Zion Williamson is needed for the NBA on and off the court - Will Cain | Outside the Lines



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    Will Cain, Sarah Spain and Ryan Smith analyze Zion Williamson's debut for the New Orleans Pelicans vs. the San Antonio Spurs and talk about how important Zion is for the NBA. Spain expresses concern about the Pelicans phenom's weight issues, while Cain and Smith disagree on how important Williamson is for the NBA.
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    1. Yuet Fong Ng

      Fat white chick worries about Zion's weight, but not her own weight.

    2. vazarus paytonas

      Nobody saying nothing about Luka weight for his height. It's just rediculius. I hope Zion gets ripped like David Robinson and shuts everyone up.

    3. Wacker Fracker

      Ok for the lebron debut debate. Zion is coming off an injury and minute restricted. Zion has better fg and was more efficient too me if your gonna compare that you gotta point that out just saying I think Zion is gonna be 1 of the most efficient players ever

    4. Salomon Markovich

      zion luka ja and ingram going to go at it the next few years!!

    5. Cc Bernadin

      These young guys are gonna miss Kobe😪& his mentorship ..

    6. Stone Cold Bro

      Even if this was before yesterday I would have said this..... Why are they only comparing him to Jordan and LeBron and not including Kobe in that mix?

    7. ekapris7880

      What the NBA needs is a next American super star and this is what they see on Zion....

    8. 2K NOLA

      Dude Lebron played 42 minutes!! Zion played 18!

    9. Rudy

      If LeBron could’ve gotten picked by a better organization I feel he’d have gotten over the hump sooner

      1. Living Like Jalen


    10. jpakajw


    11. Edward Bell - My Weight Loss Journey

      Zion is gonna be good even great but I think they are slightly overrating him. There is something there that's missing. I can see it in Luka though.

    12. Trey TV

      The NBA is praying Zion stays healthy

    13. dj con

      Numbers dnt tell the entire story

    14. Christopher BF

      Zion vs Luka vs Trae vs Booker (the future)

    15. yo Momma's Drawls

      0:46 "you cant copy you cant make another Zion" Imagine if Zion had a son with Serena Williams. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

      1. Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

        300lb 7fter with Undertaker physique at 14 years old...= SCARY!!

    16. Chris Addison Jr.

      This nice lady is a really good mediator.

    17. Fuzzy Wuzzy

      They haven't won since he came back JS

    18. Yandhi

      Zion & Luka are the future of the west in the 2020’s (the only other player in the league at that level will be giannis, and perhaps other player that still hasn’t explode/been drafted)

    19. NBA 2k mobile

      Zion and Giannis should team up . Box office

    20. dontae bell

      Shaq was 340 don't care if he was 7'1 . It wasn't fat. Same goes for Zion. Put Shaq an Jordan in a body. U have Zion 🤷‍♂️💯

    21. Gary Marrero

      Her take was weird NBA ratings are down because the Pelicans were on prime time! The weight arguments are weak!!! The same goes for market size MJ played in Chicago

    22. Increase

      Sarah Spain is lovely and to think she works while married to a billionaire, now that's sexy.

    23. Mikeman Jordan

      stop it everything zion will do has been seen before

      1. Chris Shmoney

        Mikeman Jordan there are more dunkers in nba history than anything else 😂

    24. Mikeman Jordan

      g.t.h.o.h no human bieng can save the league and he is no bron or jordan

    25. Ignas Bernotas

      Only player worth watching is Luka Dončič everyone else sucks!

    26. Willie Dowdy

      Zion isn't going to go 20 games before he turns an ankle, he bounces around too much its only a matter of time/ odds someone else's foot being in the right place at the wrong time.

    27. Ignas Bernotas

      Zion will blow his knees out

    28. Brent Williams

      NBA is trasg

    29. iniohos2

      lakers need to dump leflop and take the hulk

    30. KJEdward CookeIII

      Zion will be Zion

    31. Tag Lordy

      I am not interested in white women opinions on basketball... Also stop repeating what you hear from other shows clown..

    32. Javier Gutiérrez Leiva

      Come man, Giannis is the next gen star, nba does not need a face, giannis and kawhi are the faces. And dont forget luka who is an offensive genius

    33. Tommy Smith

      A hurt superstar please luka doing stuff we never seen they tryna set this fat boy up to be the next lebron he can't even be the next his self cause of all the hype put some repect on the rest of the young player's that's out here balling with real game iam not on the Zion train cause evertime they pick a next great player look how it turns out what a joke

    34. Demetre Carter

      Duhhh they know the nba gone die when Lebron go

      1. pendletondrew

        It’s been dying for years now lol

      2. Mikeman Jordan


    35. Knight Oyin

      Luka is a star but he is not on Zion's level. Zion is like Jordan and Kobe, he is going to be bigger than basketball, Luka isn't.

