Zion Williamson’s hype and scouting report are real - Chiney Ogwumike | SportsCenter



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    Chiney Ogwumike goes in depth on New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson’s first two games in the NBA vs. the San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets respectively. Ogwumike also discusses Zion’s minutes restriction early on and why Brandon Ingram needs to step up for the Pelicans.
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    1. SOYM

      he walks like he has bounce

    2. rickford

      Win or lose. Just let us see some real basketball and Zion

    3. Maurice Mitchell

      Please do not bleach your skin, Chiney Ogwumike.

    4. RUDI

      2:27 - BI looking salty and jealous afffff LOL

    5. RUDI

      Zion needs to be the number one option. Ingram needs to understand he's only good enough to be Zion's sidekick.

    6. EM Gee

      Stfu. He too fat tho remember? Yall killed news with the 24 hr. News cycle. Y'all try to define today what will not be known for years. Its ignorant. I dont even watch vids that start with How? What? Who? Will? When? If? Etc. Crazy the media can get paid for hypotheticals and real world employees would be fired for it.

    7. Tribe of Shabazz

      His obesity is real too

    8. Brandon Lambert

      For Chiney being a pro basketball player her analyses on ESPN are so simple and she just uses a lot of sayings. I'd like to see her actually break down footage once in a while like Jay Will or Kenny Smith.

    9. GoldiLox

      Chiney is fireeee

    10. Ezekiel 963

      How many 1s and 2s have really made it? Slow the pace a bit. Kid is to big right now its not the 90s NBA. Lean and light is todays game.

    11. 1moreToney

      Chiney is beautiful

    12. Tony Icewater

      Pelicans should trade and use all those pick to get the #1 pick and get Melo Ball👍🏾

    13. Taurus Whitehead

      Why did she throw that paper at her though 😔

    14. Dan Customer

      Zion Williams is the biggest bustin the last 20 years in the NBA just like I predicted he will never play a full season and he will never play a full game.

    15. Nicholas Najibi

      This all espn can hire these days? Yikes

    16. Michael c

      Jesus who are these sportscaster?

    17. Brooks Orlando

      She is right. Anyone criticizing Zion is either just a hater or doesn't know ball. He's gonna be a star if he stays healthy. It's a matter of how great..is he MJ/LeBron great or Blake/Barkley great

    18. Patrick Hoey

      Chiney is really feeling Zion

    19. Penny Hardaway

      Chiney is a top 5 analyst

    20. Kent Horvath

      Zion will get injured and his career will be cut shorter than we would like. will be amazing if he lasts more than 8 years. his weight is putting unbelievable stress on his knees and back and he'll only get heavier as the years go by.

    21. Truth

      Cheney's weave doesnt go with her forehead and head shape at all.

    22. jeffrey woodruff

      play zion so they can make the playoffs and play the lakers in the first round of the playoffs.....so we can all see what we really want to see. zion vs. lebron in a 7 game series.

    23. Avi Gindratt

      Chiney so beautiful

    24. Trey TV

      They need to let Zion play the 2nd half of the 4th quarter and close the game out

    25. TROLL

      assuming he's 100% healthy they could really push through to the playoffs. Why not? there's no guarantee you can make it there next year

    26. Mike Mcneary

      I love Chiney 😍😍

    27. The Shawshank Inception

      Would you do it for Randolph Scott? RANDOLPH SCOTT!!!


      Z go hard in the paint BUT "Ingram" 6 for 22!!!!! Bruh! I haven't played BBall in a minute but can do better than that, lol.

      1. BrianSmith1993

        He had a bad game, it happens

    29. NoName718

      Zion athletically isnt Lebron he's the 2020 Michael Jordan. He has that MJ airtime and grace when he jumps. Its almost like he's floating when he jumps.

      1. Brandon Gaspard

        But with Lebrons size and physicality. Scary combination

    30. Sypher D.

      Zion might break a rim


      Zion is killing the Pelicans chemistry. 3 straight loses & Zion groupies cheer, amazing.

      1. Selfish Stockton

        AMERICA FIRST no, if he was allowed to close out games they would win

    32. AlexandreG

      4:26 if you want to see a 285 pound bulldozer head leveled with the rim


      Lonzo to Zion are going to be like the New Stockton to Malone.

      1. Selfish Stockton

        THE UMBRELLA CORPORATION-UFO's only if they play together for more than a few seasons

    34. Rashad Savage

      Get these women off of here lol

    35. warichards1

      This dude Zion - powerhouse- I doubt anyone will take a change when he comes locomotion down the lane!!

    36. Pat4Clippers

      Pelicans have the same problem as the Clippers. They sit out Zion, they lose. Clippers sit out Kawhi, they usually lose. Clippers are 0-3 without Kawhi and PG.

