Valencia 2-0 Barcelona analysis: Are Barca still too Lionel Messi dependent? | La Liga


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    ESPN FC's Steve Nicol recaps Valencia's 2-0 win over Lionel Messi and Barcelona, which proves to be Barca's first loss under new manager Quique Setien. Nicol addresses how the Catalan giants are still too reliant on Messi and questions whether or not there has been any sort of progress since Ernesto Valverde's sacking.
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    1. Sunnyabraham Konethe

      Messi scores one goal and called saviour but u don't see at the sane time ter stegen saving two incredible sure goals. But not called saviour. Ridiculous

    2. Sterling Marshel

      Messi needs to finish his career in the PL - man city which will give them a chance to win the CL - this version of Barca is clueless

    3. dvdesprza

      Short answer... Yes

    4. Suvedan Sudevalayam

      Simplistic Stevie Nicol can't grasp that Suarez was missing through injury, and Barca are missing a number 9.

    5. Vote Gaming

      Is not manager problem is their player (defender)

    6. Sainey Danjo

      Barcelona's problem is not about the manager's but the player's

    7. A.L. Suting

      What's wrong with this beautiful team? Messi alone can't find a net........unity is strength........ please you can't do it alone.....

    8. denis okelo

      😂😂😂😂The same panelists who used to criticize Zizou at the start of the season are now silent

    9. 1 MAN ARMY Guzman

      Barca looks lost, needs help! Bring a REAL TOP LEVEL EXPERIENCE COACH N PLAYERS!! Messi, if this continues GO TO PSG WITH NEY N MBAPPE!

    10. Gary walker

      When Barcelona lost the game, it's the teams fault..when juve lost, cr7 is not good enough-espn logic

    11. Xploit drawing

      Terstegen is the best goalkeeper

    12. tom tyson

      The thing is no one minds griezmann while playing. Everyome is concentrating on messi. And messi is not the central forward and he is playing more like a mid fielder nowadays. So passing the ball to that lad is now creating many chances.players should take risk and pass the ball to griezmann, instead of making passes amoung themselves in thier half of the ground for increasing possession

    13. Lance Bailey

      Umtiti to get benched AND start lenglet.. sergi roberto to bench n start semedo.. start VIDAL!!!!!!!!!!!! n play 433 not 352..

    14. William Draxter

      Let’s admit it, Barcelona is dead.

    15. Ayman Jc

      Looks like someone getting sacked.

    16. Nguyen ha chau

      All pass. No shoot. Only shoot if Messi. Basically Barcelona’s current strat. The Bs is Barca midfielder CAN’T attack, shoot nor be in the box.

    17. Dodep 09

      suarez has been nearly as important for barca, theres a reason that messis game drops when suarez is out the team.

    18. Thiago NJ


    19. Faramund

      Man that was the worst game of football I've seen in a while. 70 minutes of pointlessly playing the ball back and forth. And yes clearly they are, left wing position is still mediocre, attacking midfielders are mediocre and Frenkie is used in the wrong way and doesn't play well.

    20. Kim Jong-un

      Messi peaked

    21. Kevin Sognal

      I’ve been wanting a place to comment this for a long time. VALVERDE WAS A GREAT COACH WAY BETTER THEN SETIEN. I always knew it but the fans are stupid wish I could coach. All you need is a Billion Dollar team

    22. Edilson Mendez



      Messi out !

    24. Swan1

      There is only one person who can save Barcelona at this point, Neymar and if Barca keep spending money on people like Griezmann and Dembele instead of simply buying back Neymar because they're butthurt, things are gonna get much worse.Neymar seems to have gotten past his injury problems ( we are gonna have to wait until his sisters birthday to see if that really is the case) and he has been in great form since his return for injury. He can play in any position that he is needed to play in unlike Griezmann, Coutinho, and Dembele he can play anywhere in the attack and still put in a great performance.Neymar is Barcas only solution

    25. Ronny Ron

      What game was Steve Nicol watching? Wow, this guy is no pundit but a Messi fan. Everybody saw it: Messi had a terrible game and Barcelona are dependent on him. Messi's demise is Barcelona's as well

    26. Carlos Mendez

      barca without messI 😂

    27. D Roman

      Barca didn’t score on Granada until they were down to 10 men from a red card. A 3-5-2 formation only works with solid defenders and a strong holding midfielder. Busquets was great, but he’s past his prime along with Pique. If it weren’t for Ter Stegen’s fantastic saves, Valencia could have scored 5 goals.

    28. Orando McLean

      It's too early to judge the coach. Players are to be blamed.

    29. Apnextp

      it'll be funny to see who the barca fans will turn to next to save messi from criticism. My bet is on greizman lmaooo.