      1. SimplyBergman

        Yeah you are right, because he isn't black snd American

    36. Turbo Roman

      Zion,dont fall for that.Dont listen to this corrupted medias personas,leftist etc Be Yourself

    37. hard2bhumble 9

      Ratings down bcuz most ppl dnt buy cable anymore but the games on youtube or regular t.v. and watch u have record breaking numbers

    38. Richard Hill

      Hey Will, don't you think that other teams won't at least attempt to copy the fast pace style of the pels via drafting LaMelo Ball and then putting a bunch of shooters around him? Just asking!

    39. Eltalstro

      Since when did the NBA need a saviour? Basketball has never been so popular.

    40. Charles Travels

      Will Cain is a joke

    41. A

      Luka,Trae, KD are all suuperstar... Lebron his a A list celebrity

    42. danielgr86

      After 2 games he is already telling that he is MJ? or he will become MJ? dafaq

    43. Tavon housley

      Really? Have we forgot about KD!!!!!!!!!!!🤔🤔

      1. Ian Todd

        Tavon housley there are few players that transcend the game itself, KD is a great basketball player, but he doesn't transcend the game!

    44. nickstr

      Luka is an european while Zion is from there, that's why

    45. Diego Chavez

      Always gotta bring up LeBron the team hoping 3-2 with super team record😂


      zion already better then ben simmons

    47. David Tmb

      He called Zion a actor.

    48. Nides Greyhound

      That wasn't his NBA Debut. His Debut was against the hawks on October 10th, 2019.

    49. Winter Street Studios

      Everyone talks about his injuries, like he is injury prone. These are supposed to be NBA experts? Zion had a bruise on his foot from landing on a playground court in highschool dunking so high in shoes that didnt support him that well. And he was out for about 30days till it healed. Not an injury! Then he he hurt his thumb, out for a couple weeks, not an Injury. Then the 'Nike Shoe BLOWOUT' that was a gear malfunction! Not normal, never seen that happen, which caused him to pinch his miniscus, which was never really addressed or healed, and then his knee continued to get sore, until he complained to the trainer with the pelicans and they realized that it wasnt him getting hit during a game in summer league and that he needed to have it really looked at. And they cut off some of the pinched area. Now he is good. Super common knee issue. He is not injury prone. He had a freak accident that pinched his miniscus. And problem addressed. He will be fine, and he will loose some weight in the next 30 days. And will be in playing condition within 10 games. He 19 and super healthy. It not like Lebron getting a knee injury from over 15 years of pounding out 82 games a year. People need to chill! Zion will be healthy for many years to come.

    50. King Tip

      I only watch zion highlights

    51. F33D M3 3NT

      When fans of other teams go out of their way to watch a Pelicans game because someone special plays for them, THAT is a SUPERSTAR. I'm sorry, unless you're a Mavs fan, you're not just tuning in to watch Luka. Luka is most def an All Star, but Zion is a Superstar.

    52. Avalanche Beatz

      That white dude is a clown

    53. Ryan J. Caturan

      Will Cain is 100% right here and the others aren’t seeing it. He’s saying Zion is transcendent. Luka and Giannis are no doubt, superstars. Giannis is arguably the best and Luka is top 5 for sure. But to the non basketball fan, they don’t care about Giannis and Luka. But guys like Jordan, Kobe, Lebron...Zion is a name that will ring through to all channels. My gf and mom know Zion. They have no idea who Giannis and Luka are.

    54. Beazy

      this feels like a snl skit

    55. arief putra

      Agree, you guys are over obsessed to Zion. Ca ching! Right ESPN?

    56. Harrison Kleinpeter

      3:35 literally the opposite of what she said, That’s exactly what went wrong with AD. They went for Win now moves and never surrounded him with a young core that grew with him.

      1. Daniel Jackson

        Didn't help that we had a braindead gm as well

    57. Siu Lau

      So far, his team has outplayed their opponents during the minutes that he was on the floor so as long as his minutes keep trending up and everyone else can play reasonably well, they should start winning more games than they lose.

    58. lilbabyleaks

      bro luka & tre are great but trust me, nobody wants to watch them nearly as much as zion

    59. Dylen Worthington

      Why are people acting like Luka and Giannas aren't superstars. I think both of them will have better careers then Zion. I think those 2 will own the next decade

    60. S W

      I think the NBA is in good hands. Looking for the next LeBron type player with freaky athleticism and power? That's Zion. Looking for a great shooter with agility like Steph Curry? Trae Young is that type of guy. Want someone like Kobe who is extremely skillful in scoring? That's Luka. Not saying these guys are going to be better but just comparing similar play styles.