    37. Armin O.

      After LeBron retire ESPN gonna be ESZN (ZN =Zion)

    38. Davis Milne

      I dont know i aint gon believe the hype until i see him putting up 30+ a season

    39. fred vergraaf

      after 2 games ??? how desperate they are for a black superstar..... Luka is having a historical season but who cares he is white. Racists

      1. Richard Chambers

        As a white person stfu dude u sound so dumb 😂

      2. 1301407gl

        People have been calling him a MVP candidate it's not like he's not been talked about like an All-Star he won rookie of the year I don't know what you want

    40. StudyVibes

      2:08 Built like a mountain but finishes so graceful and smooth. Look at where he jumps from

      1. GtL BATG

        Prettiest layup I seen in a min after Kyries

      2. NoName718

        Jordan esque

    41. Benjamin Chamberlain

      Hey everyone , The bottom line is he needs to get back to his weight when he was at Duke It’s very clear he doesn’t have near the lift that he had at duke Listen , I love Zion , I want him to succeed , this is gonna sound harsh but there’s a demon he has to defeat , and it’s food . If he would follow the nutritionists guidelines he would have been 20 pounds lighter right now , even just swimming in the pool these last few months I’m not saying it’s easy , and I’m rooting for him. But the way he runs on the court and how he lands on one leg.... that’s ridiculous , he has to play on his instincts I just hope he can develop a boxer’s mentality and get his body to the proper weight where he can be a force of nature like we all saw him at Duke

      1. Benjamin Chamberlain

        thebr0wnhornet I saw the block , But I promise he’s not jumping near as high as when he was at duke Not even close If you look at the last two games he’s played and compare them to the games he played at duke it’s not even close

      2. thebr0wnhornet

        Benjamin Chamberlain did you see the lift on that block or do you have no eyes? He was 280+ at duke too

    42. Michael Shackelford

      He not winning who cares

    43. Barry Maieritsch

      can we please go back to men talkin men’s sports there’s a WNBA now they can comment on that

      1. 1301407gl

        Congrats you made the dumbest comment on this whole video

    44. Michael Shackelford

      Not that good gone be a bust

    45. insomthegreat

      Lakers vs Pelicans first round would be great.

    46. Nnamdi

      This kid is a man child.. If Bron was a TE playing basketball... Zion is a Defensive Lineman playing the same game.

    47. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      193th comment 🐊🐋🐂

    48. Will McKinty

      One way or the other...he’s gonna be great and fun to watch!!! (Unless he’s playin’ the raps)

    49. Ra Ward

      I love Chiney!!!

    50. CLUTCHgene

      I’m sorry. Buts that’s not 11 ft of space

      1. Brandon Gaspard

        It really could be though. In my workshop they have it marked off every 5 ft and I couldn't believe how short of a distance it was horizontally

    51. Jared Day

      These 3 have great chemistry together. Chiney's a keeper!

      1. Conor Coyne

        No she is literally so annoying

      2. Grown_simba

        Jared Day facts she makes great analysis

    52. TheEsssayGaming

      BI is not an all star, he ain’t even the best player on his team anymore

      1. 1301407gl

        LeBron is not an all star he's not even the best player on his team anymore

    53. al li

      Chiney licking her chops over the thought of Zion

      1. 1301407gl

        You aren't?

      2. Anthony harris

        Though I was the only one that saw that

    54. Otis Whitton

      😂 no chiney. He is Charles barkley potentially nothing else

    55. Channing Banks

      Ooooooooooohhh Snap🔥🔥🔥 !!! He’s going to be a Problem💯 !

    56. Smoove Reaper

      I don't like Brandon Ingrams energy I know it's been only 2 games but I'm smelling ego trippin bruh better get it together them two will be lethal if they figure it out

      1. Vu Vuong

        I saw it also. Give them a little time to gel.

      2. Nick Schultz

        Kingram been ballin all year and gets no love, zion hit the scene 2x and mfs wanna throw a parade for him. Id feel fucked up too, not his fault the team as a whole sucks

      3. KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie

        Melvin HHCP not better than zion

      4. 992ras

        No I think it’s just been hard for them to get any consistency right now with Zion short minutes and players coming back from injury there hasn’t been a consistent line up all season. BI will be fine as long he and others can stay healthy. Last game it seem like the only person to show up was Hart 15 points 13 rebounds

      5. future hofer

        It's weird cause even with Zion off the floor Ingram was bricking

    57. nishanth k

      ZSPN back again with zion content 🤦🏻‍♂️

    58. Ninja_Memory

      Only been a few games wait till the this season done always hyping things up...

      1. insomthegreat

        ???? If he's healthy, he's unstoppable. This ain't rocket science.

    59. Marques L

      When Chiney walks into a room man she light it up gorgeous woman

      1. Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

        Cutesy heavenly angel

      2. Marques L

        @Bryant Reed to each it's own eye of the beholder beautiful African features and she's tall

      3. Jay R

        @iluvcakes19 Agreed. A beautiful giant.

      4. Terry Jones

        She's a beautiful woman.

      5. 100 Dollar

        Id smash

    60. King Larr

      I don't understand how going to the playoffs can hurt a players development. Get them to the playoffs early so that they understand what it takes and understand the difference in intensity, then build off of that.

      1. King Larr

        @1301407gl Winning is much more important than being in the lottery, look at the Suns.

      2. King Larr

        @Facts Matter Yup. The Pelicans rather lose tho and you can tell by their rotations at the end of the game. Why have Zion start and not have him finishing games especially if he's playing well.

      3. 1301407gl

        Doesn't hurt but you miss out on the lottery

      4. Facts Matter

        Exactly that’s what Magic and Bird and look at how much it affected them.