    30. John S

      0:15 Steve Nicol Starts a discourse in a mysterious language. That ain't English.

    31. Ijaz A

      Credits to Valencia

    32. Fadli Omar

      It is simple. Defence and centre mid. Just watch liverfool Vandick Fabinho Good left and right back Allison


      Barca should habe signed xavi

    34. Essio Fuzulu

      mid level squad players need to exit or sit on bench: roberto semedo fatti lenglet perez etc etc etc bottom line: board is made up of beggers who just want money but don't want to spend... just relying on Messi to make more money while partly ruining his legacy

    35. Shurikn-productions

      Welcome to Valverde 2.0

    36. Deo Ram

      De jong was bad, he should have stay at Ajax.

    37. lennon871

      It’s not a secret, Barca have been a one man club for a while now.

    38. Wishva krish

      The one and only reason which I don’t like in football world is Many of you think that the game only belongs to 10 or 15 teams that’s it So it is always a upset when a favorite lose Appreciate the teams which are showing effort

    39. Wishva krish

      I’m the only one congratulating and appreciating Valencia

    40. Bughatii Lovren


    41. manan chaudhari

      I miss valvarde already.....

    42. Shawn Michaels

      When Juventus underperforms , Ronaldo is finished but when messi underperforms , team is too much dependent on him. The channel is biased.😐 Well I equally admire both of them😊

      1. Sneh

        This thing has been literally going on from years.

    43. #FCB barcelona

      pique is old and just has to go. our right backs have no experience and griezman was a horrible signing.

    44. Æ ñ

      Valverde out🙏🔥🔥🤙😅🤣

    45. Raphael Souza de Melo

      The entire team need a revamp. Starting with Sergi Roberto. He can't defend.

    46. ChuckTay23

      The real problem is that defenders aren't afraid of messi anymore. Messi looks like my grandfather in that photo. Father Time is undefeated

    47. Manoj Kumar

      are Barcelona 'STILL' too L.Messi dependent !!!???😅🤣🤣😂😂😭😭 Took too long for English media to realize the FACT that Barca are indeed L.Messi dependent

    48. Javier Valverde

      Amunt Valencia che!! 🦇⚪⚫⚽🏆💙💛❤️🖤

    49. Sami re

      ESPN is a JOKE! Barcelona won against Granada, fantastic performance no review show done. Barcelona lost against Valencia, ESPN makes a review show. ESPN IS A JOKE !

      1. Sami re

        @Ashil Yes ik that is where Barca have to improve better possession and better play together

      2. Ashil

        @Sami re better possession doesn't mean better play lol

      3. Sami re

        @Unfunny Well my friend ! There were issues of no dynamic and better flow under Valverde . Under Quique's first game this big issue was solved . Even their pressing game was very good and they won the ball back very quickly. You say that we barely won against Granada but I say that we barely let them play their game. It was all about our performance that is possession game with better penetration towards opposition goal. That game was all about the performance not the result.

      4. Unfunny

        Fantastic performance?? They barely won against a 10 man team

    50. Maxmud Xareed

      Messi is a fraud.

    51. deathvalleydemon41

      Every coaches last name should be changed to OUT! LMAO

    52. Nilesh Tiwari

      When barca win they say it's because of messi when they loss they say because of others.

      1. Alpha Arsenic

        stop with this nonsense bandwagon. The team as a whole and the system in which they play was blamed here, nothing to do with messi or any individual player

    53. Victor Camarasa

      Messi has literally got body guards across the world! He is provided with enough chances to score and he didn’t take them. I’m not saying that he’s is not the best in Barca team, but he is always exonerated. Ter Stegen was Barca best today and Maxi was the best player overall. ESPN are blind to Messi faults

    54. jeevan raj

      These panelist are just like those cules who will suck messi ball even though he play bad. Messi was equally bad as Alba and pique and i don't know why greizman is playing at such position. Ansu fati is too young to be at this squad I feel..

    55. wolfe dima

      People start missing Dembele soon.. Barca needs strong runners from the midfield and one calm anchorman to make through passes like iniesta and xavi

    56. amin youtube channel

      stop use 3 defender

    57. Chibz92

      “Valverde out”

    58. Mo Bamber

      Ronaldo would have stepped up for his team

    59. Atul kumar

      Last year madrid malfunctioned n now its barca.

    60. Xavier Mitchell

      Yes. That's the reason why Argentina hasn't won anything because they expect Messi to do everything.

      1. Xavier Mitchell

        @Arilukskills I agree

      2. Arilukskills

        Xavier Mitchell and that dependency makes it possible that Argentina would play better without Messi, not because Messi is the bad thing in the team, or is his fault, but because they wouldnt rely on him anymore. They literally keep giving the ball back to Messi when he pass to them repeatedly, and that happens with Barça too