What is ENSO, El nino, La nina, Southern Oscillation, Walker Circulation | UPSC / IAS

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    In this video we will understand ENSO - El Nino Southern Oscillation, La Nina, Walker circulation. It occurs at the southern hemisphere at Pacific ocean, right below the equator near Peruvian coast. To understand ENSO, we will do so in 3 phases - Neutral phase, El Nino, La Nina.
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    1. Praveen Kumar

      Dear, Amit sir why in few months trade winds are weak? please tell me reason behind that


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      At 5:02, are those Trade winds being blocked by western winds pushing eastward?

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      Best explanation of El Niño and la Niña on RO-sels

    9. thea lolo

      Climate change is real and now we have climate chaos . Then we have those countries above Australia using weather modification ! also the middle east , lets not forget they are tampering with our weather as well . Now we are in 2020 and Australia Has had drought for at least 8 years , thanks a lot for being so careless , you've killed a lot of species in this country . Plus burned a lot of the only green belt around Australia . Sorry i cant be positive about this , and ignoring the facts wont ever fix it !

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      Your fluently is really impressive

    11. Bharat Siresiya

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      Please make a vedio in maden julian oscillation

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      just wow, outstanding and lucid explanation

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      Great video really help me understand. A lot more clear than how other videos explain.

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        i slept though it

    19. sanjana sebastian

      when the winds are weak why does the current move east to peruvian coast?

    20. Neha

      Sir plz make a video on INDIAN OCEAN MODOKI. and also on madiean Jillian oscillation..please u explain very nice


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      Please make a video on Indian ocean dipole too sir

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      Every time you search up any scientific concept on youtube, there is a 99% chance it's taught by an Indian. Of that 99% there is only a 10% chance of it being a good tutorial. This is one of those.

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      Sir make your videos in Hindi pls

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      Thanks sir and your pronunciation are very clear and nice.

    33. Kunal Swarnakar

      I didn't understand one thing about neutral phase that is why the trade wind turns to eastern pacific when it comes near to the trpospher after taking the warm ocean current to western pacific?

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      U r ä genius...u real the Definition for great Teacher.. All concepts u r covering they all r Crystal clear... Great 🙏

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      Finally I realized that I didn't need to watch any other video to understand the topic...thank you sir

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    42. Mohit Nainvaya

      Why warm air from western pacific ocean go to eastern pacific not towards indiana ocean?

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    45. United by Blue

      How it affects Indian monsoon not explained Yaar... Overall nice video,but no mentioned of Indian monsoon wind effect

    46. Connor Mogen

      I must Amit, this helped me a lot

    47. Pragya

      Hello sir! why these warm air moves towards east? (2:42)

    48. murugapandi d

      Vera level thalaiva

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    50. Syful Islam

      Sir, In neutral phase when warm air dry it travels to the eastern pacific.Why not the opposite direction ?

      1. Sameer

        Sir said at the starting of the video, there is no such thing as a NEUTRAL PHASE. It is just the assumption to understand the cycle easily. IT doesn't go in the opposite direction because it doesn't exist.

    51. Dileshwari Pati

      Thanks, l am in 9th standard and am interested to know more about such things now

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      Sir ,Is there no role is south Indian ocean.

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