheat pillow!l

    15. Roy Wessbecher

      Good one - I learned something. These types of pillows should be everywhere and cheap - but I bet, like vegan food, they are not...

      1. WatchDominion . com

        Vegetables legumes fruits grains are everywhere look up yt videos and do ur due diligence

    16. Scott Gunderson

      I go through a lot of pillows can never find the right one for a side/stomach sleeper.

      1. Mitchell Barnow

        This is like the pillow that I have.

      2. Scott Gunderson

        BayerBear any brand recommendations?

      3. BayerBear

        Try one with a centre-stitch.. Both me and my gf love those..