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    Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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    1. Lynda Hall

      Y'all should travel to Mississippi🤠

    2. Yuh

      When is the travel video comming up?

    3. Dany

      do you know that you are very sweet

    4. Cat

      I wish you well on your journey. This sounds like a great way to find your self mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born in Texas and lived in Tennessee, i miss the woods and nature. Fresno Ca is okay. Sooo can I borrow the van when you’re done 😅.

    5. Rain Studios

      You guys have to react too this video

    6. Oluwakemi Akanle

      Tip: gym membership so you can shower❤

    7. Kayla Chereice

      i am sorry to be inappropriate but i’m tripping balls and 9:31 scared the SHIT OUT OF ME

    8. Icon

      dudes sound and look like they’re gonna grow up to be Sylvester Stallone

    9. Ryan TTV Try Hard

      How are they going to shower brush your teeth it doesn’t make sense

    10. Nicki Harvey's

      This was some sick editing loved the video loving these videos so much 👍🏼😁

    11. Angiethegreat

      its so crazy how they built this themselves

    12. Zander Martinez

      Just a couple of posers hopping on the van life trend 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🙄 ,literally put no thought themselves into the make of this (very simple) van design

    13. Fire _Flakes227

      Okay so when they were in the fabric store a Celia Cruz song was playing in the background. So I thought my mom was listening to music until I figured out it was from the video.

    14. Fire _Flakes227

      The innuendos in this video and the fighting had be crying😂

    15. Jeff Mendelsohn

      great job with the guys are funny, interesting and seem to deal with life in a joyful way....jeff

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Kitchen? Bathroom? They didn’t use their space too well 😬 I mean like ya they built it themselves but...

    16. Lilly Laws

      Do more vidos with emma plssss

    17. Ember Herrington

      What ever happened to getting a new pet??🤨🙃

    18. 10,000 subs no videos?

      *When the van is bigger than your house..*

    19. 10,000 subs no videos?

      *When the van is bigger than your house..*

    20. Liana Gao

      Ethan: We’re gonna be sleeping in here with three guys, for some days. Gray: Three large guys. Both: *Nervous chuckles* We’re in trouble🤡

    21. Lizz Mash

      Where is the shower though?🤣🤣🤣😌

    22. Skinny Legend

      11:07 mood

    23. Skinny Legend

      5:43 living fo this

    24. Emma Cook

      then viBeZz tho

    25. PianoCat7744

      Oooo that intro 🥰🥰🥰😘❤️❤️

    26. Emma Cook

      I too love travelling! The van is so neat! You guys are really living the dream alongside Mother Nature.

    27. Emma Cook

      This is so fun! I adore your new content! It’s so appealing, especially, as you guys are clearly doing what you love and dream of!

    28. rakelg

      can we appreciate how talented the twins are like wow, they legit built that

    29. rakelg

      the whole time i was like “where the hell they gonna sleep?” then they flipped the table and i was like👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    30. Raya Perry

      Kitchen? Bathroom? They didn’t use their space too well 😬 I mean like ya they built it themselves but...

    31. Raya Perry

      3:13 “scushy...” 😂😂 but like I say that too 😂

    32. Raya Perry

      1:50 lmao

    33. JonYT

      You should’ve put a bed in the roof like them ones that have a fold out roof if you get me. Then you can have 2 king sized beds

    34. JonYT

      Gas with food good idea

    35. hello its me

      they should make separate youtube channels and see who gets the most subs

    36. LOLA V

      I feel so happy

    37. 10,000 subscribers no videos?

      RO-selsrs: House tour Dolan Twins: *VAN TOUR*

    38. Brelyn Foster

      I hope that when y’all go surfing y’all will put something waterproof on those seats

    39. Emma Jin

      They should collab with MARKO or one of the designers to make the outside of the van PoP! Who agrees?

    40. Danielle Leach

      Eugene oregon???